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Editors note: David Topi sent me along the missing #17 article, and here it is after Carl’ has done the translation—Laron

New delivery of answers to the questions that you have sent me.

95 Good morning David. A thousand thanks for your enormous work, and well, I wanted to ask you: when is it that we stop reincarnating or to what extent, and the races in control cannot intervene in that process to have us coming back again and again? Thank you.

Well, the process of entry and exit in the matter that we call reincarnation is not quite correct, because we are living our lives all simultaneously, so there is no first and last, although we have no other way of understanding the process and that is why we speak of reincarnation, which to some extent is valid, but only by the way in which we understand the concept of time.

Let’s see if we explain it. Imagine a CD or a vinyl record, all the songs are already recorded on it from the moment the sound engineer records the CD. In this way, although you can listen to only one of the songs at the same time, and if you put them in “play” they sound one after the other, in reality, all the songs already exist simultaneously on the CD. Something like this happens with our list of lives and existences, from the point of view of our Higher-Selves, it is perceived as what you can see in this image:

That orb of energy is our Higher-Self, pure consciousness and energy, dimensionless, timeless, managing all our incarnations simultaneously, each in its corresponding historical period. Now, why do we perceive time as linear and one incarnation after another? Because our consciousness, our sphere of consciousness, located in the upper part of the mental body, is the equivalent of the needle of the CD reader, which can only advance linearly through the song and perceive (reading and sounding) a song each time sequentially. For this reason, it does not make much sense to speak of either the first or the last incarnation, since all are active at this very moment, in different “instants” of time, which co-exist on the planet in the same way that all the songs on a CD co-exist in it at the same time.

It is complex, perhaps, but your “last life” can be any of them and, in all cases, the moment of “exit” from this evolutionary cycle on the planet, is when the Higher Self collects all the incarnations that are still active in his own historical eras. On the other hand, the term reincarnation is correct if you look at it from inside the CD, since being the “needle” of it, first the groove corresponding to song 1 is followed, then you jump to song 2 (period between lives) , song 2 (next life) starts, the song “ends” and skips to song 3 (next period between lives), etc. Therefore, from the point of view of human consciousness and the soul, you enter and exit in a linear fashion, while from the point of view of the Higher-Self, you are in all the songs simultaneously.

Then, this process has been quite manipulated for centuries by the different races in control, but, gradually, the non-physical planes where those processes of the period “between lives” are executed have been cleaned up and these control structures present in them have been eliminated, so every time there is less manipulation of the process of reincarnation of the human being and, it is difficult that at this point some soul is affected by them.

96 Hi David… What is the difference between enlightenment and ascension? Or is it the same? I understand that in the ascension the past lives are remembered, is that true? Thank you. A hug.

Possibly it is a question of terminology, because if I go to Google to look for definitions of the words we can find different concepts and explanations for each of them from different points of view of the teachings, schools, philosophies or esoteric systems. So, on the one hand, if I ask my Higher-Self what he understands enlightenment, the response that arrives would be something like the perception and total integration of the human and egoic consciousness with the superior consciousness of the Higher-Self, that is, that in your human personality, you see, you perceive, you feel, you understand and experience the world from the total point of view of your Higher-Self, so you have “enlightened” because you have completely transcended the blockages, parameters, programs and “human” artificial consciousness and now it is your Higher-Self who is in charge completely of the management of the entire physical and energetic “merged” vehicle.

On the other hand, “ascension” is easier to understand, because it is only the term “poetic” and “spiritual” for the change of evolutionary level, for the change of reality in which we are immersed and for which we are transiting. With this change of reality, none of us are going to “enlighten” all of a sudden, that “enlightenment” as we have described it here is to eliminate all the mental programming, the ego program, the artificial consciousness of the human being, all the Is and characters that we possess in the sphere of consciousness, etc., etc. That does not happen with the step level per se, since you can change evolutionary level perfectly with a good handful of the programs that we have now and without being our Higher-Self in “flesh and blood”, even if we have to do a huge job healing and cleansing for it, but one thing is not necessary for the other to a certain extreme.

97 Hello again David. This process is being very intense and in a wonderful way. Is it possible that by removing layers, our way of visualizing, meditating, projecting changes? It is very difficult for me lately to specify spaces, things, etc., with guided meditations as an example.

