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78 Hi. Co-creating from the mental and etheric plane, can we change by request to the Higher-Self the results of a political election that can plunge an entire nation into a situation much worse than it already has and protect the biodiversity from the abuse it would be subjected to? Answers

Any reality can be changed, in any aspect, in any way, in all senses, because everything is energy, and everything is composed of patterns, lines, particles, force fields and frequency currents that come and go, therefore, changing something in “solid” reality requires nothing more than changing its structure and mental design, changing its etheric scaffolding and seeing the result later on the physical plane. Now, for this, whatever stage you want to change, there must be a minimum number of Higher-Selves or beings from the planes in question executing the requests and modifying those scenarios, if they are in accordance with the greater good of those involved, if the Higher-Selves approve them because they are necessary, if it is done with an evolutionary or growth purpose, and all that we have already explained in other answers and articles.

79 The races in control by what I understand are or have energetic bodies in some cases and physical in others, the races that help us the same. I would like to know to what place or dimension they go when they die, if that period between lives is the same as ours or is different, and if from there they reincarnate in their same races or in different ones. Thank you.

Every conscious being belonging to these races has an energetic structure that is composed of different layers or bodies, linked to its Higher-Self as a unit of coordination and tuning with the “Source.” The difference is that, while we, when we leave the physical body and disconnect from the last avatar we have used, we have to spend some time on the non-physical planes of the planet to prepare the entrance in another, most of these groups that swarm through the Planet do not do it for two reasons.

First, the technology of rejuvenation and control of the bodies they possess is such that they can keep up with the same evolutionary “vehicle,” be it as physical as ours or less, for millennia, so their concept of “death” is a bit relativized with respect to ours. Already their natural longevity is huge in our terms, so, added to the energy and technological manipulation, they remain “young” (to understand it) for a long “terrestrial” time. On the other hand, they have learned something that perhaps some of you have seen in movies and television series, which is the ability to move consciousness from one body to another, changing the “sheath” (as in the Altered Carbon series and others), so that, when one of his avatars, covers, bodies, is already deteriorated and cannot be repaired or rejuvenated, simply his sphere of consciousness changes body, through technological procedures, keeping intact his personality concept, memories, etc. , in this way, there is also no concept of “death” for them unless their sphere of consciousness is permanently destroyed for any reason.

If this happens, and they really “die,” their spirit, or the body similar to what we call spirit, usually returns to their planets of origin and return to take another body, in a process similar to being born again. But this happens very rarely, because once they reach adulthood, it is rare that they “disembody” having at their disposal means to constantly rejuvenate or change their vehicle.

80 Hi David, could you explain the causal plane a little more in detail, the causal body and its implications? Thank you.

The causal plane is the first plane that is “common” to the structure of all the realities that exist on the planet. We have already said in some other article that there are different parallel realities, each with an independent physical, etheric and mental framework, existing realities all within our Earth, at different frequency levels and with different spatial-temporal configurations that make them undetectable to our senses from the “base” reality in which we are. All of these parallel realities are unified by an energy field that we call the causal plane, which is the field higher in frequency to the mental plane that surrounds each of these parallel dimensions of existence.

The causal plane as such, makes a common repository and amalgams the structure of different parallel realities, unifying them in a single structure from which, the planetary consciousness, the “soul” of the Earth (Kumar), manages the processes of life conscious in its entirety. You can see it in the graphic that I have created for you here below.

david topi diagramEnglish translation (top to bottom, left to right): Astral Substrate Kumar Consciousness – Managing the system of life on Earth

Higher planes: buddhic, atmic, monadic, adic, etc. common to all realities.

