Mars About To Go Direct


Today Venus from Libra is in a square aspect to Pluto in Capricorn, which is a fairly intense sort of energy to have around near a full moon, and for some it can bring out the shadow aspect of self where the fears, phobias and obsessions lie.

It’s the sort of aspect that can cause resentments or bring out grudges we have been hanging on to so go easy on yourselves and others people, especially ifyou are Capricorn or Scorpio types, Librans or Taureans.

But it is good for in depth focus if there is something specific you have to take care of that requires emotional concentration, or any sort of concentration for that matter. Just don’t overdo it that’s all and keep it all positive!

The Pisces full moon energy is still very much in effect, which is good for rising above the ordinary and understanding our more base emotions even if it takes a little effort.
There are signs everywhere at present that will guide us onto the right path if we have right motive.

Tomorrow Mars will be at station before going direct. He’s been Rx since the 26th June which is quite some time, mostly in Aquarius, but at present in Capricorn at 28 degrees.

During this time there has been a lot of focus on group causes, many protests taking place, much revolution of a different type to usual, and a lot from the past coming up to be dealt with globally and otherwise.

Some things have been totally blocked or held up energy wise, but its given a lot of us a chance to get things done that we had not dealt with before.

It has been especially good for projects requiring original thinking and team effort, with a lot going on behind the scenes, so I will be expecting some announcements to be made fairly soon on quite a few new inventions, especially to do with technology, some scientific, and medical breakthroughs are also very likely. The eclipses still in effect will be part of this.

Right now though with Mars at station in Capricorn, there are most likely some last minute laws to be sorted before we hear the most important news items.

There have been so many political changes lately also in many countries, but when Mars is back in Aquarius on the 12th Sept or so, just after the new moon in Virgo – much will be revealed, if not sooner.

Right now Arians and Capricorns will be feeling the station point the most today and tomorrow too, as it will take a couple of days for energies to free up totally.

The fact that Mars is out of bounds still, makes his effect so much more unpredictable, bringing in a Uranus energy rather than the usual straightforward Mars influence, so the element of surprise is very much with us – especially with the eclipses still in effect.

Jupiter’s influence tomorrow is coming in very strongly as he quintiles the Sun, a positive and enhancing influence for motivation and inspiration, and for the higher mind , so that the power of good will prevail….
This is in relation to world leaders, the sun being involved, but for individuals too. It’s a promise that good things will result from anything negative that has been around.

Every world disaster results in some sort of progress that is necessary for the good of the all, so that future generations will benefit.

Sagittarians, Scorpios, Leos and Virgos have something positive about to happen, perhaps to fulfil a dream.

Jupiter quintiles Mars tomorrow, which as Mars is at station, promises action that is progressive for the days to come.

Jupiter will square Mercury which is good news for some, and a little excitement in the air for many, plus much talking and networking. 

Virgos and Geminis will love this too and Leos, Scorpios and Sagis.

As Mars begins to move direct, many of us will find that it’s so much easier to get things done with less effort required. It’s about time!


About Janne’s Astrology: Your birth chart is a map of the heavens when you were born as viewed from our home planet Earth. Culture and location can influence the differences in two people born at the same time on this planet. We use 10 planetary bodies including the sun and the moon to interpret a birth chart, also including Uranus, Neptune and Pluto — relative new comers to astrology and there are still traditional astrologers who will not use them.

The planets have unique energies that affect us in similar ways that the moon does with tides and cycles here on earth, including tectonic plate movement. At the time of birth the heavens imprint our very natures and set the patterns for our future with “promised” events unfolding as the heavenly bodies continue to move around the zodiac in their transits, some moving faster than others.  Different astrologers use different methods, some taking into account the precession of the equinoxes, some using ancient techniques and some using more modern.  I use a mix of both.


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