There is a LOT of talk, theories, crap, alarmism and profiteering …. and also some SOUND SCIENCE behind all the gabble about a Shift.

Call it what you will – and it ups the confusion 1000% to keep the fact from seeing daylight! And TPTB do NOT want Joe and Jane public knowing too much – simply because knowledge is power, and they want ALL the power for themselves.

OK, here goes –

Our part of the Universe is about to undergo a major electro-dynamic change of environment. The frequencies, wavelengths and power levels we have been used to for many many thousands of years are changing – and that change HAS started – and we AIN’T seen nuttin’ yet!!

Forget the rest of the Universe – OUR bit – like the Milky Way Galaxy – is changing its electro-magnetic signature and hence its electromagnetic frequency environment.

So think BIG!!!!!!!

Also think of this change happening over decades, centuries, of time AS WE ARE AWARE OF ‘TIME’.

The ‘Cat’ site is one source that brings the SCIENCE to the people – in a humorous and ‘man-in-the-street’ fashion. Maybe that’s why it ‘clicked’ for me – I am ‘signed up’ to very very few sites – count ‘em on one hand! – so the cats must have clicked bigtime indeed for me!

Look at todays –

Now, I don’t know enough astrophysics to read and explain those graphs – but I DO know enough to say they are NOT ‘NORMAL’

And they are not normal on a big BIG scale.

This means, inarguably, that our E.M. environment in ASTRONOMIC terms IS CHANGING. Also it means forget gravity as a ‘driver! The EU guys have had it right all along –

And since we – AT ALL LEVELS – physical, mental, soul and spiritual – are beings of electro-magnetic frequency, this all means that we are being affected by the (on-going) changes in our electro-magnetic environment – from little old planet Earth, right up to the entire galaxy and probably waaaay beyond that too.

Logic(?) says that since the Universe, our planet, our SELVES are electromagnetic in nature, then we will be affected by this shift just like the rest of our galaxy. For better or for worse?

THAT is when free will comes in. We have a CHOICE – evolve or stagnate. The PTB (of course) want to keep humans under control – so stagnation suits them fine. The Universe wants evolution – and the Universe is bigger than the PTB!


But it is BIG. So there is a lot of inertia to overcome. Ever seen a big long heavy freight train start moving? Or maybe a jumbo jet starting to take off? You could WALK faster!!!

The mills of the Gods grind slowly – but they grind exceeding fine…


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