Unspun News for October 3, 2018

UNSPUNEWS – 181003
“US “Investigates” Genocide in Myanmar, Commits Genocide in Yemen”
“According to Moscow, most of our current problems are due to the desire of the old colonial powers to conserve their domination of the rest of the world – at whatever the cost. In order to overtake them, a formidable coalition has been born.”
“The accidental downing of a Russian military plane by the Syrian air defence system is no longer accidental because of the fact the Russian authorities believe that the incident occurred due to the activity of a third party, Israel.”
“The Associated Press reported from a TEPCO press conference held late last week that treated water TEPCO has been trying to dump in the Pacific ocean is not safe to dump.“
“Indonesia tsunami: Satellite images reveal extent of damage in earthquake-hit Palu”. You want the bad news?  This could be coming soon to a place near YOU.  Wanna bet?
“Giant storm to DWARF N Atlantic! – 1200 Miles WIDE“. 90mph winds
ALSO – “Latest satellite imagery indicate Leslie is strengthening as deep convective bands are forming around the centre, forming a distinct eye.”
“Excessive rainfall threat for southern Italy, Sardinia, Sicily, northern Algeria and Tunisia this week”
“Pacific ocean has been incredibly warm this year and shear pattern seems to be very supportive for development of very intense hurricanes and typhoons. There are now two intense Category 5 systems ongoing at the same time”
“The Polish district of Czarny Dunajec saw temperatures plunge to -7.9C on Sunday night, according meteorologist Arnold Jakubczyk — a new September cold record for the country.”
“A violent hailstorm hit Liguria, a crescent-shaped region in northwest Italy, during the afternoon hours of October 1, 2018. The storm covered the region in a thick layer of ice, causing traffic chaos and severe agricultural damage.”
Lots of ‘record cold’ items here today.  Global warming, anyone?  OK – so WHY has the ‘mainstream’ been lying in its teeth for a decade or so, Hmmmm?  OMG – it’s enough to turn you into a conspiracy theorist, eh?
These are well worth a careful look – and if there is nothing ‘unusual’ near the sun, why is NASA deleting stuff?
“But first, a question: What is the ultimate outcome for all of us at this moment in time? It’s simple: raising the human race to a Universal level of awareness. To be the brothers of our omniversal neighbours — equals, not slaves or subordinates.”  Hey – WHY NOT?????  You got a better idea?
“The Tasmanian Government on Tuesday unveiled draft legislation that breaks “the seal of confession” in churches and makes mandatory reporting a criminal matter.”  GOOD!!!
“Two holes in the sun’s atmosphere are turning to face Earth, each spewing a stream of solar wind toward our planet. Arctic auroras are likely on Oct. 4-5 and Oct. 7-8 when the gaseous material arrives.”
“Upper regions of Earth’s atmosphere are influenced by solar emissions, because the ionosphere is connected to the Sun by filaments of electric charge.” …. “Earth is connected to solar circuits that drive electric forces between the ground and the ionosphere, reaching as much as 400,000 volts. That electrical connection between charged bodies in space is a basic tenet of Electric Universe theory.”
“Your body contains thousands of genes, but 90 per cent of biomedical research focuses on just 10 per cent of them.”
“The Surprising Benefits of Inclined Bed Therapy“. (I’ve been trying this for a while now, and I DO seem to be sleeping better. ~B )
Oz – “Tesla battery proves a leading source of dispatch-able power, AEMO says”
“The man who views the world at 50 the same as he did at 20 has wasted 30 years of his life.”
~~Muhammad Ali
There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!
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Bernie is a retired seafarer, living in Tasmania, Australia. He became interested in the disinformation in world events after 911, and research regarding those events morphed into Unspun as a small counter to the world of misinformation. He enjoys writing, and reads a lot; he also has interests in alternative healing methods.

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