Unspun News for October 15, 2018

UNSPUNEWS – 181015
“Is your phone tainted by the misery of the 35,000 children in Congo’s mines?  My field research shows that children as young as six are among those risking their lives amid toxic dust to mine cobalt for the world’s big electronics firms“
“UN reports over 8,000 Afghan civilians killed in 2018, mostly women and children“
“US wants the entire Middle East to look like Israel”… “Though US-Israel ties have historically been strong, under President Donald Trump’s administration these ties have reached new heights.”
“How Putin won the support of Russia’s youth”
“China, the US, and the Panama Canal”
“Last month, members of the EU Parliament voted to advance a controversial copyright directive that contains provisions forcing tech giants to install content filters, while also setting in place a potential tax on hyperlinking. The bill, known as Article 13, would filter everything anyone posts online and match it to a crowdsourced database of “copyrighted works” which anyone can add or change.”
“Facebook, Twitter purge more dissident media pages in latest escalation“. The boom gets lower every day now….
“Stock bubble bigger than 2008 & coming crash far larger, warns Peter Schiff”
DAVID ICKE – re the royal wedding …..
“The lunacy of what is said and written about China (and Russia, of course), in the US and Europe, is now clearly reflecting frustration and the bad manners of sore losers.”  Definitely not a MSM perspective!
“Russia does it again! In another groundbreaking feat, Russian scientists found a way to neutralize nuclear radioactivity through bacterial intervention. This is exactly in line with their previous announcement about an industrial method pertaining to the transmutation of elements via biochemical approach.”
“One of Australia’s oldest historical sites is being transported back in time 400 years to recreate an ecosystem as it existed pre-European settlement.”  Should be more of it!!
“This trade in elephant skin — for beads, bogus cures and skin products — was first detected just a few years ago. It has conservationists worried.”  It should have the whole planet worried…..
“Supercell hail strike on rural town of Yengarie sparks scenes of ‘nuclear winter’”
“Yengarie resembles an apocalyptic wasteland more than a tropical Queensland landscape after a supercell hail storm ripped through it on Thursday.”  PAYING ATTENTION, ARE WE? (If not, Why not??)
US – “Winter came early this year! Snow warnings are issued across EIGHT states as the Rockies brace for record-cold temperatures and a foot of snow”. Global Warming’s a bitch, eh?
M5.9 @ 10km, S.E. Indian Ridge…..
“Remnants of ex-hurricane Michael intensifying in the Atlantic: extra-tropical storm on the way towards the Bay of Biscay tomorrow, Oct 14th”
“Major heat wave for northern Europe and the Arctic this weekend”
“The National Weather Service is warning of a brutal weekend cold front that will bring temperatures that “feel more like December!” to central and southern Texas, including San Antonio.”
“Three people have been killed after storm Callum battered western parts of Britain over the weekend.”  (MUST SEE – 5th pic down – “The winds of #StormCallum are so strong that they were blowing this waterfall straight back up the cliff at Talisker beach on the Isle of Skye”. Unbelievable) ….
US – “Huge cold outbreak coming to Wyoming and Nebraska.  Note the next to last paragraph: “…some locations may break their record low by 10 to 15 degrees.”
“Actual scientific evidence increasingly shows that human effects on global climate are likely too small to be measured against the background of natural variation, much less cause “unprecedented climate mayhem.”  Some SENSE at last….
Prediction – “If you examine the research that’s been published in this field, (….) the evidence for the ability of humans to accurately predict future events is overwhelming to the point where I am not sure why it would or could be considered ‘pseudoscience’.”
“Top notch remote viewer Dick Allgire talks about viewing an event at Sunspot before the sudden closure on September 6 and what we know now. “  6 min video –
“For the first time ever, astronomers have witnessed the birth of a neutron star binary”
“Cosmic uncertainty: Is the speed of light really constant?  The universe’s ultimate speed limit seems set in stone. But there’s good reason to believe it might once have been faster – and may still be changing now”
“Earth Dodges a Meteor Storm”
“Most cannabis strains have virtually identical THC and CBD levels“
“Optimism is going after Moby Dick in a rowboat; chutzpah is taking the tartare sauce with you!”
~~Unknown – but love the attitude!!!
There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!
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