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Here you have another new delivery to the questions that you have sent me via twitter.

72 When you have blockages at the level of the subliminal mind, is it possible to make some kind of request to be cleaned continuously at a convenient rhythm so that whatever is left is removed and the entrance of whatever is inserted is blocked? Thank you very much.

The subliminal mental sphere is one of the six that we have by default, and has as many programs, blocks, limiters, stops or manipulations as the others, in different aspects and with different parameters because the “software” of each mental sphere is oriented to the functions that this must perform in the whole of the psyche. Therefore, there is no such request that will clean the subliminal mental sphere more than any other request that cleans up any other part of the energy system, the question of removing blockages and programming in it, is, as in any other, the diagnosis of what blockages and problems it has, what programs must be eliminated by the Higher-Self, what possible protections do these programs have since they will also have to be removed, what kind of limiters or restrictions have been installed there, etc. Once understood what needs healing, a request is prepared according to the problem or program, archetype, device or limiter present in it and is executed for that particular block. If you make a generic request to remove “things” from the mental sphere, which you can create yourself, it will also work in the upper layers, since it will be like removing the “energetic dust” from the surface before setting to remove blockages, programs and specific stops inside the same.

73 What happens to our parallel and simultaneous lives when we disembody, in what does it affect them?

All the realities in which we exist are independent of each other, although they are constantly influenced by connections that exist between the soul components, the spirit and the Higher-Self level. This means that what happens in a parallel life, or in a simultaneous life, does not have to affect the others (they are different things, the first has to do with the different parallel dimensions that exist on our planet and the second with the linear concept of the time we have, and that leads us to talk about past or future lives, but they are all happening simultaneously from the point of view of our Higher-Self). However, we know from experience that many problems, blockages, distortions or energetic alterations are produced by the connection with those other lives, so, although there is energetic influence, the fact that in one of them you disincarnate or finish the assigned game in the period or reality in which you are, the others follow their course and experience without being affected, except to the extent that the shocks and energetic emissions that can happen in the exit of the soul and subtle bodies leaving behind the physical body can reach and cross over and transfer to the other realities. It is like if, suddenly, you feel an emotional pain, a sadness, a feeling of loss, noting that “something is gone” and you do not know what and you have nothing to justify it in your reality, it could be the perfect sensation or energy that, in one of your parallel or simultaneous incarnations, you have already abandoned the physical vehicle that you occupy in each of your existences.

74 Hello … Why should we ask our Higher Self everything as if we were programming a system? Doesn’t he know what our needs are to evolve? Can’t we just ask him to do everything he can to climb to the next evolutionary level? … Thank you.

As we said in a previous article, our Higher-Self is isolated from the artificial consciousness and the human egoic personality at a few years of age, when the reversion of the sphere of consciousness has been completed and, therefore, it is forced to communicate with the personality as if it were an external being, as this is perceived by the ego program that manages our psyche, cognitive processes and character. Our Higher-Self knows completely what are the needs, lessons, learning and experiences that arises to acquire for each incarnation, even knowing that entering a new evolutionary vehicle (physical body with their etheric, emotional and mental bodies, managed by the soul along with the causal body) will lose control of them “directly” within a few years. This also means that the Higher-Self does not intervene once the incarnation is in progress in what happens in it, unless its “earthly” part asks for help, guidance, support or whatever, since the rule of free will still stand even among the parts of the human being. In this way, if the “terrestrial” part, the personality, wants or wishes or needs something, it must be the one that sets in motion what it requests and, then, according to the parameters that we have explained in the article about the requests that are not complied, that our other part executes or assists according to the roadmap for each one of us.

Since our Higher-Self works from a point of “no judgment,” non-polarity, dimensionless and timeless, it is outside of any process that could restrain or manipulate it and, therefore, is always available to assist when required or to direct in many times the processes of our lives behind the scenes, when the personality is not aware that he can receive assistance from this other part of him. Thus, with the team of those we call our guides, our Higher-Self puts the triggers and catalysts of lessons in our reality and lets the personality pass through them, acquire the experiences, integrate them and understand them, at which time the Higher-Self gives the “completed” to one of the multiple experiences decided by ourselves before each incarnation. It is a process which, in general, it is preferred and it is necessary for the “human” part to be in charge and decide, under their free will, what decisions to make, what to do, what not to do, what to execute, what not to execute, within the parameters of the life system on Earth in which we are.

75 I wonder what life is all about in the universe? That is, why should we be born, learn or awaken, evolve and evolve life after life? What is the name of the game? Who said how we would all play in the universe? Who said that the Earth would be endowed with “x” beings, etc …? Why do we have an “I Am”? I do not grasp “the game” because I cannot understand “the system” created by not knowing who created the first game and its objectives.

In general, the experience of life simply tries to acquire more experience of life, so that the game is only to experience all the possibilities that exist in the Creation for what can be dreamed, imagined or created. In this way, the game is called “experiencing”, and is born, to understand ourselves, the need for everything that exists, being part of what we call the Creation, to understand itself and understand the environment in which it exists, which is the same thing that you are trying to do with this question to which a part of you does not finish finding an answer.

Then, the rules of the game were left, in part, to the free will of the players, with a common base for each system coded by the highest Logos and hierarchies within each galaxy, so that the Earth is as it is has not been decided by anybody, it is only due to the sum of events and processes and co-created by all, since, simply, everything that happens is based on the fact that everyone on this planet, being from this planet or not, has the capacity to create whatever it wishes, wants or needs in this same planet and in its structures.

