Extraterrestrial Contacts are one of the most interesting things we are witnessing now as we are shifting. Many of us are having this amazing opportunity to be in connection with beings from other planets. But this is not a new topic. So in this article, I am posting my latest conversation with Julian my contactee from Sirius. i previously posted my first one in this article here on transients

As I connect to Julian, I hear a very subtle acute sound in my right ear. Then the sound moves a bit on the left one. I see a wave of a golden frequency floating in my vision. Then a white-blue big orb glowing around come into my space and my vision.

I shut the mind, and open my third eye. It is this way that I can reach my multidimensional soul, as the being connects at a soul level. He is my twin soul from Sirius as we came to life at the same time from same source of energy.

Then I look over my crown and my stellar gate way chakras, I see a white light floating over me with sparks and filaments of lights that moves in a high speed. I know him now a little more than the first time I saw him over my bed , a night when gazing to the flow of energies around me.

I have been seeing the energy field since 2012-2013. And I saw that he was different from the usual flow I see, that night he talked to me and it was mind to mind conversation. He urged me to write down what we were discussing about. I felt guidance and heard my higher self.

This time I will share a recent conversation about what Julian calls « The Soul To soul Connections » and it will sometime sound very tricky and hard to understand but it is a knowledge coming from so far and I am guided to share it here, as always for free, because knowledge is a free energy that flows in us as we are part of the universal energy. I hope you would take care of it as always.

Here is a picture of Julian as he showed up last July (2018) in my car from the Central Sun.

Julian is J, and me H

About The Soul To Soul Connection

We came to this life as part of a wide soul family that may be worldwide. We are not only connected to our near family members or near friends. We have connections with many people and with each one we experience something new that lead us to more learning about our place here and our purpose in life during our current incarnation. Each connection has something to teach us, each soul is part of our journey. Each soul we meet is always surprising and unexpected because we lost the memory when we incarnated in our physical shape. But we always feel that there is something behind, that we knew the person from so far… Each connection take us back to the contract we made with that soul.

So here is the conversation 

J: You came here to ask me about this topic as you felt guided to know about some connections you are having now. You are all as starseeds experiencing this, and I understand what you are talking about.

H: Can you explain to me the beginning the process and of a soul to soul connection ?

J: I want you to visualize two circles of light. A white pure light inside the universe. Each one contains the blueprint of a soul, inside each circle there is powerful magnetic field that is always alive, doing sacred geometry shape, which is from the Fiels of Sacred Geometry as it exists in the universe. It is a micro space / field but having billions of times / years of information stored inside. It is in constant movement like boiled water. The two circles connect that way with this huge energy field. can you figure out this image. The soul energy is made of fire and that’s why you feel it so burning in your hands when you carry souls to the spirit realm.

H: Yes. I see it so clearly now that you are describing it. I got the image in my third eye as if you were sending it through me !

J : Okay ! The two bubbles / circles of white light are the connected souls. Some of them can be a division of one soul. This happens all the time as they need to travel to different worlds, dimensions, planes to have their own experiences, to learn different things from different spaces / worlds. They may forget about the bond that attaches them as ONE, but it is always there. It is a powerful beam of light. A kind of silver light like a laser with different colors inside, but one of the seven colors related to that beam will be more important from one divided soul to another.

H: This sounds really complex !

J: Yes
At a first stage, a soul divides in two, then each of the two will, if they choose to do this, divide in more than one or two parts / particles. To experience more spiritual growth, a soul has to opt for a divided existence. This is one of the most challenging experiences a soul can have in the universe, but let me explain the bond in between the two parts of the soul that originally divided at first when they came to life.
There are no manipulations on the souls originally. Some souls come into physical life and experience darkness, dark spaces and relationships with dark beings.

This happens because that’s what they felt drawn to. The moment they become conscious of it, and how it is hard for them to carry on keeping that darkness inside, they begin their awakening process and take their path to the light. It is inside of them, and as they see it more, they connect again to their original first bond made of pure light, connecting them both to themselves at first stage, and then to each other as the other part of the soul is also always there, but in a different place.

The two first circles of light activate a reconnection when they begin their awakening process. It is the kind of experience we all have as incarnated souls in physical shapes. When the soul enters the physical realm and shape, it experiences darkness to reach more light, as it is at that moment disconnected from its holy and pure light. But this you already know it !

Yes I actually know that ! Do we have to let go of the physical world to reach more learning at a soul level ?

Yes. Something happens that way.
When two parts of a soul reconnect while incarnating in any physical vessel, they are like two spheres of light, turning and shining brighter than ever before, because they activated the light beam that attaches them to each other. This is the highest stage of the connection as the souls call for for unity and each part of the soul have been doing their experiences, each one at different places, realms and dimensions.
They connect as they are ready because they found their way to the inner light of their soul after all the past challenges they had to face.

This process includes twin souls, soulmates, and also the divided souls. The way to connect is the same, but it is the energy that is different.

H: can you explain this point around the different energies flowing between them ?

J: It is not same intensity. When they are twin souls the energy is intense and overwhelming. There is something very subtle, the two parts of one soul feel their own energy as part of the other. The connection is DEEPLY energetic as they have same energy. There is a joy in coming back home. Twins are same soul same energy. Their energy is of fire.

At the opposite, soulmates have different energies and when they connect, it is to complete each other. Their connection is rarely overwhelming. They have different light codes allowing them to connect to each other. Their energy is if water.

The divided souls are those who came to incarnate in different physical vessels and also in different realms and dimensions. Their aim is to evolve in a very fast way as they are ambitious souls. When they connect to another part of their soul in another realm or world, it is a process of recovery as they had achieved a new challenge. This process allows them to integrate more the energy of their soul. their energy is of air and soil.

To Conclusion

H: What is your message to close this conversation ?

Your soul can go beyond measures. Time has come for you to know this and to learn how to let go of limited beliefs, because you are limitless ! Your soul knows the secrets of your journey on Earth and in other planets. You are thus shown only a piece of it, your role is to go even beyond this so that you become able to unleash the knowledge hidden in you. Each connection at a soul level you experience with others, is a path to learn more about self, as those who come into your world are holders of a new shift in and outside of you.

You are all doing this subtle work at different levels, but in communion and unity. So go for these connections and see what your journey is about ! Your adventurous personality and thirst for more knowledge would for real benefit from it !

The soul to soul connection is electrical ! there is a beam of light that connects each soul to another one. It is very subtle but you can feel it. Your feelings and first insights are important. you can trust your instinct and take time to sit and connect to that energy field so that you become able to understand more what is happening to you. Each experience brings more learning to you so that as a spiritual guide you can teach and help others too. For those souls are volunteers to help with the current shift in consciousness. Earth is changing and so you are. Welcome any change in your life now when you know that your current situation is no more valuable for you.

Here is an amazing video where Kryon channels a message both in English and Spanish about the twin souls’ connections.



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