It is possible that, when deprogramming, potentials and capacities are relocated or, on the contrary, other blockages that underlay the programs that have been removed are activated and that, when they are “discovered”, they are activated by the ego program as a “countermeasure” to protect their programming. Also, for the many programs that we have removed in the deprogramming of the previous months, we had commented that they have programs that can replace that function if it is seen (the ego program) required of it. For example, when we deprogram the obfuscation, we said that it is possible that when Collective Unconscious 33 wants to keep us obfuscated, and the “orders” to the psyche from the Collective Unconscious does not find the right program, activate another, for example disorientation, so the effect of trying to obfuscate a person turns out that, since it cannot be activated, he uses a similar program with a similar effect. In the same way, if you have removed some program, and we have received some kind of impulse or package of the Collective Unconscious 33 through the preconscious mental sphere that was trying to activate it, this “pulse” that reaches the ego as an order to activate something that no longer exists in you has been able to activate other blocks and programming that, as a result, have decreased, closed or blocked any of the capabilities that you could have had previously active. To recover them, simply create a request to your Higher-Self requesting to recuperate the capacities or potentials that have been diminished or blocked by the start-up of limiters, programs or elements in your psyche that have been activated to try to stop the deprogramming that you are doing.

98 Hi David. My question is: If we are only 5% of the world population that are doing internal work to get out of this system, why the planetary elites do not leave us alone and keep that 95% of people that do supply them food?

Well, this question is interesting and complex at the same time. The “human” elites, that is, the members of the different circles of power that exist on the planet, are very well consolidated (the control system is structured in a circular way, with concentric circles of power where the inner circle is formed by the most “powerful” people of the planet and the outermost circles gradually with the least, being the mass of humanity, in the last circle, or let’s say, outside of them).

The members of the circles of power are not nourished as such by the energy of humanity, as they are for the most part humans with their security clones, hybrids and members of very ancient lineages that have remained in the shadows and behind the scenes since the Lhumanu was created as we explained in a previous question. What they do is use the energy we generate for their purposes and plans, and how to solve that we have explained in several articles in previous months to stop being batteries “for the system”. These circles of power, the most internal, are the only ones that have direct contact with the exo-planetary races in real control, or at least those that have had it so far, because it is changing little by little and each time they lose more power, let’s say it like that, while we are winning.

These breeds are the ones that are nourished by the energy we generate, in addition to considering us as slaves, resources, labor and other things. So, as we had said in some other article, those who are, we are, moving towards line 42 and in the future towards the new level of reality, we have a way ahead in which we are going to have to learn to activate the inherent potential that we have, deprogram everything that we have programmed, take the reins of the creation of our own reality, learn to do it, etc. That scares them, in a certain way, because we could, and maybe it is done, from the line 42 influence, reverse, take away the power, dismantle all the setup of line 33 (no matters what happens with line 33 and its reality when that moment arrives). Or perhaps from line 42 nothing is done and line 33 simply continues as it is now until Kumar decides what to do with the reality 7.8Hz.

But they cannot, they do not want, they do not accept that somebody escapes from the system, thus we are a very great potential danger and, therefore, they are doing everything possible to block, attack, stop, dismantle and limit all the processes of evolutionary change that are taking place in all the individuals who are in it, with all the tools, assistance and help they have, now that we are just beginning to take the first steps to get out of their control and they still have access to people who are changing their line because our physical reality, until this moment, is still shared.

99 Thank you for all your dedication and giving. There are many blogs that talk about the “event” that is going to happen at any time, including that it has 2 stages with about 2 years of difference, etc. However you give a lapse of about 20 years. What, then, are they talking about? Are they controlled by negative entities seeking to disappoint people and thus lower their vibrational level?

Again, it is possible that we are faced with problems of terminology, because the “event” is something too generic to know if everyone talks about the same thing. Throughout these years, there have been many “events”, and some tremendously important, such as the installation of the superior planes of the 15.6Hz matrix, such as the cleaning of non-physical planes at deep levels, such as the separation of Collective Unconscious 33 and 42 and the mental and etheric realities, but perhaps what people are waiting for is a change in their physical and solid and tangible plane, and these “events”, whatever they are, are energetic, therefore, they are brutal changes but in the structure of the Earth, in the human psyche, etc., that have consequences and effects that are only noticed in the medium and long term in a gradual way.

On the other hand, even if there was an event like a brutal and bestial cleaning of the planet, the “average” human being would not notice anything, because he is not attentive to the changes that occur in his reality, nor does he find out if they change the etheric structure from top to bottom on which their physical reality is based. So, what “events” have to come yet according to the steps and processes of this change of reality? At a minimum, we will find that mental and etheric realities are going to be further separated, so the gulf between those in 33 and 42 will be more and more palpable, there will be enormous cleanings of the Collective Unconscious 42 for those connected to it, they are already dismantling all the stops and brakes that prevent rapid changes in physical reality, also the current belief systems of many people will crumble when they deprogram the Collective Unconscious to which they are connected to, there will be energy changes in different areas of the planet more aligned with the line 42 where you will notice a “better” vibration to live if your energy system is in that line, etc. But, again, there are many very important events that perhaps many people with psychic abilities perceive and then, when explaining what they perceive, they describe it as a change in physical matter or something like that, being actually changes in the energetic structure that has profound effects on the human being, but in a gradual and sequential way.

