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We are going to deal with a topic that is parallel and apart from the issues that we have been talking about these last weeks, to try to give some guidelines to help us to improve our quality of life while we continue with the whole subject of the mental and energy changes necessary for the evolutionary change.

In this case, and coinciding for many people with the end of the summer holidays, in the northern hemisphere at least, we will explain the mechanisms that govern the subject of sleep and what happens when we sleep, to optimize and improve the processes that occur in them.

Activating the “horizontal” sleep mode

You more or less already intuit that at the moment in which the body becomes “horizontal” a part of our mental processes associates it with rest and recovery, and that is why one of the programs of the subconscious mental sphere, detecting this position, start to analyze if it is time to recharge the body and put it in stand-by mode. For this, it analyzes different factors such as the internal cycles of the organism, to see if a certain number of hours have passed since the last recharge, if there is external light that could give clues about the external cycles of the planet to know if it is “time to sleep,” if the body is tired, if the amount of energy present in your tantiens is less than that required to function properly, etc.

If, on completing this analysis, it draws the conclusion that it is a good time to begin the recharging process, either in the afternoon in a nap or at night to sleep, it tries, just tries to turn off part of the processes of the conscious mental sphere so that it is not so active, and in turn allows the decrease of the brain waves from beta to the alpha state.

Therefore, and in the case of many people that is the difficult thing, because we are always turning things around at various levels of depth, our subconscious mind (which we can endow with more power for it in the mentioned circumstances), slows down the processes, archetypes and programs of the conscious mental sphere, giving the order to the ego program to minimize the work of all spheres so that the whole program and the body rests.

Ending the running processes to put them on hold

Once the ego and the mental spheres have received that order, they try to finish processing what they had going on and when completing each mental sphere the octave that was or were active all are put in “pause” mode, with the minimum programs for maintaining brain, physical and mental functioning in “maintenance” mode but without activating any of the other functions, allowing the subconscious, within the archetype “physical recovery” to start up through the metabolic pattern the control centers and the system energetic processes of recovery, restoration and recharging of the entire physical and subtle systems.

Thus during the different cycles assigned to this program in the subconscious mental sphere, different recovery functions are executed through the different phases of sleep, including REM, which we have been able to measure in laboratories with sleep experiments. The cycles and biorhythms of sleep are encoded in this program or archetype in the subconscious mental sphere and, if they are manipulated, there are implants, devices, or distortion in them that lead many people to have a bad “night” (or many) in which the rest instructions are not executed properly, causing, for example, the conscious mind to activate when it should not, producing insomnia because it cannot be turned off and put back into stand-by mode, and other related functions that are also set running as if the person was already in beta mode, which is what happens to a large part of the population due to stress, fatigue, manipulation of the psyche, attacks and energetic manipulations we suffer, implants and etheric devices destined to it, etc.

Disconnecting the personality from the mind

Then, where does the personality “go,” the “David” that I am when I am awake? What happens? Since the personality of the human being is located on the surface of his sphere of consciousness in the mental body, and is connected to the ego program, when the ego program receives the request of the programs of the subconscious mental sphere to minimize the mental activity, also “disconnects,” or puts “off” the connection from the ego to the artificial consciousness, so that the personality remains, during the sleep hours, in “stand-by,” active, because it does not “sleep” as such, but the connection with the mind by being disconnected or “minimized” you simply “are,” but without your mental processes being active to provide you with data packages, information, mental processes, thoughts, etc.

For this purpose, for your personality, you have not “done anything” during the night (except for sleep, which we will talk about later) and you have not been aware of what has happened in those hours of rest. But the personality does not go out, but is simply minimized or semi-disconnected from the mind, allowing the whole set to go into slow mode and recovery mode.

Activities during sleep

All right. What happens next once the body is asleep is that the Higher-Self, sometimes the spirit and other times, but less, the soul, can open and activate other processes that allow the personality (again, located in the surface of the sphere of consciousness) “connect” with activities that are carried out at the soul, spirit or Higher-Self level.

To be conscious or moderately aware of it, the Higher-Self and the processes of the subconscious mental sphere that remain latent, by order of the Higher-Self that sends impulses and data packets to the lower spiritual center, and from there through the autonomic nervous system and the golden cord to the brain, can induce the personality to be “conscious” and partially remember the dream activities of what happens at the higher or deeper levels during rest.

If the subconscious mental sphere is for example active ordering material in the mental body and the personality is connected through the motor center inside the fifth chakra to this process, the person relives in dreams part of what happened in his “material” reality, seeing the scenes and events in a real or symbolic way, according to what the programs of the subconscious mental sphere are distilling and classifying as information.

Connection between incarnations

If the Higher-Self wishes to transfer information between incarnations, connect two parallel or simultaneous lives, make backup copies of the material received during the day, etc., it can connect the personality through the conscious and supra conscious mental spheres, also the subliminal one (and this would give us lucid dreams), with these processes, so the “personality” is wrapped in dreams that recall events of other incarnations, which are related to the connection with other lives, which are carrying out information transfer between parallel realities, etc. and, when you wake up, what your personality remembers is the event of having lived, or connected with another part of you, which may not have been the goal that your Higher-Self had, but simply the effect of the process put in place by the Higher-Self to harmonize, elevate, balance, heal or transfer information from one part of you to another.

In this way, the personality which is always active, but as the processes of the mind that manage the day-to-day stimuli are not active or so active, in most cases when we sleep we remain in stand-by and do not we remember nothing of what has happened at night, except when there has been other processes during sleep and we have been connected to them as we have described.

Thus, the body rests, the mind also, and the higher levels of the human being take advantage to perform other maintenance tasks, sometimes allowing the human personality to be aware of it as a dream or sometimes not, leaving it simply to “rest” until the programmed sleep cycles are completed and that person “wakes up” in the morning with recharged batteries (if we have slept well) or tired and fatigued if we have not done so, or with memories of dreams if there has been part of the aforementioned processes.

Petition to correct and harmonize

Finally, to correct all this, empower the programs of the subconscious sphere to “turn off” the whole of the mind when necessary and eliminate distortions in the programs that are going to start the recovery processes, we can execute this request for several days (or weeks) until everything is working perfectly and harmoniously again and we can, at night, recharge as we should to be able to carry out our tasks and responsibilities the following day:

I request that it be endowed with greater potential and resources the programs of my subconscious mental sphere that govern the control of the psyche when it is necessary to recharge and put in maintenance mode all my physical and energetic system, equipping it with the codes, energy and necessary parameters to increase the hierarchy of their programs over those others that are not necessary during this break. I request that all blockages, implants, devices, programs, processes and elements that distort my sleep cycles be eliminated, and the capacities and programs that are responsible for the management and maintenance of my physical and energetic structure during it. I request that the necessary processes for night repair and maintenance be carried out as efficiently as possible, harmonizing rest cycles and biorhythms with my mental, emotional and physical cycles and eliminating any blockage that prevents this from being carried out. Thank you.


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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