From Sirius, to New Atlantis and then Orion, there were battles during the last week of June between light warriors and beings from other planets, who have been keeping entrapped souls in these galaxies for eons.

I projected there surrounded by my guides’ protection to help free these souls.

I was in battle field on Sirius the first night… It was a real mess.

So I felt guided to write this note as so much has been going on during the weekend since Friday night from June 23 to Sunday 25, 2018. Many are for sure sensitive to what is happening now and can feel this shift in a very personal and intuitive way. This is the time where a major changing is occurring in our journey through ascension.

What’s happening exactly ?

Firstly, the change is occurring at a multidimensional level and there are battles in the stars between darkness and light, old patterns and energies and the new ones.  In huge vortexes, old patterns and information are cleared to be transmuted to light.

The new energies coming on us are pushing us to embrace the change at a multidimensional level too, individually and globally. We are all going though major changes in our lives (at all levels) and we are seeing more clearly the way. It is so obvious that no one can or really try to ignore it.

Old realities are disappearing from the hologram of those who created it as they have been governing the entire dimensions for eons. We are clearing our paths and that’s why we are creating a new shift, a new reality… a new hologram.

This is an amazing time we never had to live in before !

What I heard is that a hologram is not an illusionary vision or reality. It is a new data that streams in the quantum field and makes things change when it is time.

When change happens, the old information including the energies, entities, datas and old principles and laws that have been working as a reality go to super and highly intelligent vortexes for clearing and are sent back through the new field of light and information that is taking shape now.

Secondly we have to recognize that this work is not recent, it began on 2011-2012, and now on 2018, we are experiencing this energetic shift at its highest level. Many people around the world are awakening to their soul mission. As all this is being more and more intense many are guided to awaken even though they consciously feel like they are not. It is flowing in all souls at a multidimensional level.

This means in all timelines and space lines, and in all spaces and realities where souls are incarnating. I mean parallel realities and lives. And what is happening is that we are seeing these parallel lives, past lives and our souls in many places to help us on our mission.

Your life mission as a light worker and or a light warrior is not about getting more money, but about residing in the wisdom of the soul, to get more knowledge and spread love. This is the space you are living in during this 5D ascension time.

Money is no more the ruler of the worlds, wisdom is the new one. And may be new ways of energy exchange.

As you dig deeper into consciousness this reality will take place in your entire being. Money is part of what everyone has and is able to make because it is an energy that flows more equally and will flow better and better that way in the next waves.

So you may think, if this is being done naturally, why are there battles between different clusters of extraterrestrial beings ?

That’s the third point: you also know that some extraterrestrial entities don’t want humans to evolve at a soul level, that way they can keep their hold on mankind. These want humanity to stay in lower frequency at a soul level. But humanity is shifting in consciousness and there is no way to stop this shift now as armies from many multidimensional light beings and warriors (including earth soul volunteers and light warriors and workers) are involved in this shift.

We are moving to a new era

And we are helping during our sleep time ! So stay connected and try to be more conscious of your astral projection during your sleep time. Everyone can do this ! It is part of who we really are.

The old world wants to keep going on as it has been for many centuries. A place of enslavement and entrapment of souls, but this is changing now.

During these last three nights I have been in Sirius B, New Atlantis and Orion. In the three galaxies there are battles between light and darkness in different timelines and space lines too. It may sound bit hard to understand.

I am trying to explain this as much as I can.

The battles are in different timelines because we may be sent to parallel timelines to see what is happening and to clear the energies there, as it has not been done before. So actually we move in space and time seeing ourselves as light workers in other worlds and planets as existing souls and that’s why we have access to this multidimensional reality during our sleep time, as we are here in human shapes.

So when out of the physical we can have access to these realities and to more knowledge about our multidimensionality.

In the old ways, astral projection was meant to learning about self and to expand in consciousness. In the new ways and reality, it is given for us to spread the light onto the multiverse and to be part of the big shift that is occurring. So my advice is to fasten your seat belt and go with the flow. You have nothing to fear as you walk the path of divine love.

First Astral Travel : Sirius B and The Battle Field

I saw a huge field

It was dark and many beings were injured and some others dead. I felt I was bigger than I am in my human shape. I was wearing a golden armor and just beside me a male warrior wearing the same kind of armor and I recognized him as I know him from my current incarnation on earth. We were many all around, some were trying to save those who were down and doing healing on them, in subterranean healing centers.

I don’t know if these centers were in Sirius anyway, I felt like we could navigate from a place to another in spinning tunnels. When my mission ended there, I was sent back to my physical and I felt really weird as I was asking myself what was happening.

The information came intuitively or mildly if you prefer and I heard “ You were helping as a light warrior on Sirius B with many others from your soul family and light workers”. Then all came progressively. On Facebook I saw this post from my friend KT King ! It was an amazing synchronicity.

“The army of light is awakening, keep your hearts open to the light, so may have fallen into fear, stay strong.…” By KT King

Here is the link to the post of KT King in the group Sisters and Brothers of The Rose. I had a notification of it on Saturday morning when back from Sirius.

“Rose” is my Sirius’ name code.

An Out of Body In Atlantis and A Pleiadian Ship

The last time I was in that ship was last year when a huge Merkaba has been drawn in a corn field in UK. I remember being in the ship and we were flying just over it as it was freshly done.

It was early in the morning too, like this time. Then I saw the picture of that sacred geometry shape on the internet the same day few minutes after I was back in my physical. This was an amazing event. I am relating to it because during the out of body I had this time, one of the beings gave me a gift. I will tell about it at the end of this part and you will understand why.

