By guest contributor Dawn Grace Kelly: ​The peace of being alone calls me often. I am a mother to a 12 yo boy who is life learning (meaning no school), I have a partner who loves being home, I see clients, I teach and I work on social media. I go to the supermarket too many times, run car loads of boys to random places and lately I’ve been visiting the panel beater regularly (for weeks) chasing up an insurance claim. I seem to always be talking to receptionists and telephone ‘support’ people. My numerous healers are also in the mix. After a friendly catch up my hairdresser knows the drill, Dawn needs some quiet time.

I guess your life is similar. When do we get to be alone? Like really alone, the no checking the phone and making calls kind of alone. Taking time to be with yourself with no one else to engage with can be a powerful healing experience.

Being alone brings you freedom to drop your social persona. There’s no one to judge you, no one to impress and no one to aspire to. You can think for yourself without being swayed by others opinions, you can reflect, dream, breathe and come back to yourself.

It’s been proven that being alone allows you to develop greater empathy for others, increase your productivity, spark creativity, improve concentration, make plans for your life, increase your happiness and reduce stress and depression. Children also need this powerful healing time.

Alone time is necessary for total wellbeing. I remember hearing once from a wise teacher that everyone needs at least an hour alone every day. How about fitting some solo time into your days and weeks, even if you need to schedule it. Getting up earlier, leaving social media turned off, avoiding email and phone calls sometimes and scheduling time just for you will bring you more of all that good stuff.

You’ll reset your system and feel happier. Every time I prioritise this I see immediate benefits. Make time for to hang out with the most important person you know – you.

wishing you peaceful you time

with light

 Photo by Frank McKenna

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I have still LOTS of alone time. Can use it for creativity and relaxation. One thing I love about my life right now.
I have still LOTS of alone time. Can use it for creativity and relaxation. One thing I love about my life right now.

Thanks for reading my sisters article!

Meaninfull that I read this today – I just had feeling that I did my tasks of local fb with surplus. Even yesterday I heard a message from Arcturians that I have taken on me more trauma to transform that was planned. And today decided to go to turtle mode and lie on the beach on my internal sun waiting for tide wave :)
A powerful, beautiful message.
I hope to hear more from her<3