Unspun News for September 18, 2018

UNSPUNEWS – 180918
“Bulk data collection by NSA and GCHQ violated human rights charter, European court rules”.  I’m sure NSA et al are losing lots of sleep over that …..
“Reports of new Israel-Saudi arms deal … amid Yemen bloodbath and Riyadh’s fears“
“There is a very real chance that Khazarian cabal rule will collapse over the next three months, and alternative power structures need to be made ready in time for that, according to British MI6 intelligence sources.”  Fulford is a VERY well informed guy ….
“6 more solar observatories closed“.  (And STILL no valid reason given….)
“The 1% will own two-thirds of world wealth within the next decade” … “an actual gutting of the middle class and ordinary people by a criminal plutocracy which has created the necessary regulatory, market, and technical conditions to steal the wealth of whole civilisations.”  And I do not retract one iota of my idea that ‘money’ is a solidified, transact-able form of ENERGY.
I have yet to view this, (45 min video) but most of the people who have, speak highly of the content and presentation.  “The Real Secrets Hidden in Antarctica… Revealed”.
“The needle contamination scandal engulfing the Australian strawberry industry is a series of “deliberate acts” designed to instil fear in the community, a Queensland criminologist says.“  This is TOO bizarre for words…. Like, who gains what and why?  The sheer logistics are industrial-scale….
“Serial numbers of missile that downed MH17 show it was produced in 1986, owned by Ukraine – Russia”. So there ya go …. Again…
“The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission has declared a state of emergency for both units of the Brunswick nuclear power facilities in North Carolina. An “unusual event” has occurred which is interfering with the ongoing “hot shutdown” of the nuclear power plants”
“Typhoon Mangkhut: 2.4 million people relocated as ‘extraordinary’ storm hits southern China“
“What started as a fascination with capturing photos of the highly venomous blue-ringed octopus has led one man to a world of fascinating miniature marine life living under our noses.”
“Western Australia earthquakes explained: Why does WA get the country’s largest tremors?”
“The unusually warm summer with several prolonged heat waves still reverbrates in the Baltic sea as it remains much warmer than average. Parts of the sea are up to 3-4 °C above average!”
“The ‘Piton de la Fournaise’ of Reunion Island, a French Indian Ocean Territory erupted at 4:25 am on Saturday, September 15, 2018.”
“Plastic pollution: Scientists identify two more potential ‘garbage patch’ zones in world’s oceans;  Study attempts to locate remaining 99% of plastic unaccounted for by conventional surveys”
“Maria-Luiza Pedrotti is illuminating the unseen worlds of plastic-eating bacteria that teem in massive ocean garbage patches.”
M6.5 @ 605km, S. Of Fiji Is.
“Potentially severe windstorm for northern Ireland and western Scotland on Wednesday, Sept 19th”
“A rare M3.4 earthquake struck West Jutland on Sunday, an area not usually associated with seismic activity.”
“Record rainfall, catastrophic flash and river flooding, at least 18 deaths and more than 1 million without power as Hurricane “Florence” hits U.S.”
“Electricity-generating, or “electrogenic,” bacteria aren’t something new — they can be found in places far away from us, like at the bottom of lakes, said senior author Daniel Portnoy, a microbiologist at the University of California, Berkeley.   But until now, scientists had no idea that bacteria found in decaying plants or in mammals, especially farm animals, could also generate electricity — and in a much simpler manner, Portnoy said.”
“Ms Sharrock can describe baby scenes from as early as 12 days old — and her astonishing memory abilities have been both a blessing and curse.”  Only 60 people on the planet have a ‘super-memory’….
“Use of probiotics is linked to reduced need for antibiotic treatment in infants and children, according to a review of studies that probed the benefits of probiotics, say researchers in the U.S., England and the Netherlands.”
“‘No evidence’ high cholesterol causes heart disease, say doctors;  Millions of people taking statins ‘despite unproven benefits and serious side effects’“
“The US military has developed a tooth microphone that’s so stealth it’s a little unnerving”
“We are all visitors to this time, this place.
We are just passing through.
Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love…
And then we return home.”
~~Australian Aboriginal proverb.
There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’.  I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the ti
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