As it turns out that many players, races from outside, do not have precisely the same configuration as the human being and play with advantage, being their creators and controllers, with the addition that they are hostile in many ways to the human race, the planet Earth is as it is for an endless number of co-projections and changes and manipulations and situations that have been experienced since the Earth was created as a planet, and to which the different waves of life that have populated it have contributed to generate.

Then, every conscious being has a part of the “Source” that we call the Higher-Self and what other races call it differently, but it is the evolutionary component that was created long before there were races, species, and groups that were going to house life. This means that first was created the part of the Source that was going to act as coordinator of the “more physical” life and then there were assigned “coordinators” (Higher-Selves) to the different races, groups and beings that were going to host conscience. Therefore, your Higher-Self is eternal, it was created by the Source in its third creative octave, and then, much later, the different bodies, vehicles and beings that were going to connect to the Higher-Self were born so that each one of those bodies and evolutionary vehicles had a “unit of the Source” to act as coordinator of the experiences. That is why, in some way, “we” are our Higher-Self, we are not our body, we are not our personality, we are not even our soul, all that is ephemeral, it lasts only one “evolutionary season”, while at the Higher-Self level, we can always go from stage to stage, from level to level, from race to race, from planet to planet or wherever it is, because it is what always lasts and links to different life forms to endow them with a superior awareness and allow and help in its advancement.

76 Hi David … Do those who control us have Higher-Self or are they just beings with emotional bodies with a focus of consciousness on the astral plane? Because in case they have Higher-Self we can ask that it interferes to stop controlling us… Thank you.

All the great races that swarm around the planet have Higher-Self, and then there are trillions of non-physical entities that are simply beings with energetic structures with certain consciousness, more or less developed, according to their level etc. As we have said in previous questions, the Higher-Selves of the same races that manage the system of life on the planet are mostly neutral, others are polarized towards the “negative” charge, but do not intervene in the comings and goings of their evolutionary counterparts because it is through them that these Higher-Selves acquire the experiences they need for their growth, even if it is in the other polarity that, for us, is “negative”, although again, there is no associated value judgment. Let’s say it’s as if the lettuce or the pears or the fish asked our Higher-Self to stop using it as food or to spray it with chemicals or to contaminate the sea or the land, because all the members of the mineral, vegetable and animal kingdom have a conscious group soul that also understands the situation we are in and how we manipulate each other.

The process, in this case, does not happen so much by asking the Higher-Self of any of those races to stop doing what they are doing but because we, the human race, recovers its power as a species, and do the job of taking the reins of its own evolutionary processes from the role that we play, which is none other than to be owners of ourselves, free ourselves from the programming and blockages imposed by those who created us and regain control of the planet and its system of life, returning to work in harmony with all the conscious life that exists in it. As this is now utopian, it will be done on line 42 and on the next evolutionary level for which we are preparing, because for line 33 it is very difficult to get this situation to be carried out because of the convoluted nature of the mental, etheric and physical framework in this temporal line.

77 You have taught us that sexual energy is what nourishes the programming and configuration of the psyche (carried out by the Control System), and very little has been touched on the subject of this energy, at least in the articles. In contrast, multiple schools of “different times” have strengthened the belief that the practice of techniques such as “sacred sexuality,” Tantra, etc. it is almost the only way to achieve the liberation of the essence. Could you help us clarify this issue a bit?

The sexual energy of the human being has always been one of the sources of potential inherent in our constitution and configuration, because it is an energy that has its base and substrate in the highest energy that we can generate internally, and that serves as fuel for the activation and development of all the latent and inherent potential that we have, if it is well used and exploited. Its origin lies in the refinement of the same prana or chi that we possess and that we absorb from the sun, food, drinks, oxygen, etc., and that the alchemical programs and processes of the sexual center alter, distill and refine to give rise to this type of energy with functions, vibration and characteristics higher than the rest of the energies that run through our body. The sexual center is a sub-center of the instinctive center, located inside the first and above all the second chakra.

However, in these moments, the sexual energy in the human being has a capacity and scope limited by the misuse that is made of it, and by the manipulations that the modern society, mainly, has suffered and is suffering around sex and sexuality, as a weapon of control, rather than development. This same energy, badly used, is directed through programming and through etheric devices, towards points of the mind and the etheric body, to keep the programming and control systems of the human being.

In addition, as the main energy used by the control system to maintain active programming in people is sexual energy, this is the reason why everything related to sex has so much weight in our society. For this reason many sexual images are subliminally imbued in all kinds of visual media, products, advertisements, etc., so that they act directly in the instinctive center without previously passing through the intellectual center, which could analyze and “censor” the subliminals by “undue access” to parts of the programming, and we could directly discard the unwanted sexual stimulus if we could “intellectualize it” when we perceive it, making us constantly generate small amounts of sexual energy that maintain the stops, blocks, etheric implants, programs, firewalls , etc., that we have running.

On the other hand, the release of the “essence” and here we would have to see what you understand by this process to see if we share the definition of the concept, has nothing to do with sexual energy, in any case, if our definition is the same. Every human being has a connection through his Hara, or lower tantien, with the “Creation,” a kind of dimensional vortex through which you can access, with a simple meditation or energy techniques, to connect with the “Source” from oneself. In doing so, we “liberate” the part of ourselves that allows us to connect with that essence, that “Overall” energy, and then we can expand the essence of the Source through the etheric body first and then through the rest of the energy system, to heal , raise the vibration of the person, remove blockages, etc. From this understanding, to release the essence of a person is to eliminate everything that prevents, from his Hara, the person accessing the “divine spark,” the “primordial particle,” the connection with the energy of the source directly from this natural connection and present in all of us

A hug,

David Topí

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