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55 Could we say then, that those who are awakening are children of Enki? And if so, do the mechanisms that the human being has to evolve depend on the help that Enki gave them at the time?

It is a wrong way of looking at it, since Enki only did what he did for “spite”, so to speak, towards his brother Enlil-Yahweh, and towards the opposite faction of the “clan” that pretended, in some way, to seize his “creation.” It is like if you create something, and your brother wants to keep your “toy”, then, to annoy, and to be those that you “created” those who rebel, without drawing much attention to you, you give them power, knowledge and potential, hoping that, at some point, they themselves can do for you what you cannot, which is to confront the “clan” Annunaki who tried to usurp or control all the lhumanus. On the other hand, we evolved thanks to the part that was never manipulated, that cannot be and that is part of all of us from the moment in which the pre-homo sapiens was given the necessary consciousness to be able to become a being autonomous and governed by the evolutionary laws that dictate the rules of growth on our planet, therefore, always, the part of us that we call the Higher-Self has been allowed to try to regain control over the part of the human being that was blocked, limited and manipulated and, therefore, has been a part of ourselves, working from within ourselves, which has always been trying to wake us up and make us see how things are to ourselves, which is very complicated because the human part that we call the “personality” rarely listens, searches, connects or feels the human part that we call “the Higher Self”, making this path of growth and evolution slow and complex, although certainly important in terms of experiences precisely because of the complexity of the situation in which we find ourselves as a species.

56 My doubt is, if there is a superior being or first cause, let’s call it god, universe or whatever we want, why does it allow the races in control to manipulate the human race with all freedom and without consequences? That is, regardless of the races that assists us, is not there a first cause that should intervene so that we are not manipulated by thousands of programs, implants, etc. at the service of some races that do know how to do it and have been doing it for millions of years and that delay or prevent our evolution?

As in the previous question, it is a human distortion to consider that “something” allows or does not allow things, because there is no such concept in that universal and unified consciousness that is the “All”, the “Absolute” or as each one calls him. We are interpreting in human terms and thinking that we are the center of something and that what has to happen to us or not to happen varies according to the designs of something greater that is considered “good” by the beliefs in the collective unconscious. In general, this is so only because of the way in which, first, we were programmed to believe in something greater, all-powerful and external to ourselves, and then it is the only way in which we can understand the concept of “Source” as manifestor of everything that exists in the “Creation”. This means that there is no “good” or “bad”, that manipulation or non-manipulation is not positive or negative, that nobody allows us to do anything, and nobody allows us to do it (“nobody” as a concept). The universe in which we live is governed by the free will of its conscious and responsible inhabitants with their own process and by laws such as cause and effect, among others, therefore, if one race conquers another, manipulates another, it eliminates another, it is not because some higher being allows or does not allow it, but because of the processes and dynamics that within the universe are interpreted and decoded as energies that go, energies that come, energies that dissipate and dilute (when something disappears, be it a race, a species, a planet or a dimensional field, etc.) or energies that grow (when something expands, a group, a race, a planet, etc.). By this I mean that religious programming in its archetypal beginnings is what imbued the existence of a punishing or permissive “god”, but it is no more than an archetype of our mental spheres that we all possess to a greater or lesser extent, not being or being aligned with the “truth”, as perceived by our Higher-Self, for whom the board of existence is an enormous field of training and experience, and nothing is good, nothing is bad, nothing is positive, nothing is negative, nothing is controlled or left unchecked by that “primary cause”. On the other hand, all the groups under that “Primary Source” are subject to its laws and norms and all conform to them, however hard it is to perceive and see it, so even the races that have controlled or manipulated the human being from millennia are governed by them, we simply do not understand the levels, terms, ways of existing under these laws and their different interpretations, not being or functioning exactly as we have been made to believe that they work.

57 On the other hand, when we disincarnate and go to our rightful place, aren’t we prepared so that in a hypothetical next incarnation they cannot manipulate us? I think there is something that does not quite fit … because in that interface it is known how these races act and what they want from us.

In the processes that occur in the so-called period between lives we partially recover the awareness of what we are beyond the blockages and programming of our personality, and that helps us to better understand the system of life on Earth under which we find ourselves, but it also helps us to understand, in the same way that we understand that a videogame is a videogame, and that when we are playing we are only a character within a virtual scenario, that when we finish playing that game, lasting 10 minutes or 80 years, we have just gone through one more experience that has endowed us with a huge list of experiences and lessons that have helped us to grow, comprehend and better understand the whole set of the game “of life”.

Therefore, in each life you prepare in the same way that you prepare to play a role-playing game, where you have a character with some skills, and you have to, during the duration of the game, be that character, and you have that comply with the laws and rules of the game, and that if other characters do things that you do not “like” in some way, at the end of the game you understand that they were simply part of something “virtual” that, to the being that you are, has not caused major detriment or harm, but it has contributed a lot in terms of how the interactions between players are, how things can be done or not on the game board, how to get knowledge and experiences within the game, etc.

In the end, it is about awakening the true being that we are within the character that is being interpreted in the role play, so that, within the same game, we are the original player, in this case represented by the consciousness of the Higher-Self that tries to prevail to the consciousness of the character for each incarnation in progress. What other races do or fail to do, what other humans do or fail to do, what the powers in control of the role-playing game do or do not do, what the rest of the characters with whom you interact during your existence do or do not do, they are components of the structure in which you have chosen to play, or you have no choice but to play, and they make it more difficult, they make it more complicated, and it can then cost much more to complete your own purposes, objectives, mission and lessons, but even so, when you go back “home” and take off the costume of the character you are, you see everything with another perspective and you realize again, to some extent, that everything is structured to be a system of life enormously complicated, but a tremendous catalyst of processes of growth and evolution.

58 Hi David, when we disincarnate do we continue to have the same identity, that is, are we aware of who we are? Because when we incarnate we forget our previous experiences, is the process repeated when we disincarnate? Thank you. A hug.

When the soul and the subtle bodies discarnate and leave behind the physical body, we lose the “earthly” identity of the last life, thus, the personality that we have disappears when the mental body and the mental spheres disappear, the emotional part disappears when dissipating the emotional body and we only maintain ourselves with the causal body. When you go “back down”, you forget everything again because the programming imbued in the new mental body, in the new mental spheres and in the structure of the collective unconscious cut off access to the knowledge that at the level of the soul, spirit and Higher-Self we have with us. Upon re-entering the system of life on the planet, all the mechanisms of control and manipulation are activated again, and all the programs that keep us focused on the material world are re-activated disconnecting us from our inner world since we are kids, reversing the sphere of consciousness to inhibit the connection with the Higher-Self, etc. In this way, simply all the potential, memories and experiences of other incarnations are relegated to deep levels of the psyche, soul, spirit and Higher-Self, and are completely erased from the new personality we forged from scratch for each new incarnation.

A hug,

David Topí

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