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David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #2

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 New delivery of answers to the questions that you have sent me through twitter.

103 Hi David. Are we acting correctly (without violating free will) if we make a request to our Higher-Self, requesting to do everything in its power so that, working with the Higher-Self of another person, eliminates the anchors that person may have with the timeline 33 and to eliminate what prevents that person from anchoring 100% to the timeline 42, without having asked the person for permission? Thanks for all David, a hug.

You can always ask for help for any other person from that person’s Higher-Self; we are not violating anyone’s free will by wanting to help or be given the resources and support they need, even so, that does not mean that the Higher-Self of the person will execute what we have requested because there may be parameters, situations, lessons and experiences that we do not know that make a person go through a situation, to be in a temporary line or another or to have a type of experiences in their reality and not others. In this way, we can always ask for someone to be assisted, but those who assist, from other planes and levels are the ones who usually know what kind of help and assistance is needed and, sometimes, it does not have to be what we considered or have taken into account or believe what it has to be. A person who is not ready to move evolutionary level will not be anchored on line 42 if his Higher-Self considers that there is still a lot of work to be done on line 33 or a person who has many blocks that prevent him from going up the line, can be helped if it is according to the greater good of that person. It is a matter of trusting many times that all we receive and live is necessary at some level for our growth and evolution.

104 The programming / manipulation in the physical-energetic structure of a woman, is it different from that of a man? The doubt exists, because I notice that in matters of spiritual growth, in every course, workshop, etc. the numerical superiority of women is constant… In addition, there is the whole macho framework, a “patriarchal” religion that seeks to subdue and silence women, as if it represents a risk for the interests of the civil society and now the efforts to transform it into a “modern man” unbalancing the energies of part and part, etc.

In general, the programming imbued in the human being is identical no matter which gender you choose for each incarnation, because we all share the same collective unconscious, the same mental structure, the same programming according to the area of the planet where we incarnate, etc. But then, to create division, to create confrontation, and to sow conflict, it is correct that different programs have been created that attacked or were installed more in one gender than in another and vice versa.

This has produced that, over millennia, the dominance of one role over another has been accentuated in times, the manipulation of one part of society by another, the submission sometimes of one gender to another, etc. The powers in control, the circles of power as we have explained in previous questions, are almost entirely composed of masculine beings (which in some cases is difficult to call them “human” because of their lack of “humanity”), and it has been encouraged that it is the programming associated to the left hemisphere and the masculine side of the energetic composition that shapes us all that predominates in most of the world.

On the other hand, the “yin” and feminine part more associated with the creative and intuitive part and the programming that works with the right hemisphere, has been seen in almost every moment of our history as a species placed on a lower plane. Thus, in matters of personal and spiritual growth, in issues of energy development, in more intuitive and creative issues, the female gender is always present to a greater degree, something that I also see in all courses, workshops and conferences that I have given in all these years. Little by little, with the inner work of many people, both poles are brought into balance, both energies, both sides of the yin-yang processes that would give us all a balance and harmony regardless of the gender that we have at a physical level, but unfortunately it tends to confront both polarities and to put them one against another because it is more profitable for the system to keep the population disunited and polarized in all aspects.

105 Naturopaths say that the human body generates toxins due to wear and cell death, is there a mental program or system imbued or whatever causes us to generate toxins or extra toxicity? … due to improper emotional handling or who knows what. Thank you!

More than a program that makes us generate “extra” toxins what we have are programs and blocks that prevent us from discarding everything we generate and that the body does not use. That is, in the metabolic pattern, which is one of the “programming bases” of the mind that governs the processes of the physical body, through the instinctive center and through the coding in the DNA of how the vehicle that we use in each incarnation has to function, we have deep cleaning processes, self-burn routines of what is not necessary for the body, programs that could increase the speed of self-healing of the same body, programs that inhibit us from having a longer life at the same physical level, etc. It is a complex issue because this organic and physical body that we use is endowed with the capabilities to last much longer than it lasts, in general, the average life of a human being, but they are all, so to speak, limited, blocked and programmed so that they work only at half gas, and the body does not heal as fast and deep as it could, does not recover so easily from any damage, does not burn and cleans more deeply all the waste and toxins that it does not need, etc.

