Eliminating Etheric Scaffolding


Having understood the functioning of the anchor point that we have explained in the previous article, the second important element of the etheric body that marks the level of reality to which we are tuned is a more complex network of “threads” that make the connection with the etheric structure of the planet, getting everyone to have “supports” that we do not see and that we do not feel, but that allow us to maintain and lead a life “etherically” stable (because it is about connections from the etheric body to the etheric plane) so that, as we had said in a previous article, the reality does not change “too fast” (although sometimes it does when all its stops and limiters are forced) and we have a minimum sense of security and stability and that, in general, the world and its physical laws are quite immutable.

A very old structure

Again, we seek for the origin of why we have this kind of safety ropes (they are natural threads that come out of all of us and connect us to the etheric structure of the planet) and, for that, we go back to the first models of “Lhulu,” which, as we had commented, arose from the manipulation of the trodoon, turning it into “manu” and then manipulating it several times to turn it into something like a primate self-conscious with genes reptoids and other races, but already sufficiently independent and intelligent to receive and understand orders from those who created it.

Thus, if the anchor point was already given to the trodoon by removing it from the animal kingdom and endowing it with self-consciousness, then the manu (creation of the race we call Draco) already possessed it, when the Anunnaki converted the manu into the lhulu (Sumerian name for what emerged from the first genetic manipulations) saw that in order to sustain a stable population of the new species they had created, and able to equip them with a framework in which they could develop the activities they planned for them (especially extract minerals), it was necessary to provide the etheric plane of the planet with the scaffolding that we had previously mentioned, and then, so that the lhulus could connect to these “scaffolds,” they were provided with the hooks and “braces” necessary for that, which we are explaining today.

Why those who created the lhulu did not need themselves the etheric holding structure? Because moving in another frequency range and being able to modify the vibration of its energy structure at will, the fact that the “physical” base reality changed or stopped changing because the etheric structure of the planet did it with greater or lesser speed did not it affected them a bit, but if it did to their new creations, which did not have enough mental stability to be able to adapt to the changes in their environment that the Earth was suffering constantly, therefore, they had to strengthen and restrain the “solid” reality to make it very difficult to change (or change very slowly) compared to the speed of the natural changes that would occur if they did not put “etheric brakes” so that later the “tangible” plane to the senses was the most stable and immovable possible.

With this manipulation of the etheric structure of the planet, not only did the lhulu find his “static” world in the sense that things were more or less always the same, but for whatever reason, the lhulu himself learned at some point that it was he who was partially in charge of the creation of reality (since the mechanisms for this have always existed since the trodoon), he noticed that they had no effect. It’s like telling someone that he has the strength to push a car to do it, because he has the innate abilities for it, but then you do not tell him that the wheels of the car have stops that slow his movement and that the car and himself are tied by invisible strings to the web of reality that their eyes do not see, so that no matter how much they push, moving the car is something that costs horrors, a lot of effort, a lot of perseverance and even then it moves just a little.

A process of slow change in the physical plane

That is why changing physical reality is something that requires so much energy, so much potential, so much work, and so much time. When something is erased from the mental, and then it is erased from the etheric, in the absence of the “brakes,” stops and scaffolds in the etheric and the physical we would see the changes in our “solid” world in a few hours, and you have already seen when we were working on dismantling scenarios of global confrontation several months ago, it took many weeks since the octaves of the mental plane and the scenarios that we deleted had an impact on the physical plane and we had some sensation in our “day to day” reality that it had worked.

So, what do we do? We can remove part of those cables and connections that bind us to the etheric network to move more freely when it comes time to get things moving quickly in our reality.


I do not know if you realize it, but if we recapitulate everything we have explained in recent months you would see that the structure of the planet and of the human being was prepared consciously so that there was no way to escape from this system of control. Remember that we had to work in the collective unconscious to disconnect from it, we had to stop being batteries for the system and block the use of our energy for its purposes, we had to deprogram a few routines of manipulation in our mental spheres, we have moved the processes of projection of our sacred plot to the causal plane to avoid manipulation, we have raised our subtle bodies to emit from higher levels, we have explained the scaffolds that hold the mental and etheric reality and we have blocked that they take us out easily from higher levels of vibration reconfiguring the anchor point, and even then, we have not yet removed a small part of all controls, mechanisms and systems that are part of the fabric of life on the planet and that still keeps us all under it. In a way, millions of years ago the Anunnaki and company arrived here for the first time and since then, working every time at more complicated levels to undo, they have had enough time to work at their leisure.

Eliminating threads and connections not aligned with our greater good

Then what do we do? Eliminate more threads, connections and anchors that bind us to the “slowed down” rate of change that exists for the manifestation of physical reality, so that our projective octaves, which we emit unconsciously and subconsciously, do not have many stops that slow down them when they are going to manifest, because previously we have already removed the programs in ourselves that already diminished that speed per se. On the other hand, this is now a short-term solution, it is just an explanation for another of the steps that must be taken before the change of evolutionary level, because if one of the first things we will do is to tune the point of anchor with the etheric plane of the 15.6Hz matrix, another step will be to change the etheric hooks from the current line 42 to that same 15.6Hz etheric plane. For our etheric part, that, at least, assures us that we can move from one reality to another, and we will see later the changes in the mental body that we also have to implement.

Therefore, the next request back to our Higher-Self, checking as always the % until it is completed, to eliminate anchors, wires and cables that serve no purpose or greater good but only limit, slow down and stop any process that we set in motion when it comes time to see its reflection in the matter.

I request that all the structures present in my etheric body that support and connect with the etheric reality of the planet be cut and eliminated, slowing down the processes of change in it, and preventing and blocking me from seeing the changes more quickly in my physical reality and tangible to my senses. I request that my etheric framework be disconnected from the etheric framework of control of the life system on Earth, allowing me to maintain only the natural and necessary structures so that my etheric body can adapt and manage naturally the octaves and etheric processes that are part of the structure of my reality. Thank you.

Once again, this helps us to know everything we are going to have to complete at ever deeper levels (we will have to remove other scaffolding in the future) and at the same time it allows us, calmly and safely, to disconnect a little more from the structures of this system under which we live, which, as you may have guessed, has its greatest concentration of elements of management, supervision and manipulation beyond the reach of all, in the non-physical planes, so that we entertain ourselves fighting and trying to change things in “solid” reality, when, because of the ceilings that it has, it is very difficult to change it, and then, because to change something in the material, first we have to dismantle it from top to bottom in the mental and in the etheric.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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