Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames


The tarot reading for twin flames on their way to each other will concentrate on the three most important cards that reflect the current shard of reality. If you want to participate in the pick-a-card promotion with these cards, please follow this link.

Deck: The Shadowscapes Tarot
Spread: One Card

I The Magician

This is what we wrote about that card for the promotion:

“The Magician could very well be the most important card of the New Age. It is all about self-empowerment. Do you think you are worthy of designing your own reality, or are you willing to let somebody else take decisions instead of you? You may be tempted to say you are ready to step into your personal power and exercise you divine right of free will, but can you carry the burden of responsibility?”

What does it have to do with twin flames? To begin with, many twins are here to bring their divine love to this place in an effort to heal a broken matrix that has been plaguing all kinds of romantic relationships for eons of time. Often times it is not easy as the couple would experience all of the disconnections from what it should be before letting love win. That integration process might be painful but is often times compensated by the power of the connection and the love twins keep sending each other.

When it comes to the level of the individual, the Magician is as relevant. Humans have the power to influence reality. It is just something that has to be rediscovered, which is not an easy process. Some people relate that to the power to positive thinking. We would like to express an opinion that is slightly different. Positive thinking is encouraged at all times, but it is hard to stay positive at all times in the current soup of energies you are swimming into. There is a faulty reasoning that might come out of this belief and we want to warn you against it. If something is not happening, that doesn’t mean the reason is that you are not positive enough. That sounds a bit like blaming the victim.

What we would like to add is that your desires are the ones that have the power to lead you to the place where you can be. You may be calm in the knowing of the result you can achieve, or have your fears. As long as you don’t give up, everything is okay.

We wish that you manage to keep the magic in your hearts, the one that combines all the elements in a unique manifestation of love.

Love and Blessings,


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Ivailo is a storyteller. He would love to tell you about brave Pleiadian warriors who would go out of their way to protect the right to live and love. But sharing sagas in which he is having adventures with his twin flame by his side is what he loves the most. With his newly-found passion for tarot and oracle cards, he is helping twins bring the divinity of the connection to the physical realm.

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