Unspun News for the 22nd of June, 2018


Unspun News for the 22nd of June, 2018. 

UNSPUNEWS – 180622
This is from Michael Knights’ ‘North Star Blog’. It is VERY rare for me to ‘do’ headline pieces in Unspun, so this IS worth reading! “This essay is an exploration of what others have said is America’s Second Revolution – and it involves a subtle, secret war behind the scenes – a “war” of words and deeds which haven’t been seen since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Read on, and you will find that the very future of America and its people, your future, our future, is at stake.” And I might add – where America goes today, TROTW goes tomorrow…..

“The Syrian army has assembled a large force to liberate the southwest. It includes ten thousands of soldiers, more than 100 tanks and lots of artillery.”

“‘Man-made earthquake’: Russian documentary shares untold stories of 4yr Aleppo siege”. The word ‘trashed’ comes to mind.


JON RAPPOPORT – “Why isn’t the press connecting fracking and the Hawaii volcano eruption?” … “Obviously, if fracking were found to be the reason for the eruption, the process would be exposed as a great danger for all the world to see …”

“Arctic sea-ice volume greatest in 4 years”

Chile – “Snowfall in La Araucanía has isolated 1,660 people, according to the Office of National Emergency.”

Peru – “A couple of days from the official start of winter in Peru, 604 people have died of pneumonia due to the low temperatures, according to the Ministry of Health”. Paying attention are we? Now, about that global warming B/S …..

Oz – “Temperatures in the Northern Territory dropped as low as -3.7C on Tuesday, the lowest recorded in central Australia in two years. Meanwhile, Southern Australia is enduring its coldest mornings in seven years. These incredible pictures of icicles were taken in Alice Springs where residents have been battling sub-zero temperatures.”

“Australia’s bogong moths are the first nocturnal insects discovered to use the Earth’s magnetic field in long-distance migration, according to new research.“

A seven-point star/shape in a circle. It draws the eye!


“A massive dust storm on Mars is now a global event, according to NASA.” Global warming perhaps?
ALSO – “During the past 24 hours, sunspot AR2715 has almost quadrupled in size, growing two dark cores larger than Earth.”

“The movement of electric charge through plasma-state material generates electromagnetic fields that align the flow. Picture of the Day articles describe that alignment as a Bennett pinch, or, more commonly, a z-pinch.”



“Fear and religion. Religion and fear.
The two are historically entwined. The catalysts for most of the atrocities committed by man.
Fear of evil fuels religion, religion fuels hatred, hatred fuels evil, and evil fuels fear among the masses.
It is a diabolical cycle, and we have played into the Devil’s hand.”
~~ Julius Gabriel

There is much disinformation and misinformation ‘out there’. I do not have the time to check the credentials of every writer that I place in Unspun, so please be aware that your discrimination, used in parallel with your open-minded intellect, is your best friend – ALL the time!

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