Twinning of Timelines: Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames


The generalized tarot reading for twin flames on their way to each other comes again to acknowledge the difficulties all of you have come through, or even experience now, but also carries a breeze of hope.

Deck: The Steampunk Tarot
Spread: Three-Card Draw

The Past
VII • The Chariot

Riding the machine of your will, you managed to pass through many storms. Would you say you never got wet or experienced cold disillusionment? We guess no, dear ones. You live on a world touched by much less sunshine that ours, and we feel much respect for all the challenges you manages to conquer on your way. And we look up to you for all that you have accomplished. We just want to ask that you take your time to heal, or even let us give you a hand, if you would like.

The Present
Seven of Swords

Many of you feel that you have been robbed of something that was yours by default. Often times it is related to being denied the love that everybody needs in order to feel the connection to the divine. It is especially hard for those who are separated from your twin flames. Would you believe us if we tell you that you came here to win that battle with the illusion of separation? Remember, there is a place out where you are one. It is just that here, dear ones, you are dealing with a lot of negative programming that has been left here by those who didn’t have the best of your interests at heart. It is a fight that is ongoing for many of you.

The Future
Ace of Pentacles

As much as flames are fighting a battle on their way to the union, the outcome is known. It was even before you got incarnated here, but as the rules of the game go, you had to forget.  We are expecting all the negativity of the reality you live in to be stripped off. Unfortunately, we can’t promise that it will be an easy ride. Many of you would wish that they were still dwelling in the stability of the mournful past just because uncertainty can be such a great reason to fear.

Our recommendation would be to look inside you and find that little spot, that knowledge without knowledge that is certain of a new beginning coming your way. There will be the time for the opportunity for a better future to come. Sunshine will cast the rainy clouds aside. You will experience oneness with the one your soul has chosen. Just don’t give up now that the storm is settling down and the wind is being silenced by the new energies. Those who designed the mayhem can only slow down the outcome a little bit, and even that option is being denied.

Love and Blessings,


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