Unspun News for October 14, 2018

UNSPUNEWS – 181014
“The New Nazis: How the meme-rich world of the internet is a threat in Australia”
GORDON DUFF – “By the end of the summer of 2018, an unreported standoff between the US and Russia began over alleged biological and chemical weapon production facilities in Georgia and other states bordering on Russia.”  If you live on planet Earth, this is NOT a warm fuzzy read.
US / China – “The two economic giants seem to be on a collision course for war.  That collision course was ramped up last week when US Vice President Mike Pence delivered a barnstorming speech declaring China as global enemy number one. Speaking at the rightwing Hudson Institute in DC, Pence castigated China for “increased economic and military aggression”, and warned: “We will not back down.””
“Many of the world’s problems — from declining public services to corruption — can be explained in two words: offshore wealth.   That’s according to investigative journalist Oliver Bullough, who is working to unravel the intricate global web of money and power.”
“Fed inspector turned whistleblower reveals system rigged for Goldman Sachs“
“A detailed TEPCO document from July 2018 gives some important new insight into the meltdowns at Fukushima Daiichi and the future inspections. This new information also revises a number of old inspections.”  Long, slow, global suicide……
“Antarctic base station experiences warmest August on record amid blizzard run”. Hallo?  Read that again?
“Flash floods and landslides kill at least 27 on Indonesian island of Sumatra”
“4.5 Billion-Year-Old Meteorite Slams Into Roof in Japan ….The space rock, which landed on a private home in Komaki, 250 km southwest of Tokyo, split into several pieces before reaching its final destination.”
M6.7 @ 469km, NW of Kuril Is.
“Update: Hurricane Leslie will make severe landfall tonight! Models in agreement” (West coast of Portugal)
“Ex-hurricane Michael on its way towards western Europe this weekend“
US – “The National Weather Service is warning of a brutal weekend cold front that will bring temperatures that “feel more like December!” to central and southern Texas, including San Antonio.”
“Storm “Callum” brings strong winds and heavy rain to Ireland and parts of the UK”
“Epigenetic memories are passed down 14 successive generations, game-changing research reveals”
“This composite image, made from nine frames, shows the International Space Station, with a crew of three onboard, in silhouette as it transits the Sun at roughly five miles per second …”
“NASA Has Just Released 2,540 Stunning New Photos of Mars..”  As the friend who fwd’d this to me said – “We should NOT be permitted to stuff up Mars before we have fixed up our mess on Earth”. Hear, hear, R!  Seconded!
“A minor G1-class geomagnetic storm is underway on Oct. 13th. Why? An equinox crack in Earth’s magnetic field is allowing solar wind to enter our planet’s magnetosphere.”
“On October 8-9 night, European observers noticed a high increase of activity of the Draconids meteor shower, with ZHR probably ranging to more than 100 during the 22h-00h UT period.”
“What astronomers call a “Fast Radio Burst” can release more energy in five milliseconds than the Sun does in 80 years!”  (Bottom line) – Perhaps FRBs are really flashes of cosmic lightning erupting from electrified clouds of plasma on an immense scale.”
A terrible misnomer,  a MAGICAL- looking fawn, and a sad story.  But thank you, Dragon, for gracing the world….
“Meghan and Harry: Dubbo and Fraser Island ready the red carpet for royalty”. OK – so watch THIS hand, not that one …….
“Write the bad things that are done to you in sand, but write the good things that happen to you on a piece of marble.”
~~Arabic parable
There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!
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