What Social Networking Has Done For Planet Earth’s Evolution


Social networking has been a great tool for the human race for several different reasons. For making friends and acquaintances, business prospecting, media exposure, finding loved ones and friends from the past, creative expression, etc. I do extensive work in metaphysics; primarily the evolution of planet Earth, the human race and the universe in its entirety.

What Social Networking Has Done For Planet Earth's EvolutionWhen I refer to evolution I mean the evolution of consciousness and the changes occurring now and what will happen in reference to these changes. Planet Earth and all life forms are going to be significantly affected soon by something called the Paradigm shift. It has also been referred to as the shift in consciousness. There have been some important key factors associated with Earth and the human race that have been very important catalysts for creating the shift in consciousness here.

One of these catalysts is social networking; primarily Facebook. All consciousness and energy are connected here, even though it might seem as if things are separate. What connects consciousness and energy here is something called the Higgs field. The Higgs field is a universal energy field that encompasses everything, in which everything evolves through. It has to be like this for the purpose of intelligent design because of the existence of infinity. Everything cannot be an occurance of random events, there is a specific purpose of design right down to a subatomic level. This is why consciousness is incorporated into existence everywhere. Planet Earth also has a consciousness and is a living organism, because Earth supports other living organisms.

On a subatomic level something very important occurred a few years ago which was the discovery of the Higgs boson. This particle is an extension of the Higgs field and the discovery of it was a primary indicator of the evolution of consciousness here. Earth’s consciousness is in a very powerful state of evolution right now. In a little while human beings are going to start experiencing remarkable changes due to the evolution of planet Earth.

Human beings have been helping Earth’s consciousness evolve for a long time in various ways. The Higgs field contains light energy and dark energy. These two components are getting more powerful here due to evolutionary activity which will affect consciousness here in a very exceptional way. There is more dark energy here than light energy because the universe contains more dark energy. The best way to describe both in association with the human condition is light energy feels like love, compassion, empathy and nurturing. Dark energy feels like extreme power, fulfillment, determination and contains these qualities because dark energy ensures the survival of love and the light.

The Higgs field is evolving here now in a very powerful way and Facebook has been helping considerably. Because all consciousness and energy are connected here, electricity and the world wide web are attached to the Higgs field. Human beings are in different locations everywhere in the world. With the expansion and acceleration of social networking came the production of more light energy and dark energy with the Higgs field.

Facebook is the most important and powerful social networking site on Earth. The reasons I described in the first paragraph about what aspects of social development facebook has had an impact on carry different degrees of light and dark energy associated with consciousness. This activity has generated more evolutionary development in the Higgs field and planet Earth’s environment. Facebook has been helping consciousness and energy connect all over planet Earth in an extremely powerful way and has played a very important role in the preliminary stages of the Paradigm shift. Great job Mark Zuckerberg and the facebook team.


Sean’s book, Earth’s Miracle Through the Paradigm Shift, is now available on Amazon and Book Locker in both paperback and eBook formats. Sean McCleary describes this period as the revealing of knowledge, and a transition into a heavenly state. He says existence itself is changing and will affect Earth and all of the inhabitants here in remarkable ways. With a detailed explanation as to why the shift is occurring and what the results will entail, he’s revealed knowledge inspired by his personal involvement with the shift in consciousness, which also helps the reader’s consciousness evolve.

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I've been writing extensively in Metaphysics for about six years now. The primary reason that started me on this literary endeavor was when I heard about the shift in consciousness. I have always sought out and tried to incorporate spirituality in my life to enhance my experience here. I guess you could say I've been an explorer of divinity. In 2010 I saw the photograph taken by NASA of the cross in the core of the Whirlpool galaxy. In 2012 I heard about the discovery of the Higgs boson. I knew there was a correlation between the two and the shift in consciousness that I had been researching and writing about. Since that time I've have utilized different aspects of subject matter pertaining to science and divinity to formulate important and powerful conclusions on what philosopher Thomas Kuhn referred to as the Paradigm shift. I have just finished a book called "Earth's Miracle through the Paradigm shift" which I am seeking publication now. I feel as though my unique approach in writing have defined the shift in consciousness in a very spectacular way, that can appeal to a broad range of audiences considering the diversity of the subject matter I include in my conclusions.

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