Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames


The tarot reading for twin flames on their way to each other continues with the exploration of the three most important cards that reflect the current shard of reality. If you want to participate in the pick-a-card promotion with these cards, please follow this link.

Deck: Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Spread: Enter External Reading

XVIII • The Moon

This is what we wrote about that card for the promotion:

“The core meaning of the card has to do with reflections and deception. It is a good time to look into your personal life. What do you see there? Is that what you want to see? Are you following a false light only to find out that you have been tricked by a mirror only to find out that you have been stepping away from your self-love?

“We say that all experiences are important and lead to growth in understanding. But the real question is: What is the experience you want to have now?”

We would begin by saying that it is somewhat easy to fall into deception in this environment in which you start by having a veil preventing you from knowing the basic truths of your soul. Piercing it is one of the most important steps to ascension. There are different manifestations of that. Some may learn to trust their intuition, or other abilities considered unnatural. Others may be good at remembering past lives. Those more used to the earthly way of learning would be more interested in getting acquainted with the work of spiritual teachers.

Falling into the deceptive shadow of the moon can be a very effective tool too. When you enter a karmic relationship, you are under the illusion that you really love that person, although on the soul level nothing could be further than that. Of course, such dysfunctional realities are always temporary in nature, just as the moon gradually disappears after being full.

The moon-lit karmic relationships are very effective in forcing you to learn and letting you know more about yourself. This is why so many sign in for a karmic mate to prepare them for the divine connection (twin flame of close soulmate).

And yet what we are mostly worried about is that it is a painful one and there are many who endure unholy amounts of suffering just because they believe they are with their twin flame and they should stick to them no matter what.

The term “twin flame” itself has been loaded with a lot of deceptive co-notations, and this is one of the main reasons we hesitate to answer when asked if somebody is one’s twin flame or not.

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