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65 Hello … in one of the answers you commented how you were attacked by entities and races that dominate the planet, the protection of the pro-humanity beings does not reach to counteract this attack? … or the races in control of the planet they are stronger? Thank you. Greetings.

As we mentioned in a previous answer, or several, there are several factors that need to be taken into account to understand why we receive the attacks we receive and why we are not completely isolated and under total protection so that, as much as the races and beings that manage humanity would like to do to us or not do to us, they could not touch us, not even a hair. So let’s see if we can explain it. The game of life in which we are in requires and possesses a complex, very complex, framework of rules, the first of them, the free will of all players, therefore, everyone, to understand each other, is free to do what he wants with whom he wants, how he wants it, against whom he wants, etc. This is complex, perhaps, but everything is allowed, always under the consequent rule of cause and effect where they have to compensate, balance, correct, harmonize and cancel everything that has been launched, so that everyone “receives “(to put it in some way) the consequences and the effects of what he has executed, be it for good or for evil from the polarized point of view of the human being. All this brings experience, much experience, to the soul, to the spirit and to the Higher-Self, so if we are attacked or manipulated or this or that, it is not perceived as an attack by our other levels but as a lived experience of what can happen and it happens. On the other hand, since we also have free will, the skills, techniques and tools to defend ourselves, we can deal with these manipulations with the help of our Higher-Self, our guides and all those who assist us individually in our growth and learning processes.

On the other hand, the groups and races that attend the evolutionary process of humanity, are working more with the planet and with the evolutionary structures that allow us to move forward and continue with our evolutionary path, so they do not intervene in “helping” a person individually, at least not in general, but are caring for, healing, protecting, reinforcing, assisting, etc., to keep the Earth in one piece, to keep the structures of line 42 and 33 separate, that people who are changing lines can do it, etc., etc. It is not the task of these races that help us to intervene in the evolutionary path of individuals, but rather they work with the human collective as a whole, with our collective unconscious, etc. Therefore, although they are powerful, although they are able to protect you from an attack or manipulation, that is part of what each one has to deal with, learn, work and live within their own evolutionary processes and that is mainly done with our Higher-Selves and guides as we have also explained in previous answers.

66 Being the DNA fundamental to transmute the universal energy to our frequency plane, I would like to know if our genetic inheritance is not a limiting barrier. Is our genetic load really a “burden”? Are there ways to free the DNA from those “loads”?

The composition of the DNA of the human being is one of the most complex among the conscious races of our Milky Way, one of the ones with the most diversity of genes of many other groups, therefore, it is literally a puzzle of characteristics, potentials and latent abilities those that lie dormant in it. The activation of the entire DNA and its cleaning is tremendously important, because it has imbued in it innumerable blocks, stops and limiters so that we do not activate those characteristics that were given to us because they came in the DNA of one of the groups used for our creation. In addition, the DNA has a genetic load inherited from the trans generational lines to which we belong, with variations according to the characteristics of our ancestors, not only physical, but also energetic, so we inherit things such as etheric blocks, behavior patterns, beliefs, fears, even micro implants and other limiters through the genes that can come in them for many generations. The healing and cleaning and deprogramming of the DNA can be done in a controlled and gradual way through the Higher-Self, identifying the blockages, limits and limitations, diagnosing them for their understanding and acquisition of the learning and lesson they have associated and then working with the requests for healing that you can create analogous to those that we have published in multiple articles on the blog to eliminate them.

67 I wanted to ask you if they have been sending us self-affliction programs for damage to the body or deterioration and dysfunction of our bodies since a few years ago.

It is possible that, for some people, if for whatever reason they are considered dangerous, they try to manipulate them so that they themselves do things that imply diminishing their potential, power, health, energy status, activity, etc. Therefore, it is a matter of being aware of what one perceives in oneself, instincts and thoughts of doing something that goes against the greater good of your body and your energetic and mental system, to block those programs, mental manipulation, induce you to do something to hurt yourself, etc. It is a matter of strengthening the will; that we remember that is an energy powered by our Higher-Self, so that we are the ones who manage our physical and energetic vehicle despite the attempts to manipulate it externally.

68 A person who only lives day to day, without experience or deep knowledge in spirituality, who has some awareness of the issues you write; can that person have a body or any of them in timeline 42? If not, in what situation would he be?

It depends on what her Higher-Self dictates for her, someone who is not aware of the processes by which humanity is passing, yet may have been moved timeline line because her Higher-Self considers that the work has been done previously, perhaps in other “past” incarnations (from the linear point of view of time), or if it is children or people who do not have the intellectual capacity to understand this process, simply his Higher-Self takes the reins, checks the state of expansion of the sphere of consciousness of the person and executes the line-switching movements if these are in accordance with the planning for this incarnation of the person in question. In any case, at some point, sooner or later, the personality will have to be aware of what is happening to take the reins of the process in a “conscious” manner, so, in general, there will be some pre-planned event for it or It will be done gradually over the next few years until everyone in the 42 is fully aware of it and has the capacity to self-manage its evolutionary process by himself.

69 Is it possible that my positive mental projections, (attempt to create my reality) are developing in a parallel life or something? If so, is it possible to avoid or reverse the process?

What you are “emitting” or co-creating is now materializing, you being aware of it or not, in this timeline and reality in which you are, while the processes that are taking place in realities or parallel dimensions are in charge of the other versions of us in those other realities. The fact that perhaps something we do here or project here influences facts in parallel realities and vice versa does not mean that the main focus of what one projects materializes in the reality in which one is.

70 Is it possible to be connected in some way to vibration realities / substrates of lower frequency involuntarily? If so, is it possible to cut or block the connection?

It is very possible that all of us have been reconnected to lower realities at some point artificially, or we have allowed ourselves to be dragged into them by our surroundings, our personal situations or the people with whom we interact. It is a matter of asking our Higher-Self about it and requesting that all threads, hooks, anchors, energy chains, etc., be cut in line 33 (if you are in line 42) and also all the egregores, energy fields, people, events, etc., that are not aligned with your greater good, with your current vibration or frequency, with your tuning to the level of the 42 in which you are, etc., simply to release ballast and leave behind energies and connections that they prevent us from moving our bodies to higher levels within the timeline 42.

71 When you have to work many hours in front of a computer and end up by lowering your vibration level notably, for example having the golden cord damaged by the electromagnetic fields. Can you do something to counteract this process or is it necessary to stop using it?

The electromagnetic fields that surround us everywhere can cause multiple alterations and distortions, so if a source of them is the computer, the wifi, or the like, it is necessary to reduce our exposure to them as much as possible, whenever possible, and as each one is possible. You can work to reinforce your golden cord with a simple meditation and energetic work with your Higher-Self, but if the damage is constant and continuous, due to the sources of electromagnetic radiation, it will be necessary to reduce their exposure to them while reinforcing and healing your energy system to be more robust and less likely to be affected by these.

A hug,

David Topí

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