There’s some dispute as to when Abraham was born, but 2000BC is a nice round figure to be working with. From assorted researchers, it seems that even then, there was a ‘TPTB’ on the planet – and their main interest (as far as can be guessed) was in mining gold – evidence in South Africa of very ancient and extensive mines would appear to bear this out.

The purpose of this extensive gold-mining is still not clear; however, there are a number of very intriguing aspects or abilities that involve gold that might explain it, not least its imperishably and a mention of negating gravity under certain applications. That is speculation.

The human population were effectively slaves in the system – black, brown or white.

It is apparent that the ‘main base’ of the slavers was in what we call today Kazakhstan.

(I won’t clutter this with references  but having a look at (5 minutes)


Will be very rewarding……)

According to Joseph Farrell, when Abraham started his teachings, it was from Kazakhstan that that the punishment descended.

It is worth noting that (although we are taught ‘division’) Abraham, Jesus, and Muhammed were ALL Spiritual Master-teachers. So was Gautama Buddha, and it is very notable that Buddhist ‘threads’ can be found in all three western faiths.

So, here was Old Abe, telling the slaves that they were ultimately beings of spiritual consequence, that death was merely a transition to a next life, and doing a whole heap of trouble-making for the bosses…

What we decide to call those bosses is moot; the ‘Kazakh Mafia’ is one  term, among many.  Suffice to say that yes, they do still exist today…

So the Kazakh Mafia headed off southwards to the Babylon area, to shut this trouble-maker up.

They successfully did this, and then realised that they had a useful tool in their hands. So rather than wipe out the entire system, they ‘supplanted’ Abraham and his inner circle, so as to have apparent life and death control over the followers – heaven and hell, punishment from ‘on high’, etc became the psychological rod of iron…. over the slaves – and still is today.  Honest spirituality, and reincarnation are verboten!  Where is the fear in that? Where is the profit??

So the Kazakh Mafia morphed into becoming the topmost sect of what finally became the Hebrew faith – the Ashkenazi, as we know them today.  Mostly (if not entirely) made up of Zionists.

It is WELL worth noting that the ‘Jewish Gene’ is unique – it is very dominant among the Ashkenazi, though not exclusive; it is matrilineal (You ALWAYS know who your mother was – but Dad?)  But above all, geneticists have back-traced that unique gene to… Yup, Kazakstan.

(Interesting side-note – the recent UK royal wedding – it is unheard of for any royal in line for the throne to be allowed to marry a commoner.  So whence Kate??  Guess what – her mother was / is an Ashkenazi Jew.  Odd, that…..)

Next – along comes another troublemaker – Jesus.  Herod, acting like any genuine PTB, tried to scotch him early, but had no luck.  He survived that, and started his teachings.

Then there is an 18 year long ‘hole’ in his history…

Recently (and VERY un-announced) that ‘hole’ was accounted for – he spent 18 years in Buddhist monasteries in what we today call Tibet and Mongolia (and surrounds).  (Buddha was born around 600 bc)

This is totally confirmed by still-extant records in the monasteries’ records.  They knew him as ‘Saint Issus’.  He left to return to the Middle East, as a fully qualified Buddhist Master.

(Hints of reincarnation are easy to find in the bible – “Who do men say that I am?”  “Some say you are John the Baptist”   “Why was this man born blind – did he sin or did his parents?” etc etc……)

Naturally, the Zionistas did not want this being a re-run of Abraham rocking their boat!  Next stop – Calvary.  Gotta keep that fear-control mode running ……

But the poor old Kazakh Mafia wasn’t able to relax – along came Muhammed, yet another spiritually empowering trouble-maker.  I know little about Islam, apart from a number of long and interesting conversations I had with a shipmate over the course of a couple of years – he was a Welshman, who had adopted the Islamic faith whilst working in North Africa; an interesting man!

So I will skate quickly over any detail there at all, except to say that I see Muhammed’s fate as another re-run of Abraham and Jesus… And that at depth, reincarnation (hence spirituality) was part of the original Islamic teachings.

And so we arrive at our own place and time…

What has changed?  The Kazakh Mafia is still TPTB, still ruling through fear and violence, still enslaving the planets people……..  Though today they are semi-concealed as devout and fanatic Ashkenazi Jews.  AKA Zionists.

Where are they?  Still under cover – though far from deep cover now – in government, military, big business, and particularly banking and western religions.

Why particularly religions?  Control – through fear and selective teachings.  (Also, remember anomalies like the pineal pine cone in the Vatican, and more…..)

Why particularly banking?  Hmmmm- access to lots of gold maybe?  But that is speculation, albeit logical.

Much more to the point is the raw ENERGETIC aspect of money.

If you go to a doctor, you pay him for his energy that he expended in learning his profession, his time that he gave you (energy again) and so on.  You want a garden path?  You pay for the knowledge, the skill, the experience and the time and sweat of a concreter – ALL energy.  You want a ship or an aircraft taken safely across the world? You pay for the energy and skill and learning time that the crew expended learning their trade.  ALL ENERGY.

Now, ‘concretise’ that energy – put a cash (or gold) value on it.  (And definitely frown of social trading!!)  and what have you done?  You have turned the intellectual or physical energy of people into a transact-able commodity – dollars, pesos, pounds or gold or silver …. AND YOU CAN CONTROL IT.  Devalue it.  Revalue it.  Trash it.  Spend that energy on genocidal wars…

Ultimate control…….  Over the raw energy of a whole damn planet.  Not bad, for a bunch of camel-driving yokels from a desert dump in central Asia, eh?  5000+ years of parasitism?

OK, so who are and who were the Kazakhs?  There are lots of theories about that.  A unique gene?  Does that argue another race, or a separate branch of humanity?  (If you can even call such control-freaks human anyway!)  Could it argue aliens, even?

Maybe one day we will find out.

Until then …..  NEVER stop pondering!!!!!

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