Increase in Line Spacing and Extra Time to Jump to 42


The temporal line 42 continuous its process of distancing from the temporal line 33 and both find themselves increasingly at a more vibrational and frequency distance, causing in turn, their associated mental and etheric processes and realities within what we have called the “matrix 7.8Hz” versus the mental and etheric processes of what we call the “15.6Hz matrix” increasingly incompatible with each other. This does not mean that there are people who are tuned to these planes and structures of that new reality, that new “matrix,” because there is still no one in it, but simply, within the energetic currents of the timeline 42, the vibration of it is closer to the vibration of the new evolutionary structure that is being created superimposed on the current one and, within the energetic currents of line 33, the vibration of it is “sinking” more because the frequencies and energy substrate of what happens in that line stretch “down” to the people connected to it.

We had commented in the previous article that the premise of the control system, of those in the circles of power of it, was to remove everybody in the world from line 42, so, you may have noticed that the “environment” returns to be charged at international level with multiple attempts to destabilize as much as possible everything that is possible to destabilize in different areas and parts of the planet, at a political, economic, social, etc. level. With the anchoring work to sub-level 15 of line 42 for those with some part of their system in it that we have explained, this “drag” to lower levels will be slowed, and we hope that it can be counteracted with the personal effort of each one to follow in frequency, vibration and emotional and mental states as high as possible despite everything.

What is the reason for this intensification of movements to get people out of line 42?

Basically we are reaching a point of separation, of “no return,” that is, we are approaching such a large energy separation point between both realities, that sooner or later, from line 33, it will be very difficult to have control over those millions of human beings who are already well settled on line 42 and who will be able to continue “climbing” upwards with less difficulty. So, while the mental and etheric “energy rivers” of both temporal lines continue their course and separate more and more, from the “river” of the 33 it is going to be complicated, in the long run, that even if many fishing poles are launched, they end up catching those who have already lined upstream line 42. This is what is expected to end happening in the medium term and, as such, in anticipation, the control system has given “orders” to “fish” all those who are still “within range,” doing it from the reality and physical structure of the planet, which by remaining shared, facilitates that by manipulating and creating events that put the physical plane upside down, every human being wherever they are, can be affected by them and, therefore, if he is not properly held in middle levels of line 42 can be dragged back to lower levels of 33 or return to it. That is, it is not a “search and capture” at the individual level of those who could be on line 42, but of a “shake the tree completely and let all fall down, wherever they are,” if the analogy is understood.

Why is not the line crossing completely closed to prevent this situation?

One of the “proposals” (let’s put it that way) discussed among the different groups, hierarchies and those that assist the change of evolutionary level for the human race is the total closure of the steps between lines 33 and 42 so that, whoever is at 42 can no longer go down, and whoever is at 33 can no longer climb. For the moment, it was rejected to carry out this drastic action because there are still very few people, approximately 5% of the population that have managed to tune some of their subtle bodies with the energetic currents of the temporal line of evolutionary change and, as such, it is considered opportune and it is wanted to give the opportunity, during a little more time, so that a few more million people can go up and change line.

Even so, at some point, and due to the difficulty to stay on this timeline 42, it is possible that both Kumar, as the planetary leader of both lines, as those who assist him, inside and outside the planet, will make the decision to close both lines and “fix” the stops so that there is no possibility of transfer. I do not know how many months will be given, it only seems that in the last three or four months there has been a flow of people trying to go online doing all the work from the beginning, and causing some groups and hierarchies that assist the planet to have seen or perceived that there is the hope of rising more people than initially expected despite the frequency difference between both lines. The only thing that is necessary for this is the will of the person to initiate the whole process of frequency change and move their bodies, to anchor even one of them (the soul and at least the causal one) and to be able to put a foot in the energies which will then help you to scale your other subtle bodies to the sublevels above sub-level 5 of this line 42.

So, let’s hope that this “extra” time without the lines closing completely in both directions is worthwhile for more people to move towards positive and evolutionary change, although for those who have already moved it means having to endure the onslaught of the physical reality of the 33 to remove them from it and, if we are removed, having to do again the work of raising and tuning in with it.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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