Months ago around Mid May, I wrote about the effect that Uranus moving into Taurus would have on the planet, on global economy, food choices, the environment, our every day routines, new technology and much more, as this is the start of a new cycle, with focus on transformation of all Taurean ruled areas of our lives.

Uranus brings change, forces it if there is resistance, and one thing that made this change of energy a bit more dramatic than it could have been, was that Mars also moved into Aquarius, the Uranus ruled sign to form a square on that very same day.

Normally Mars would keep on moving away from that degree, but this time there was a retrograde from the 26th June that carried right through to 27th August so the aspect of Mars square Uranus stuck around, o the world was in quite a state for a while with many ongoing conflicts individually and globally in areas ruled by Aquarius and Taurus.

Uranus brings revolution and rebellion anyway, but with Mars stirring things up further, plus three eclipses in a row July through August, there has been much unrest for people and the planet, which has included some fairly wild weather and huge EQs, as Taurus is also about the good old earth beneath our feet.

Mars is moving on now, but in 3 days time the Taurus full moon happens which is the first real Taurean test for the presence of Uranus in this new cycle.

Everything that has happened thus far this year in Taurean areas, and for that sunsign too, as well as Aquarians, is going to be stirred up big time as Uranus is very close to the degree of the full moon .

Venus is also involved in the opposition of Uranus/moon to the Sun, Venus being the ruler of Taurus. (Librans are in the equation too, due to this and of course Cancerians and Leos).

As a full moon has most effect in the days leading up to the event, weatherwise and politically, personally too, it’s time to take a little more care of self health wise, also if we are planning travel around this period, as Uranus is very much about aviation, trains and travel, where there is a group of people involved.

If there is wet weather, tides are going to be much higher in the coming days, so that’s another area to take care.

This will be a week of extremes in every area including events, media too, as that’s another Uranus/Aquarius factor.

Take care of your most valued possessions as Venus is still backwards, so things can get stolen or lost in this period although they can also turn up just as quickly.

Take extra care of everything you value – people included.

But there is a sense of renewal in this full moon and of getting a second chance for anything that hasn’t gone quite right since May of this year.

There’s a chance for someone to turn up that we have been waiting for , or some THING.

Taureans must take extra care of health, and I know of one who is having an operation this week she has waited a lifetime for that will help her stand on her own two feet so much better,(staying grounded, a good Taurean word).

Scorpios must take care of health and be mindful of how they interact with loved ones, as the full moon is in their relationship zone.

Anyone that has a Taurean Asc, MC or IC or moon is also going to experience the unexpected, and hopefully many breakthroughs in this week ahead, or if there are planets in your birth chart .around 1 degree Taurus or Scorpio.

The health axis is neck, shoulders, throat and ears, as well as the nether regions of the body,elimination, and for males, their male “bits”.

If we have been repressing something, its bound to come out fairly soon as this moon is about getting our needs met, so its best to ask gently if so and not in a blaming or jealous way, or there could be repercussions.

This full moon is also on the rebirth axis, and with the help of Uranus this could be quite dramatic if you are in that space.

So take care out there people this week, but also look for unexpected opportunities and take note of the most unusual phenomena that is likely to be around, as this moon will bring much inspiration from the universal creator energy.


About Janne’s Astrology: Your birth chart is a map of the heavens when you were born as viewed from our home planet Earth. Culture and location can influence the differences in two people born at the same time on this planet. We use 10 planetary bodies including the sun and the moon to interpret a birth chart, also including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — relative new comers to astrology and there are still traditional astrologers who will not use them.

The planets have unique energies that affect us in similar ways that the moon does with tides and cycles here on earth, including tectonic plate movement. At the time of birth the heavens imprint our very natures and set the patterns for our future with “promised” events unfolding as the heavenly bodies continue to move around the zodiac in their transits, some moving faster than others.  Different astrologers use different methods, some taking into account the precession of the equinoxes, some using ancient techniques and some using more modern.  I use a mix of both.

You can find additional free astrological based forecasts from Janne via her Neptune’s Magic Facebook page here. Janne also offers detailed personal readings. You can find astrological discussions over on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable

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