The Light Body Transformation Throughout History


By guest contributor Bilal: Since 1,200 years ago, thousands of cases of transformation into a light body have been witnessed and documented by people all over the world.

The interest has led to the creation of large database of texts from both our world’s religions and other older spiritual texts that are not so well-known.

Within different spiritual traditions there are different names for the light body.

In ancient Egyptians teachings this body was called “The Shinning Body” (Akh) or (Karast)

Light Body Transformation Mentioned Throughout Human History

Taoists called it the “Diamond Body”. Those who achieve this become immortal and can walk among the clouds.

In the Yogic and Tantric teachings, it is called “The Divine Body” Transformation in the consciousness that is happening at global level right now, is also linked to light body.

In the past, knowledge was in the secret doctrines that held the understanding of how this lightbody transformation, now many all are experiencing this world wide.

The teaching within Vedanta describes this transformation into Super Conductive Body ( blockless energtic flow)

Within the teachings of Kriya Yogan is called “Body of Bliss “. This blissful state are experienced in higher realms.

Even in Emerald stonework, this is described as “The Golden Body “. Highly charged energy is emitted from lightbody in higher state of consciousness activation.

Sufism calls this “The Divine Body” (Supra Celestial Body) can also be linked to higher planetary collective, all consciousness linked to a global collective consciousness.

“On that timeless and transcendent day, human beings will experience resurrection in bodies of light” (Quran 99: 4)

Evolution from one creation plan to another. When lightbody is activated it can take several lifespan until all consciousness transforms into the next level. People who have already undergone this transformation can re-activate the lightbody in one lifetime and transform back.

Within the Jewish mysticism you rise in its Merkaba. A geometric “Wagon” or “Chariot” also found in Theravada “Great Wagon” and Mahayana “Little Wagon.” These two teachings derive from Buddhist philosophy.

“When Adam lives in Eden, he was clothed in celestial garment of heavenly light … light of that light which was used in Eden” (Zohar II 229B).

Even early Christian movement had ascension and transformation of consciousness as the foundation of the teachings before the focus shifted entirely to mass religion.

This is more extensive than we previously thought. Interest has also been keept secret within Freemasonry long time back.

There is lot of information about the lightbody and the transformation of consciousness in many of our old texts and how everything is connected to each other.

It’s happening on massive scale across the globe.

Wondrous time to experience this transformation.

Brother Bilal


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