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In general, we are usually clear that when we ask something to the “higher levels and hierarchies” they will immediately pay attention to us, and they will execute that request without any value judgment, so that they will “always” grant” what we are asking for. Then, by trial and error, we see that this is not the case; that we often ask for “things” that never arrive, or ask for help that does not materialize, or simply give us the feeling that, “up there”, they have “deaf ears” to our requests. As in almost everything, our interpretation is not correct nor is the idea that everything we ask for, we get it.

Wish or need

The first thing we have to take into account is that there is an infinite world of help for what is needed, which is not the same as what is desired, therefore, there is no petition or request to receive resources, tools, help , support or whatever is appropriate when there is an evolutionary and experiential need associated with it. On the other hand, most of the time, the human being asks for help for things he wants, that may have or not some kind of relationship with evolutionary processes, and that they may be or not within the parameters of what is useful for growth of the person. In these cases, the answer is no longer given as much by direct aid mechanisms from our higher levels, but is simply given by the synchronicities that we generate ourselves subconsciously by the energetic projection of our reality. So, many times, what we want comes more because we have co-created it by projection rather than higher levels intervening for it, while, on the other hand, when something is necessary, there is no octave or mental process, etheric or physical that is curtailed to be present in our lives, and arrive in the fastest and easiest way possible.

Why is there a difference between wanting and needing?

When the human being is born, for each new incarnation, the sphere of consciousness located at the top of the mental plane for each one of us is “energetically oriented” towards the inside of it, completely connected to the consciousness of our Higher-Self, so that, during the first months and years of our childhood, we have a total connection and identification with those other higher levels of consciousness. Then, the sphere of consciousness begins to revert, to “turn around” energetically; the human personality is born with an artificial consciousness created on the surface of the same sphere of consciousness, and losing that natural and full connection with our Higher-Self. As we have already mentioned, the program that executes the reversion is the “desire” program.

want and needLeft Translation: By reversing the energy lines of consciousness to the outside, on the surface of the sphere, they begin to forge the different “I’s” and facets responsible for dealing with the world “out there”. Right translation: Sub personalities, the different “I’s” appear, each one is a point of the sphere of consciousness.

Why is the “desire” program responsible for this reversal?

The desire is the program that generates the energetic stimulus to yearn for what enters through the senses, in a way that incites us to want to focus on the material and earthly part from our first days of life. The longing, the wanting of which is perceived, is a program inherited from the genetics of our creators, of the race that we call Draco mainly, that possess it at a tremendously developed level due to its conquering, dominating characteristics and based on the polarity of the service to oneself. This “longing” comes encoded in our genes, and activates energetic processes of wanting to “attract” to us, that which we notice and perceive through the senses, setting in motion then the mechanisms of the mind to achieve the means of achieving that which we long for.

As we yearn for and desire more and more what we perceive, our consciousness is forced to focus on that material world in order to manage it, in this way, the “desire” program completes in a few years the total reversion of the sphere, in all its lines and vectors, and at 7 or 8 years of age the person has already practically lost all connection with his or her Higher Self having lost all the energy vectors that connected his personality to the center of his sphere of consciousness. The Higher Self, then, is forced to communicate with the surface of the sphere of consciousness as if it were an “external being”, something alien to the personality, since it has been overshadowed and enclosed within the sphere without the possibility of taking the reins and control of the mental spheres, the personality and the physical vehicle that it occupies for each incarnation.

The need as an evolutionary counterpart

So while the desire as a program and energy tries to keep us focused on obtaining things from the material plane (or others, but with its reflection in the world of matter), the need is an energy associated with the will to obtain what is required to complete the processes codified in the “sacred plot” of each person, the set of experiences, lessons and learning’s that our Higher-Self tries and needs to obtain from its earthly counterpart for each part of the game of life. Since what is needed forms part of the tools and resources that positively reverts to a person’s evolution and growth processes, it is always available and within reach, while what is desired, even though it may be disguised of necessity, is part of another program with another different energy (the “longing”) and therefore, does not fall within the direct processes of “granting” what is requested by many requests that are made. That does not mean that our guides and Higher-Self cannot help us, but let’s say that it does not have a priority as high as the processes and octaves that are part of what “it is truly needed”.

Differentiating between one and the other

To differentiate if we are requesting something we need or something we want, it is a matter of seeing if we can spend a few more days without what we are asking for. If we can be without “what is being requested”, if we can adapt and forget completely and it does not have any effect in our life to have that now or have it within 10 days, then it is a desire, that can, again, come disguised to our decoding as a necessity, but it is still a desire that is born from the ego program and from the subconscious routines of continuing to crave “things” of whatever kind.

As you can guess, by this rule, practically everything that the human being asks to the superior planes, in almost all the prayers, petitions, requests, in almost all the parts of the world, under any creed, religion, ideology, or belief, it enters rather into the category of desire, which is correct, because all of us are being managed by an ego program, using an artificial consciousness on the sphere of consciousness filled with multiple sub personalities and which remains focused on the material reality thanks to the desire program (because it is literally an energetic routine that runs through the mental spheres and the sphere of consciousness).

Each time you make requests to your Higher-Self, taking those from the blog and changing them or creating your own, they are received, 100%, completely, but not all are executed, since it depends on the aforementioned parameters that are given priority or not, that the necessary octave and process is put into motion for it or queued for when “it can”, etc.

When we are “requesting” things and they do not seem to arrive, let’s analyze if we are wanting or wishing something that may not be related to an evolutionary need. If we see that this is the case, let us work with our potential co-creator in projecting in our reality what we want, knowing that we continue to receive everything we need without any restriction. Both things run parallel in our lives and both end up giving us “what we want”, they just come or can come by different mechanisms and where in one of them, we are the ones who can learn to take control of it and in another learn to work with higher planes to receive it.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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