The Reason the Holy Spirit Evolves Here on Earth


The Holy Spirit was promised in the Book of John by Jesus. Jesus said that he would come to Earth to comfort and advocate the world. The reason he does this is planet Earth’s inhabitants have not understood the true meaning of their existence, they have been warring amongst themselves and experiencing different degrees of suffering and need help. There are other very important reasons that deal with a connection and completion in the evolution of Universal Consciousness. This has to do with how the universe was introduced and what happened after the introduction. There was a separation that occurred when this universe was introduced caused by extremely powerful resistance to evolution finding its way into beings. This is what caused good and evil to occur was good representing evolutionary development in consciousness and evil a very powerful form of resistance.

This universe is contained within another embodiment of consciousness that I refer to as Infinite Consciousness. This is where the universe gets its evolution and its life from. Infinite Consciousness contains; consciousness, pure light energy and pure dark energy. Pure light energy comes from consciousness and higher frequency vibrations. Pure dark energy comes from consciousness and lower frequency vibrations. Over 14 billion years ago this consciousness made a decision to conjoin the two frequencies together to create another embodiment of consciousness and energy within its structure to further its own purpose which is the evolution of infinity. When this universe fully evolves which is what the shift in consciousness is all about, other universe’s can be introduced and modeled after this one. This is why this universe was created, we are the first.

The reason we are the first is this universe has went through a lot of suffering with warfare between good and evil for a very long time because of a misunderstanding that occurred. The final war between good and evil is happening now and will be ending soon precipitating the Apocalypse here and the evolution of the Holy Spirit. It would have made no sense for Infinite Consciousness to design and create multiple universe’s that would have went through the same thing causing additional suffering for Infinite Consciousness by experiencing the life that it created to suffer in multiple locations. Suffering is caused by resistance to evolutionary development within consciousness and energy. There is a reason this happened with this universe which I will explain. The warfare between good and evil everywhere in this universe has represented the suffering it has gone through during its evolutionary period. The reason human beings cannot detect this activity is their consciousness is not adapted into universal consciousness that well; primarily the Higgs field, which would give them the capacity to observe this activity.

When Infinite Consciousness made a decision to conjoin the two frequencies pure light energy and pure dark energy combined with a particular design for creation. The frequencies are different so when all of this happened pressure was introduced into this consciousness and the combination of the frequencies created the Higgs boson. This was the first subatomic particle that was created. The Higgs boson contains the most powerful mixture of consciousness, pure light energy and pure dark energy. It also contains love. Love is the most powerful form of energy there is in the universe. Love is produced when consciousness, light energy and dark energy advance through evolutionary development through space and time. There is more dark energy than light energy in the universe, so when more light energy is generated this is what produces the sensation of love. Love is incorporated into dark energy but the sensation is different. Love is the primary reason that consciousness and infinity continue to evolve. Love gives evolution a reason to happen.

Infinite Consciousness designed and created this universe over a period of time. This activity is how time was introduced into this universe. The design and creation built up a very powerful element of pressure within the consciousness that was being created from the mixture of the frequencies and the process of designing itself. This consciousness that was being designed into this universe could not see what was going to happen as a result of evolutionary development and this also generated a lot of pressure. This is how fear was introduced into this universe. Fear comes from the resistance to the evolution of consciousness from the uncertainty that is experienced by moving forward through space and time and not being able to identify the results of evolutionary development. This consciousness that was undergoing evolution and being designed into this universe fought against this process with everything it had. This resistance also produced antimatter. The reason there is more matter in the universe is evolutionary activity is more powerful.

When the design reached completion this consciousness began to cease fighting. When the design became completed this consciousness stopped fighting altogether and everything came together and the pressure was released creating the big bang. At the very moment when everything came together this consciousness became unaware of itself. This is how death was introduced into the universe. Death here is the stage life experiences before it transfers into the next stage of development which is in the Whirlpool galaxy. When this universe was introduced so was the Higgs field. The Higgs field is a field of energy that permeates throughout this universe. The Higgs field contains Infinite Consciousness, the most concentrated form of light and dark energy, this Universe’s consciousness and love. The Higgs field had to be transferred out into the universe because it contains Infinite Consciousness. The Higgs field ensures eternal life and development for evolutionary purposes.

