Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames


The tarot reading of twin flames on their way to each other doesn’t have much of new information to bring. However, it calls to reexamine belief patterns in the past, presents a perspective some may (or may not) be missing, and reminds of good things that are expected to happen in the future.

Deck: The Steampunk Tarot
Spread: Three-Card Draw

Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames

The Past
V • The Hierophant

The Hierophant is a spiritual teacher. It may be a hint of the benefits of reexamining the faith structures that you had in the past. A number of you had a radical change of their view of spirituality after the realization that dogmas didn’t really serve the expansion that is the aim of the game. At the same time, more and more teachers tried to present their point of view regarding the laws of the universe and their understanding of spirituality. We currently have so many sources of information that it may be concluded that it is hard to find your way. But that can only be true if you fail to listen to your intuition. Your soul knows, and the teachers are just there to help you remember. The inner radar will be your guide.

The Present
0 • The Fool

Many of those walking on the path of the twin flames may consider being in union as the final destination on the journey just because it is such a huge and dramatic one. There is some merit in that point of view but we would like to differ.

The Fool is the beginning of the Major Arcana. Just as twins who have managed to be together and sorted out their issues, there is a huge way to go and still a lot of things to achieve. We would like to say that after this point things are expected to be a little easier and the twins – more effective in bringing the heavenly connection of theirs into the earth matrix.

The Future
Three of Cups

Speaking about the load being released, celebration will also become more natural. As the vibration of the planet is constantly increasing, it will be easier and easier for people around you to understand spiritual concepts. You will make new friends and can even be their Hierophant.

Three of Cups has appeared before in the readings and it also stands for reconnecting with your spiritual guides on the other side of the veil. Many of you can do it now and we are happy that you managed to do that. We would say that this helps a lot when you need to discern some of the illusions that still prevail in this physical world. It is easier for the guides too, who are working hard with you in ways (often times) unseen.

Love and Blessings,


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Something I was sure that was going to happen did not and something surprising took its place. It all came about because I was quiet and did not push, but allowed things to unfold.