This astral projection was in new Atlantis as I know I have a parallel existence there, I talked about it in the New Atlantis Cycle from my Wave Trees. The first one is here: it is New Atlantis as it is today with its isles, little lands around, the beings who live there and its inner knowledge based on sacred geometry, mathematics and the crystal worlds.

I was in my home

And Yes I have a home in New Atlantis ! I was talking to a canary I have. It was a female and she was bigger than those we see on earth. She was in her cage but the cage was wide open all the time to let her free to enter and fly out too as she needs it. She reminded me of the bird I had and who passed away last year but in a bigger shape. She was beautiful. I was talking to her and she was understanding all that I was saying.

I told her to go back in the cage because I was leaving for a mission outside the planet. She was back in the cage then she got out of it again. I was struggling to keep her inside the cage but she looked really like she didn’t want to.

She was funny and she was jumping everywhere… But she finally felt fine with staying in her cage. The door remained open anyway and she knew she was not allowed to get out of it during the time I was not at home.

This was like a scene of my life there. It was quiet disturbing when I projected there. It took me some time to understand what I was doing there. Then I began acting as I finally was very busy with that bird. I knewI had something else to do.

I heard a voice in my head “ we are taking off shortly !”

I was then projected in a space ship and we were flying over the seas of New Atlantis surrounded with many little Islands that looked futuristic and beautifully wild. I was watching the view from a large bay window and I understood that I was in the ship. I was a tall female being with clear blue eyes and white-blond hair, wearing a golden armor, then I saw the same warrior who was with me on Sirius the night before wearing a blue armor this time.

As this being came just near me to talk to me I saw a white beam of light flowing from his third eye like a laser, and then from his crown a wider white light was shining. We went to another room in the ship and we were with many beings like us sitting in a table waiting for us to join them : there was something to do for this mission.

One of the being was different she had no hair and was nearly red-brown faced. She smiled as I looked at her asking her who she was and she said:“I am from Arcturus joining here to help with the information we have”.

She gave me a chalice in which a Merkaba was drawn in golden colors. “This is your gift and weapon” she said. As I took it in my hand, I was then back in my physical.

From what I channeled just after my return here on earth, the old world was crumbling down because of the clearing that is being done in the quantum field by many volunteers, light beings and light warriors in sophisticated new ships the Pleiadians from New Atlantis created few times ago.

And actually few weeks ago I was in Alcyon again for the second time to witness this, they showed me the maps of the ships from computers that looked like terminals which were not high with big screens like I used to see. Many Pleiadians were walking around this wide white place wearing white blouses, they were spiritual researchers and technicians in Alcyon.

I heard also that Alcyon is a station where many of the light beings from other planets go to create their new inventions and technologies. It is from there that many ships are sent and I saw the vortexes from where they are sent. They are big wide and I could hear the energy as a blowing wind.

So that ship was one of these. The chalice with the merkaba that the Arcturian being gave me was a reminder of what I saw during the other astral projection in the Pleiadian ship last year and witnessed that huge crop circle in the shape of a Merkaba. It was like a symbol of a spiritual growth and awakening for humanity. The symbol of the current shift.

The Battle In Orion

Monday morning, June 25, 2018, I came back in my physical after a long night I spent in subterranean tunnels in Orion. While writing this I keep hearing a very acute frequency in my left ear. It is a confirmation and an adjustment to the frequency of light that is now spreading in all timelines and space lines. If you hear it, enjoy it for the time it lasts. It is a gift for you from the Light.

In the tunnels, there were souls entrapped in the shadows of very narrow and dirty rooms. The souls are from different planes : some have left their physical bodies from many planets including the earth for so long and have been directed there waiting for the right wombs for them to go back in physical on Gaia and other planes. They were miserable and so sad.

Who did this ?

Part of it is due to karma that has been very hard for many souls. Another part is due to personal choices when these souls left their bodies without being able to understand that they died. And there were some that are there partly and living in parallel realities including the Earth. This means that we can be here incarnating on earth and have a part of our souls in these subterranean tunnels waiting for the other part to reach it once death comes.

My mission  on Orion was to free some of these imprisoned souls, and I was again with a bunch of light warriors who were doing the same job. I did not have time to see who and who but I know that I was so busy in my task and I helped one of my soul family who was trapped there, as I saw her by surprise, as that person is still alive. I don’t feel like I am allowed to say who she is. But it is one of my very close family environment.

The battles are different from those we see on earth. Though there are injured and errant souls to heal and free during this process, it is part of a greater event that is taking place now.

A global and multidimensional cleansing is done perfectly. We don’t have to be worried about the issues as they are positive in all ways and for all of us. We are finally getting home and reconnecting with our divine souls, with each other more and more. Everyone is feeling this shift. Everyone can do it.

The Lights of Sirius

This artwork came just after a direct connection to Sirius one night as it was shining in the night sky. I was guided to draw the first lines of it and they were blue. Then intuitively all the rest came spontaneously and on June 20, 2018, it showed up finally in this shape which is amazing. It holds the energy of the star, and its light, and I was guided to pass it to anyone who feels drawn to it. Once you are attuned to its light codes, you can pass them on to others or activate them for your own healing or meditations.

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I wonder Henda what would happen to you here on Earth if you are wounded in some way during one of those battles.

I love the star of Sirius Henda. Thank you for that and thank you for taking the time to relate your adventures to us all.

I feel somewhat disconnected from it all though, it is so far removed from how I am experiencing the energies and the shifts. I rarely dream, certainly do not recall OBE’s but some of the dreams I have had lately, few and far between, are about meeting old friends.

My battles seem to be on Earth, but the same rules apply. Love, trust and acceptance.

Say Hi to Sirius B for me next time you are there.


Feel free to use the tag! Even though I moderate this board I don’t actually read all the posts/comments! o:)o:)o:)<:)