106 Seeing the talk “Psychic attacks and energy protections”, I am assailed by the question of whether those who already have all their bodies above level 5 of line 42, since they cannot be manipulated mentally or emotionally, can be attacked by negative entities.

In theory, this should be so, but in practice it is not, for several reasons. The energy currents of line 42 have a frequency of vibration and resonance that is well above the natural vibration of most non-physical entities that exist on our planet, as well as the natural vibration of some of the races that control it. This means that, so that the human being does not “escape” they have had to look for technological ways to “enter” line 42 by “technical” means, by natural means, that is, trying to reach people whose vibration had risen to the middle and upper levels of line 42, they could no longer access (from the mental and etheric planes) is not possible. Thus, in recent months, we have seen how they used technology they possess (mainly the race we call Draco and the race we call Anunnakis) to “artificially” increase their frequency, to be able to tune into the subtle bodies of people on line 42, and then be able to manipulate those people to bring them back to line 33. This is done by simply inserting or manipulating the etheric, emotional and mental bodies of all those in 42 to “come down” again from vibration, reconnecting them by anchors, etheric strings and elements similar to a more dense and negative vibration that then keeps them back to the “natural” range of line 33. As we have already mentioned in other questions, it is a matter of asking the Higher-Self if we have any type of anchoring that tied us outside the 42 to make a request to cut them and rerun the protocols to raise the bodies again to the level they belong to.

107 What is the relationship between the different civilizations that have happened on Earth at the level of humanity vs the different stages of the creation and manipulation of the human being? Who was where?

Since the creation of the Lhumanu, by crossing the Manu and the Lhulu, as we have explained in previous questions, and using the Sumerian names for these predecessors of homo sapiens, there have been multiple civilizations on our planet that have had as protagonists different “models” of “homos” that have emerged as a result of the increasingly refined genetic manipulations suffered by our species.

In esoteric literature we speak of five great epochs or blocks in which the five major evolutionary stages we have suffered are mentioned, being the polar epoch the first, the hyperborean the second, the Lemurian the third, the Atlantean the fourth and the Aryan the fifth and current. In all the cases, except in the polar epoch and in the beginnings of the Hyperborean epoch, its protagonists and the conscious life present in the planet were the first Manus and Lhulus, thus, both at the end of the Hyperborean epoch, as in Lemuria as in the Atlantean era, those who were part of those civilizations were different “models” and different stages of the evolution of the Lhumanu. It has always been seen that in some of these times human civilization was more advanced than in the current “Aryan” age, but it is only partially correct, since it was only the elites of each of those times who really had that evolutionary level and that level of energy and technological knowledge that, in some cases exceeded and exceeds, the current technological level we have.

In all epochs and historical periods, the bulk of the population has been constituted by lhumanus, who were at the level of knowledge and development that Anunnakis mainly wanted to endow and give to the humans of that moment according to their needs and for that for which they were destined to be used, therefore, all the legends and myths and stories about the advanced humanity of Atlantis or Lemuria are limited only to the elite and groups in power at that time, the highest classes with a few characteristics and genetic manipulations slightly different from those of the majority of lhumanus who lived in those same places at the same time.

Then, with the end of the Atlantean era, the arrival and provocation of what we know as the universal flood, the last vestiges of the lhumanu models that had inhabited those points of the planet were erased from the map, moving the elites to other areas to set in motion the current epoch and civilization, giving rise to the new “homo sapiens” born of “nothing” after that “erasure and new account” caused by the races in control, the Sumerian civilization begins “out of nothing” also a few thousand years ago and with that the plans are initiated, once again, to maintain the entire human population (lhumanu in its current version “sapiens sapiens”) under definitive and total control of the creative races and of the elites that act as a bridge between these and the rest of humanity, and forming circles of power and the current system for managing life on Earth.

108 Once a blockage reaches the physical level, how should it be treated? For example, I have myopia for several years. Could it be eliminated through energetic cleanings knowing its cause or when manifested in the physical it cannot be corrected / eliminated / stopped? Thank you.

