Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality for Twin Flames


The weekly tarot reading of twin flames on their way to each other comes to address the very intense energies that resurfaced again and that match the scorching weather in quite a few places. Ascension appears to be a tough and painful process for many that is a dire test for the patience of many. In the end, it will be worth it, we hear and believe.

Deck: Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Spread: “What is hidden?” Spread

What is Hidden
Eight of Pentacles

Do you feel as if you are a piece of steel that is put in the forge, taken out only to be hammered repeatedly? Then, there is a short period of chilling out before the procedure starts again. Well, this is what has been happening with you and we are sorry to say that it is not possible for it to be done in any other way. At least not with the tools that are available in this realm, and not at the speed that is required. Events that already should have happened are still in the making and that seems to be affecting twin souls craving to be with each other.

Our recommendation is to try to chill out as much as you can and try to remain positive as much as possible. You were never supposed to burn to ashes and neither will you.

The Gift
Eight of Swords

The timelines have entered a dark area and it is as if you are walking through a forest at night. Sometimes even we are surprised by the sudden appearance of a frightened animal fleeing out of the bushes. But we know where the path leads, we’ve made that journey with many of you in another time and another place. The script allows for a lot of improvisation but the ending is fixed.

The Challenge
Five of Pentacles

Heartaches and lack are part of the game that we are really tired of watching. What we can tell is that falling prey to negativity is not a sin, but you should be able to find your harbor. You can rely on a friend to give you a shoulder to cry on, or your guides. Nobody is ever alone and love is available to all. It is just that sometimes it is so hard to feel it.

The Reward
Seven of Pentacles

We from the Seven Sisters can proudly tell you that the big energetic project we all have been working on is in its Seventh month of pregnancy. Everything is going well except for a few unexpected contractions that caused some concerns. Something beautiful is about to be born and it only needs the finishing but necessary touches. Have patience, dear ones, the one thing that higher dimensional entities traditionally lack.

Love and Blessings,


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