Common causal map of the 16 realities- archetypes, molds, templates, of reality

Mental plane common to the 16 realities- Collective Unconscious common humanity

First Circle: Mental – collective unconscious

Group minds mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms

Etheric Plane

Physical Plane

Between first and second circle: Astral Substrate

Second circle: Mental – Reality # 2, Collective Unconscious # 2

Group minds mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms

Etheric Plane – Reality # 2

Physical Plane – Reality # 2

Between second and third circle: Astral Substrate

Realities # 1 – 16

Each etheric plane of each of the realities of the Earth contains its system of energy lines and channels, the chakra system and the energetic accumulators of the planet

Third circle: Mental – Reality # 16, Collective Unconscious # 16

Group minds mineral, vegetable and animal kingdoms

Etheric Plane – Reality # 1

Physical Plane – Reality # 16

In turn, the causal body of the human being does a similar function, it serves the human soul to maintain the unification and continuity between all the incarnations, since the physical part is obviously lost in each life, but we also lose the etheric body, emotional and mental, so we divest ourselves of all that represented the character interpreted for each incarnation, leaving only the causal body as a wrapper of the soul and as a field and repository of information for this in all the set of our incarnations. In addition, the causal body also performs the functions of lowering very high and abstract concepts from the higher planes of the planet to the mental body, so that the personality can work with these data, ideas and knowledge packages in a more structured and detailed way.

81 Hi David, I would like to ask you why in these times there are so many Asperger and autistic children, I have one myself at home and I do not know how to approach it … thank you from Colombia.

All the diseases of this style that appear everywhere have roots and explanations very complex and in many cases, completely different from a similar manifestation. There may be cause-effect issues related to problems in other incarnations, of “karma,” there may be genetic and hereditary themes, there may be issues of pending lessons and very intense learning that seeks to choose bodies with genes and physical problems for a “training” from the soul at “drastic” levels, there may have been a tremendous manipulation in the mental and etheric structures of the person by the control system before and just after birth to prevent a “powerful soul” (you understand me) from entering the system of life on Earth, etc. Like everything, it is not possible to generalize, and it would be necessary to see each case individually in order to understand the reason for the illness that this child may bring.

82 Hi David, if we are part of a genetic experiment of Enki and Enlil according to your book “The Evolving Spiral” then why do we have a life mission? Why a roadmap? Why do we embody several times? What is the ultimate goal of being? Thank you.

In the same way that when you go to buy a car you do it with the idea of going to certain places, that takes you from one place to another, you have a destination in mind and some sites that you want to visit, when a Higher-Self returns to link with a new physical body and energy system for each new incarnation is presented exactly the same, with the aim of experiencing what is on the road, the pleasures of travel, places and people you will meet along the way, etc. What is the difference then? That the “car” we drove was not created to provide a “comfortable” trip (at least as much as it could be) but was manipulated several times and “tuned” until to those “mechanics” and “car designers” who came from other planets it seemed appropriate for what they were looking for with cars. In this way, the only thing that has happened is that you are driving a physical body, with an energetic and mental structure that has been manipulated, but you are still the driver, with your goals for the trip, with your plans, with your experiences to acquire and wanting to gain experience along the way, despite the difficulties of the road, the blockages present in it and everything that has changed in the earthly plane that is where you are driving since the cars are no longer what they were.

83 How do you think we can recover all the energy that we have been robbed / taken / distracted?

The world in which we live presents constant opportunities to acquire energy, no matter how much they have used us as batteries or some types of entities or races nurtured from what we emit, that does not take away that the present quantity is infinite. You can always be at maximum if you maintain healthy your energy system, your charged atoms, your connection with the planet, the Sun and the higher planes in good condition, etc. Not only do you acquire energy for what you eat or drink, but for what you breathe, for the chakras of the feet through the connection with the Earth, by the golden cord with the connection with your Higher-Self, by the chakras and receptors of the body etheric, emotional and mental, by the connection and tuning with the Sun, source of prana, etc.

84 Good morning, because humanity does not give transcendental importance to mediumship and if you ask about the simple life that we lead, because science does not develop a study on this, then are there other planes? Would mediumship be the test?

Few people believe in the “beyond,” perhaps in this blog, for those who read it, it may be part of your belief system and your personal experience that we are more than our physical body, but for most people on the planet, the fact of connecting with something that cannot be seen, perceived, touched or measured enters into what is not possible, is false, is a deception or simply does not exist. Therefore, we must change many things so that most of the population of the planet take these issues as something “normal,” eliminate fears, dissipate the manipulations and doubts about the non-visible part of our existence and composition, etc. Also, bear in mind that official science as well as religions and all other areas of life are under the control of a management system of humanity that decides what comes to light and what not, what is investigated and what not, what knowledge is given to the masses and with what degree of distortion and manipulation, etc.

A hug,

David Topí

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