All matter is composed of energy, atoms, electrons, protons and neutrons, quarks and subatomic particles, etc., so, whatever the problem at the physical, etheric, emotional or mental level you can work and treat energetically. The problem lies in the density, compaction and difficulty to work the matter, the body in this case, when a blockage, dysfunction or problem is already manifested, as well as it is tremendously simple to heal, transmute or eliminate an energy problem in the causal body or in the emotional, it is tremendously complicated to make the necessary changes with energy in the very atoms that form the physical body so that it recovers and regains the lost health or harmony.

So, on the one hand, yes you could get to correct all kinds of physical dysfunctions by working only with energy procedures, but it is very difficult for us to correct or heal them 100% because the necessary energy intensity, the time needed and the constancy to manipulate the “solid” matter is enormous compared to the same parameters needed to heal the “non-physical” energy structure. Therefore, to heal, for example, myopia, you should first correct all energetic dysfunction in the etheric body that is related to the eyes, once the distortion is corrected at the etheric level, you have to heal the problem in each of the 7 layers that form the physical body (we have explained in previous questions that the physical body is made up of seven “sub-bodies”, being the body 1.1, if we speak of the solid body as the first body, the one that we can “touch” and the bodies from 1.2 to 1.7 energetic wrappings for this material body).

In this way, with the etheric body without distortions at the level of vision, and with bodies from 1.2 to 1.7 healthy and energetically free from that myopia, the most difficult part would remain, change the eye at a physical level and correct that dysfunction in matter “Solid” and dense. For this, it would take work as we have said, with great energy intensity, very constant in time and with a lot of patience, because if you have to correct the subatomic, atomic and molecular structure of the body, taking into account the number of blockages, restrictions and programs that tell us that this is not possible (the beliefs that the physical body cannot be treated with energy prevent us from being able to say that this IS possible) it is a great work to get a problem already manifested in the physical body be corrected in its entirety, for most people on this planet, only energetically.

109 Hi David, could you explain the difference between sacred plot and karma? Or is it the same? Thank you.

They are different concepts, the sacred plot is the name that we give to the set of experiences, lessons and learning that each one of us proposes to achieve, live and acquire in each of our incarnations, therefore, it becomes something like an evolutionary curriculum for each life with a list of all the possibilities that each one wishes to be able to experience. The “karma” is the law of cause and effect, action-reaction, the third law of Newton from a metaphysical point of view, therefore, for everything we do, think, say or execute, octaves are launched and energetic processes that have their effect and their reaction throughout life, or other lives if it strictly transgresses the linear time destined for each incarnation.

They are different things, although they are linked, because the events of our sacred plot are subject to the laws of cause and effect and, therefore, thanks to that “limited” free will that we possess to the list of possibilities of the sacred plot, we will live and experience the reactions to the actions that we execute, without entering into judgments of good or bad, of reward or punishment. It is simply “wave goes, wave comes”, cause that I start, effect that I experience. This allows us to understand the power we have to co-create the world and the reality of our day to day because most things that happen to us, are simply reactions and effects to causes set in motion by ourselves without knowing it or without knowing it consciously now or a long time ago, or a long time.

110 Is it valid to connect with a number at the mental level and to go upwards so that the vibrational frequency of the energy of the bodies is increased (example, physical, emotional, astral, mental, spiritual, superior emotional, supra mental, spiritual superior and the center of universal consciousness and their respective LFT’s (light frequency transformers) or chakras}? How many bodies are there, can you name them all? The higher you vibrate frequently, the more possibilities to access the requests and what other things … do you access? In case it is not valid, how do I raise my energy vibration? Greetings and thanks for the enormous work Brother.

To raise the frequency of vibration of the particles that make up each of your bodies, it is necessary to clean and heal them and eliminate all that blockage, energy or limitation present in them, so it is necessary a job of “removing stones from the backpack” so that it weighs less and can be tuned by resonance, with the energy currents of greater frequency present in the planet. Idem for the entire structure of the human being, be they the chakras, the tantiens, the subtle bodies, the ethereal matrix, etc., etc. This structure of bodies we have explained in previous questions where we have spoken of the nine bodies of the human being and its components, also in the archives of the blog you have many articles about it. To raise the vibration of each of the bodies, you have in the articles starting with the first of 2017 the guidelines to be able to go healing, raising vibration and moving them to line 42 little by little and one by one.

A hug,

David Topí


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