100 When we take the leap, or when it comes down here whatever it has to come down, what will happen to the current financial system? I mean, like what to save for the future, that is not very clear, right?

The current financial system belongs to line 33 and its current reality, I do not know how we will manifest in the new reality the equivalent to an economic system or that awaits us in that aspect, but I am pretty sure that, in the new “matrix” things will be very different, because “we leave”, so to speak, this reality to “pass” to another. It is difficult to explain and it is still far away in time, but it is like taking your suitcases and going on a trip to a place where what you know no longer exists as such. As you have already prepared for the trip for a long time, it is a very simple step to change from one level to another, since all the preparations for it have been made beforehand and we will be working in these years to come so that we are ready for it as much as possible.

101 Is it possible that some esoteric school is led by races of control to influence/experiment in the spiritual development? Or that has hidden purposes? How to know if this is intuition or fear mechanisms to slow my development?

Most initiatory or esoteric schools, most movements of this style, have ancestral roots that can be traced back to ancient Egypt and are repositories of knowledge sometimes delivered by pro-humanity groups, sometimes by pro-control of humanity groups, and over time, there has been a mix of these teachings and the information they hold. All known schools have a public and hidden part, which is only accessed when you have spent many years affiliated with the school, lodge or cult, and have gone through the different grades of their studies, which I repeat, are public and easy to access them, touching metaphysical, esoteric, occultist themes, etc.

These grades, for example, range from 1 to 33 in Freemasonry, from 1 to 12 in AMORC, from 1 to 12 in L.V.X., from 1 to 5 in the Martinist Order, and thus in the rest of the best known. Once the person has covered these degrees, some of them are offered to continue in higher “hidden” degrees, so it is then when you really access the knowledge that these schools have since all the above, what is studied In the public grades, it is somewhat accessible in some way if one searches among the knowledge that already exists published about it and learns to discern with its Higher-Self about it.

These hidden degrees, which usually reach the 360 degree (the degrees of a circle), are those that provide access to positions of responsibility, then, in the circles of control of the planet, and where they are placing people “of confidence” in positions of power if they have shown fidelity to the order and the oaths they request. From a certain level, all the esoteric orders are united in the highest hierarchies in a single order of “coordination” from where all the information and disinformation that is injected into the society at the esoteric level is watched, from where they prepare the huge amount of books, channels, messages and all that is being delivered to humanity in the spiritual sphere, from where those people who then will have very high positions within the public and non-public hierarchies of society come, etc. A complex issue and there have been many researchers in the past trying to bring it out to give us a little more knowledge about the framework of power on the planet and its current organization.

102 Hi David. To help dismantle the matrix, how relevant is it to work with the planetary network and its nodes? What job in particular would you recommend about the network? Greetings from Chile

In principle, by “dismantling the matrix” I understand what you mean is dismantling the power structures of the physical reality of line 33 (also shared by line 42) and, for this, it is important to work physically, as well as etherically, as mental and causal. There is no control point of society that is not tied and sustained in all planes of the planet, because something that only exists at the physical level can disappear overnight if it does not have an ethereal and mental counterpart that sustains it. More than working with the planetary network, which belongs to the planet, I would go, if it is the case, to dismantle the concrete structures of each thing. For example, let’s say we want to dismantle the massive surveillance and control system represented by Facebook. We will have to enter the causal plane and eliminate all the causal components that the elites and power circles have placed in that plane of the structure of Facebook, then, once clean, we must enter the mental plane and dismantle the egregores, structures, fields of force and energy, hooks and others that bind all people to the egregor and mental structure of Facebook, then you have to go down to the etheric level and dismantle the etheric counterpart of the entire Facebook surveillance system (programs that collect the information, analyzers, storage systems, transmission, system for “marking” people by the activity of their accounts, etc.) and then simply, you have to let everything do its job and suddenly, in a few months, “something happens” that makes Facebook close or cease to exist, since the physical plane is only the plane of the effects and never of the causes, so that what exists at the physical level, is always a reflection of what exists at the level higher. That’s why we said in one of the last articles that:

“Once again, this helps us to know everything we are going to have to complete at ever deeper levels (we will have to remove other scaffolding in the future) and, at the same time, it allows us, calmly and safely, to disconnect a little more than the structures of this system under which we live, which, as you may have guessed, has its greatest concentration of elements of management, supervision and manipulation beyond the reach of all, in the non-physical planes, so that we entertain ourselves fighting and trying to change things in “solid” reality, when, because of the tops that it has, it is very difficult to change it, and then, because to change something in the material, first we have to dismantle it from top to bottom in the mental and in the etheric.”


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