Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames


The general tarot reading for twin flames and soulmates on their way to each other comes as a reminder of the classical phases of preparing to meet your eternal partner, and since the deck is a very feminine one, it shows the perspective of ladies.

Deck: Crystal Visions Tarot
Spread: Five Card Spread

tarot card twin flame spread

Your Present Situation
Knight of Wands

Your twin flame or divine partner soulmate is always by your side in the out of time and this is why when you meet him the reaction he will trigger in you will be an indication that he is the One. You will find his charm to be irresistible and the fire he brings to your heart will be unlike anything you have experienced before.

The Past
Two of Swords

The depiction of the Two of Swords is the best one to capture the essence of the karmic relationship that often times precedes the union with the divine partner. The karmic wheel leaves you blind to the fact that you are not compatible with the one you foolishly fall in love with. Sometimes the relationship is more of an energetic battle than a display of love. And, for a long time, you can neither escape from it nor can it bring joy to you. There two things that are very good about karmic relationships. One, they help you learn and grow… the hard way. Two, illusions are temporary and so those relationships can’t last forever.

Immediate Future
III The Empress

The Empress stands for the feminine heart after it has been inflamed with the power of the divine love. It stands for abundance and nurturing and spread light with every beat. This world needs to experience more of that and this is the reason why so many starseed couples from higher dimensions come here now during the times of change.

The Foundation
Two of Pentacles

It is a bit of a challenge to balance between the divine love and being in a third density reality. This is to say that the relationship with a divine partner is not going to be a bed of roses at all times. You can still expect an occasional quarrel every now and then, or even a bit of misunderstanding. He can also trigger certain mechanisms that would lead to the examination of old wounds that would need to receive their eventual full healing.

View of The Situation
Three of Swords

The Three of Swords is the reminder of the time of separation that many twin flame and soulmate couples go through. It is always a heartbreak to experience those but sometimes people do need it in order to have their eyes opened to how important the connection it. Also, sometimes it is necessary to do work on your own development that requires you to be on your own.

Love and Blessings,


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Ivailo is a storyteller. He would love to tell you about brave Pleiadian warriors who would go out of their way to protect the right to live and love. But sharing sagas in which he is having adventures with his twin flame by his side is what he loves the most. With his newly-found passion for tarot and oracle cards, he is helping twins bring the divinity of the connection to the physical realm.

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Hailstones Melt
When I view your reading, it reminds me that living here in the 3D is living in a Giant Hall of Mirrors. Each of your revelations has a reflection for me, however having lived it through physical embodiment, there are distortions within the experience, which is what gives living in this world the feeling that it is not real. Not really real. Not terrifyingly real, the way the distortions appear. Oh dear.