Programs That Block Internal Work (Part One)


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For many of us, what we have just done will no longer be necessary or a problem, perhaps you have already achieved that it is your will and effort that allows you to do everything you are doing without the interference of these systems of countermeasures, for others, it will be help, so that you do not leave after five minutes of having started a meditation, a deprogramming, a self healing, etc., the work in it due to the thousand things that assail you mentally, the processes that are launched in your body to stop doing it and everything that the ego desperately tries to execute to block anything over which it has no control because it was not programmed for it.The majority of occasions in which, due to neglect, distraction, apathy or tiredness, we abandon the inner work that one begins to do with great enthusiasm and motivation, whether to change something in oneself, to unblock, heal, deprogram or eliminate restrictions, blockages and limitations, we end up reproaching ourselves for the lack of will or how easy it is to leave aside what seems important to us, but it is not so much compared to the physical obligations and life “out there”, which requires us to be aware of a thousand “logistical” aspects to be able to carry out our responsibilities.

Programs That Block Internal Work (Part One)

It is, or can be, a little frustrating not to find time for oneself, to isolate oneself from the maelstrom of everyday life, to start something and maintain the constancy of finishing it, etc. There is not much to say here because in a high percentage of the situations in life that most people lead, it is normal for a thousand mental mechanisms to come into play to avoid just that, to finish things related to our inner awakening and potential, and that activates another thousand more issues and manifests events and situations that force us to stop or leave them aside. Today we are going to explain why, how they work and how to deactivate them.

Routines of protection against unauthorized executions

Imagine the following situation. You have built a lot of dolls and you have programmed them with a series of instructions, as if you were in a robotics workshop made with Lego dolls. You want your mini robots to do a series of things that will help you, or they will simply bring you fun, because that is why you built them and gave them a series of instructions in the codification of their functions and their reason for existing. To prevent the workshop teacher or some higher authority from coming and changing your Legos programming to do something else that you do not want them to do, you have introduced a series of mechanisms in the doll routines so that each time they receive an instruction or occurs to the own Legos (who have a certain capacity for freedom due to the software you have given them) do something you do not like, activate programs that refocus on what you want them to do and leave the rest aside.

In a rough way, that is what we have imbued in our mental spheres and mental body, in our scale and saving the analogy towards a more complex and larger model, so that, every time we execute some kind of “routine” not authorized by the system of control parameters imbued in the collective unconscious to which we are connected, mechanisms are put in place to get us out of it and we put back into the “only execution of authorized programs” mode.

An internal monitoring system to avoid internal work

Why this? Who put it? How is it avoided? The why, you know, when the lhulu (what later became homo sapiens) was created by genetic manipulation it had a very specific purpose, we have already talked about the subject, so we were given the appropriate programming to do certain functions according to what those races that created us wanted. As it was not possible to cut or eliminate the evolutionarily more “elevated” part of the lhumanu, but only isolate it by inserting programs, stops and barriers, creating an artificial consciousness, an ego program, a series of mental protections, etc. so that the Higher-Self did not take control again, there was always the possibility that the lhumanu could receive from the Higher-Self, in some way, impulses for him to reject the standard programming and try to wake up “internally”, try to deprogram, try to connect fully and merge again with his Higher-Self from his personality, try to free himself from the “chains” and mental stops, etc. As even the Anunnaki themselves could not go farther than what they did, subject to the evolutionary rules that set certain limits in what could be done or not without suffering certain consequences, they themselves, simply put mechanisms that were automatically activated every time that “something” came from unauthorized sources, as in this case, was the will of the Higher-Self to try to reach to awaken his personality, to endow the soul with more power and potential so that it will act on the vehicles and lower bodies to open gaps in programming, etc.

Ego-controlled instructions that activate distractions

These mechanisms are a series of instructions encoded in the ego program and in the subconscious mental sphere that collect constant information of what we are executing, a kind of monitor of the system that all computers carry to know what tasks are being executed in them so that the administrator of the same can see which routines are running, which ones consume the resources, the state of the battery, etc. Analogously, our ego program has an equivalent that provides us with an internal monitoring system so that the management routines of the psyche, the physical body and the energy system are all “monitored” by the same ego program, so that there is nothing that goes beyond the acceptable parameters for our correct operation according to design.

These routines have the ability to detect when we are working on something that goes against the same programming imbued by default at birth, so, for example, if you start to move energies through your body, activate latent potentials, deprogram your blockages and ceilings or executing any type of “inner work”, using your will, the tools you have, and your capabilities for it, you are executing an action that is not in accordance with the direct control of the ego program and the base programming, therefore, they activate lock programs to try to stop what you are doing. Something like when you want to meditate or do anything “inward”, and the first thing that happens is that the perception of street noise intensifies and everything bothers you; you start to sting your legs and you do not know why, you find yourself uncomfortable in the posture and you cannot relax, and, if that was not enough, they are also activating a thousand thoughts about everything you have to do throughout the day giving you the feeling that you are wasting your time on something that does not have immediate results in your responsibilities and list of things to do in the physical plane and in your material reality.

Remove the monitoring system and control programs

The activation of all the above is done by a program that we are now going to remove, whoever wants to do so, so that the “inner” work that one intends to execute, by his own will to do it, by the very impulse to do it, is not interfered with or manipulated by the programs themselves that detect unauthorized activity and try to prevent it. As you can already guess, consciousness and will are infinitely superior to any self-executing program that we have in mind, so these routines only have power when we let them work out of ignorance or unwillingness to continue doing that work, exercise, healing or whatever we are doing. The will, as we have said, is an energy enhanced and amplified by the Higher-Self through the lower spiritual center inside the fourth chakra, as well as through the pineal gland, therefore, despite the possible existence of blockages or dysfunctions in these points, can always be amplified to try to overcome the comfort zone of the person that tries to advance his own process by his own efforts.

The program that we remove now has the following request for it to our Higher-Self, where we also include the request to eliminate the layers that protect it, because these routines of monitoring and activation of measures that go against the initial programming are protected by several archetypes and firewalls.

I request the elimination of all archetypes, programs, firewalls and protections that limit access to programs and routines for internal monitoring and implementation of measures not unauthorized, instigated and coming from the Higher-Self or those that assist me that go against the programming that I have for my growth, for my evolution, for my “awakening”. I request that all internal monitoring systems that do not serve my greater good, that only perform surveillance tasks to warn when I am executing or trying to do some process that my standard programming rejects be removed. I request that all the programs that set in motion the mechanisms of distraction, of blocking, of activation of the necessary measures to prevent the work that I am doing be eliminated. I request that all subprograms and energy forms used by these monitoring programs to track the impulses of my physical and energy system be cleaned and to cut off all energy supplies used for their operation.

With this we will eliminate them, in successive passes, until we have the confirmation that the 100% deprogramming has been completed, the first of the control systems on our internal growth processes not with accordance with the basic programming that we have.

For many of us, what we have just done will no longer be necessary or be a problem, perhaps you have already achieved that it is your will and effort that allows you to do everything you are doing without the interference of these systems of countermeasures, for others, I hope it will help, so that you do not leave the work after five minutes of having started a meditation, a deprogramming, a self-healing, etc., due to the thousand things that assail you mentally or the processes that are launched in your body to stop doing it and everything that the ego desperately tries to execute to block anything over which it has no control because it was not programmed for it.

A hug,

David Topí


The article above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Minor editorial changes made by Laron. David has given direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here,

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Thank you David for the information and thanks Carl for the translation.

Let’s see what happens. I really ado appreciate having David’s work made available to us here.

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