Climbing and Anchoring All Our Bodies to Level 15 of Timeline 42


Now that we have put in place mechanisms to maintain the vibration of our subtle bodies, as we had explained in the previous article, we will continue with different explanations of the necessary changes in our structure to be able to strengthen the work and the connection with the line 42 so that, despite everything they can try to do to get us out of it, it is much more complicated and much harder to do it, because, as you may have guessed, the slogan of the control system is something like “hook again every human being who is fleeing to frecuencial levels that can pose a potential danger and a point of no return to the possibilities of being manipulated, controlled or besieged.”

For this reason, we will fully exploit all the natural resources available to us so our vibration frequency is as high as possible and there is no possibility, or are minimal, the ways by which they can be lowered or decreased. We have already seen what to do with the anchor point, so make sure those who have done the work of raising it and block it that the request for it is 100% complete, and we have done the work of putting frequency “stops” on each subtle body so that they do not lower their vibration if the pressure and external energy that surrounds them is not so extremely strong that they can break these stops. Now we are going to anchor ourselves, literally, with our subtle bodies to the highest levels of line 42 creating “pick axes” that not only prevent us from going down, but literally stretch us “up,” speaking frequency wise. We will generate frequency “elevators” connected to each subtle body so that our Higher-Self, like the one that pulls an energetic string, not only can raise the vibration of the bodies with the work that we have been explaining since the beginning of last year, but that are automatic mechanisms of frequency elevation from the line 42 the ones that “keep moving us up” without our conscious mind having to intervene for it more than when creating and starting them.

How are automatic structures of frequency elevation created?

They are created the same way as someone who wants to climb or go up a building on the façade or rise to a higher point than he could do by firing a rope with a “hook” that ensures that it connects to a higher level, then ties the rope that is held on that upper level to his body, and sets in motion an elevating mechanism so that his body can climb up that rope to the point where the anchor is. In our case, the anchor point will be sub-level 15 of line 42, because although there are people who have already overcome it with some of their subtle bodies, most people on line 42 at this time still have the majority of their structures between levels 5 and 15 of it, and some people are still entering their bodies at levels below sub-level 5, having only the soul and the causal body, in most cases, for what is perceived by our Higher-Self when it examines line 42, above sub-level 5.

Therefore, we will ask our Higher-Selves to create the equivalent of energetic threads that tune our subtle bodies with sub-level 15, that create “vibrational” drag mechanisms that pull our bodies upwards, and we will ask them to put them inside energy pockets neutral to all those blocks and “stones” that we carry on our backs so that this rise in frequency can occur without the fears, dysfunctions, blockages and elements present in our energy structure that can influence and stop the change of vibration by, precisely, the vibration and dense and negative energy of all of this that we have not yet taken out and healed.

This does not mean that we have freed ourselves from continuing to remove ballast from our physical structure to the causal, but because of the situation in which we find ourselves, and the efforts to get us out of that line 42, we are going to have to use techniques and ways of work that can give us more margin of safety and tranquility in higher levels of line 42 to be able to complete this healing and cleaning process, further away from line 33 and the control systems that exist in it and that, as we have said, we are all still affected to because we continue to share both temporal lines in the physical.

In this way, the request is as follows:

I request that the support structures, hooking and connection to the sublevel 15 of the temporary line 42 be created for all my subtle bodies, so that the necessary threads, scaffolds and restraints are formed so that it can be raised directly and gradually throughout the structure energetic of line 42 in all my physical and energetic bodies and components. I request that once the connection structure has been created and set to level 15 of this timeline, the frequency rise of the vibrations of the particles that form the framework of each subtle body begins without pause, covering with neutral energy bags the elements, blockages, distortions and dysfunctions present in them so that they do not interfere in their processes of frequency rise. I request that once all my subtle bodies are in sub-level 15 of the timeline 42, move the minimum level of the anchor point and the minimum stop of each of my subtle bodies already existing in me to the new sub-level, becoming this the minimum level of frequency that has to be maintained at all times despite the fluctuations and external influences that affect me. I request that my Higher-Self be endowed with the ability to work in this process even when my conscious mind is not aware of it so that the evolutionary rules and the free will that govern the growth processes of the human being among its constituent parts are not violated, allowing the Higher-Self to take the reins and control of this frequency elevation and maintaining the monitoring of it at all times to correct the alterations, deviations and manipulations that may occur within the margins and evolutionary parameters that I have codified for this incarnation. Thank you.

With this, we will increase in frequency, we will gain time, safety margin to continue working and the possibility of being able to continue with energy healings and cleanings further away from the vibration of reality and timeline 33.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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