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Each week registered users of our forum, The Roundtable, have the option of receiving an email listing the most popular new threads posted in that week (not new posts in response to existing threads, but new threads).

The below list came out in an email not long ago. I thought it would be interesting for those who don’t follow the forum, to see what has been popular over the last seven days.

Note that the forum consists of many boards relating to the content and topics of, including pinned threads on those boards, rich with information on the respective topics.

We have a bunch of moderators experienced in the boards they moderate as well as global moderators and two administrators, so the place is being well taken care of.

Last Week’s Most Popular Topics

Event – Group Remote Viewing Activity | June 2 to June 9
The Events Board

On my way to Veganism: Self-Tracking Thread
Health, Somatics, Crystals & General Well-being

Benedict Cumberbatch Saves Cyclist’s Life from 4 Muggers
In the News

Non-Toxic Cookware
Health, Somatics, Crystals & General Well-being

Follow My Course On Consciousness Exploration (Spiritual Development)
Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development

You Are In The Process Of Being Indoctrinated
Conscious Parenting

An Interview on Manifestation — What questions could I ask?
Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development

Queen Elizabeth II is ‘related to Prophet Muhammad’
Ancient Civilizations & Sacred Geometry

Your Results: Group RV Activity, June 2 to June 9
Remote Viewing

“The Source of a Lost Civilisation”
Ancient Civilizations & Sacred Geometry

The most complex machine ever built on planet Earth
Ancient Civilizations & Sacred Geometry

Pictures of Parallel worlds
Roundtable Creative Gallery of the Arts

Event – Group Distant Healing | Weekend: June 9, 2018
The Events Board

This sets up my Monday: Jurassic World Meets Parkour in Real Life!
Movies, Shows, Documentaries & Entertainment

Short articles/posts from Pleiadian Twin Flames
Psychic Phenomena, Channeling & Future Forecasts

The Pits: An Endearing Short Film Follows a Lonely Avocado Searching NYC for its Other Half
Movies, Shows, Documentaries & Entertainment

John Lennon’s “Imagine” by 10 year old Adam
Roundtable Creative Gallery of the Arts

One heck of a mandible
Ancient Civilizations & Sacred Geometry

Emotional Currency – Free seminar about our relationship with money
The Events Board

The matrix and a QHHT explanation of it…
Guidance on Life, Spirituality and Consciousness

The Wall of Water & Passing the Lesson
Out-of-body Experiences, NDEs & Dreams

The DHS Plans To Compile A List Of All Bloggers, Journalists And “Social Media Influencers”
In the News

Branching out on Social Media
Universal Discussion

What if the Human is not my Pet?

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