Download from the Galactic Centre | Astrology Forecast, June 11 2018


We are in the midst of a very interesting few days leading up to the Gemini “new beginning” new moon in 3 days time, starting with Mercury in Gemini opposing the Galactic centre, which is in the middle of the Milky way which our own solar system spirals around, taking about 240 million years to complete the orbit. We sit about 30 light years from the centre, between two arms of the galaxy.

We can see it through the Sagittarius arm which contains a great number of cosmic players, stars, pulsars etc, justifying the enormous amount of energy available in the signs of Scorpio, Sagittarius and Capricorn which just happen to be highlighted at present, as Gemini which the sun is in, is opposite to Sag, and Jupiter the ruler of Sag, is in Scorpio.

And Saturn is in Capricorn, his very own sign.

Which is why there is a lot being downloaded today into our neurological circuits from way out there.

So we have had a need to clear some space lately to make room for this, both emotionally and mentally.

This is probably why there are so many healing crises going on at present, and weird stuff, with people dying everywhere as there seems to have been a few more than usual in this last week or more.

The data being downloaded may not even make sense to us for another 6 months to a year.

Time is needed to let go of outmoded beliefs and ideas and to update our knowledge and wisdom.

Whenever the flow of information from the Galactic centre is actively in-coming, it is important to stay well grounded, focusing on the root chakra to anchor the input.

It’s heady stuff, stirring up the higher chakras and electrical nervous system of the body, creating possible overwhelm or burnout

So I hope this explains a lot to some of you as it does to me.

Geminis and Sagis will probably be wondering what’s happening about now, Virgos too, as Mercury does like to play tricks on us, and things are not what they seem and we can all expect a lot of synchronicity right now as well.

Tomorrow things could be a little intense once more as Mercury will oppose Pholus, one of the Centaur asteroids, so this is linked to sudden transformations, where what may seem innocent or a small thing can have a much bigger effect and so this is also important for Geminis and Virgos or that type of person , also Sagis, but these more obscure players in the cosmic game can work on any of us who are receptive.

We should all look on the positive side as much as we can as the Sun in Gemini is also doing another of the challenging quincunx aspects, and this time to Pluto in Capricorn, so this alerts us again to things not being what they appear, as this one is about whats been hidden deep down coming up to be talked about, analysed and understood if possible.

So again one gets the impression that things are not what they appear, but there is a lot of power behind this one and someone wielding it more than one may think,.

So look out for this tomorrow people, especially if you are Scorpio, Capricorn. Leo or Gemini.

And make sure you use your own power wisely as well.

On the world scene this also applies and will no doubt show itself at the Summit Meeting where leaders meet.

There will be a lot of sizing up going on I would say, and due to Pholus being around, there may be some hidden poison arrows to avoid getting close to.

So to sum up it’s a good idea tomorrow to avoid suspicious looking people who appear to be hiding something, and to beware of poison arrows whatever form they come in.

I think I have already had a few of those come my way this week but so far so good.


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