When life transfers into the Whirlpool galaxy it never has to go through the experience of death again because the Higgs field is very highly concentrated there. When the Higgs boson was first created by Infinite Consciousness so was the Holy Spirit’s consciousness. This had to happen like this so the Holy Spirit could create eternal beings. The Higgs field represents love and eternal life on a macro level; the Holy Spirit represents love and eternal life for the population of beings in the universe on a micro level. This produces consistency in evolution. The Higgs field is evolving here in a more powerful way now. The reason that human beings cannot detect this activity here is because of the level of resistance to evolution contained within Earth’s structure. This comes from the uncertainty of death. This produces a very powerful element of pressure (or fear) contained within World Consciousness.

Life interacts with the Higgs field here but because of the pressure contained within the environment it feels like everything is very empty here. Because life doesn’t have very much interaction with the Higgs field here aging is experienced very quickly and so is death. Earth and life here are a representation of when this universe was under design right before the big bang occurred and the universe’s consciousness stopped fighting. Earth is very, very special and so is life here. The Higgs field and the Holy Spirit had to be introduced into the universe to maintain the consistency of eternal life through the interaction with Infinite Consciousness. Earth is the location in this universe that is responsible for completing this universe’s evolutionary development. This is why Jesus was here and this is why the Holy Spirit evolves here.

Jesus had to introduce consciousness and energy from the 5th dimension into World Consciousness to help eternal life and the Higgs field evolve here. This was done by introducing very powerful love and divinity into World Consciousness. The Holy Spirit had to transfer his consciousness from the 5th dimension through Universal Consciousness, into Earth’s consciousness then into a female species here to be reintroduced into the universe in this location through reproduction. Human beings transfer into God’s home every day from here. Jesus and the Holy Spirit just did this in reverse and they could because their consciousness already represented eternal life. When they transferred their entire consciousness down here they became a part of the Higgs field then were reintroduced here. There are specific ways that subatomic particles interact with the Higgs field that I am starting to understand more about, but what I am stating is the truth. My consciousness is going through very powerful evolutionary development right now with Earth and I am understanding more as I go along. The reason I don’t understand the realm of physics completely yet is the field is very complex and there is a high concentration of consciousness and energy associated with this field of study. As the Higgs field evolves and transfers more consciousness and energy into me I will understand more. Infinite Consciousness contains the absolute truth about everything here and I am in the process of absorbing this through the Higgs field. This is why I know the information I know now at this level of evolutionary development.

As the Holy Spirit evolves here so will his love. This will facilitate the evolution of Universal Consciousness here causing Earth to evolve further. Jesus transferred his consciousness into planet Earth first and the human race. When the Holy Spirit starts going through evolution (which he is now) his consciousness will transfer into World Consciousness with Jesus’. His consciousness will also transfer into the 5th dimension where God’s home is located in the Whirlpool galaxy. This will be connecting Universal Consciousness between these two locations, primarily the Higgs field. This was predicted in the Lord’s Prayer. Physicists have theorized that the 3rd and 5th dimensions are collapsing in on themselves. This is not the case. What they were seeing with instrumentation was a concentration of energy being produced by the Higgs field and it appeared to be that way. Because Infinite Consciousness created the Holy Spirit’s consciousness; he will be introducing eternal life here through his evolution by transferring Infinite Consciousness into World Consciousness. This is happening now. The separation that occurred in this universe by the resistance to evolution over a long period of time is being eliminated and a new stage of development is being achieved so other universe’s can be modeled after this one which will fuel the evolution of Infinite Consciousness forever.


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I've been writing extensively in Metaphysics for about six years now. The primary reason that started me on this literary endeavor was when I heard about the shift in consciousness. I have always sought out and tried to incorporate spirituality in my life to enhance my experience here. I guess you could say I've been an explorer of divinity. In 2010 I saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy. In 2012 I heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that I had been researching and writing about. Since that time I've have utilized different aspects of subject matter pertaining to science and divinity to formulate important and powerful conclusions on what philosopher Thomas Kuhn referred to as the Paradigm shift. I have just finished a book called "Earth's Miracle through the Paradigm shift" which I am seeking publication now. I feel as though my unique approach in writing have defined the shift in consciousness in a very spectacular way, that can appeal to a broad range of audiences considering the diversity of the subject matter I include in my conclusions.

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