Twin Flames Tarot Reading of the Current Shard of Reality | May 19, 2018


It was the idea of my spiritual teacher Maryann Rada to try to connect to the energies of famous twin flames. Immanuel Jesus and Marry Magdalene are probably the most prominent examples and seem to be universally loved by both traditional believers and those more in line with a newer paradigm of spirituality.

We tried to connect to their energy, which is basically a manifestation of love, something we experience in our daily lives. A beautiful reading came out, we would say.

Deck: Tarot of the Hidden Realm
Spread: “What is hidden?” Spread


What is Hidden
I • The Magician

Jesus was well known for the miracles he performed, like walking on water, and his claim that everybody can do that if they believe is documented. You have that power within you, it is one of the gifts from creation that are shared by all. While we agree that it is not very easy to manifest that in the physical because of the many DNA blockages, karmic rules and the painfully slow way in which things happen, that power is within you and by realizing that you are upgrading the whole human machinery that you have and hopefully allowing more love to permeate the realm.

For many of you it may seem impossible to be with the twin soul or divine soulmate but this is only because you gave yourself to the task of obliterating an illusion that you know you can handle.

The Gift
Three of Cups

This card appears again to remind that as much as it is easy to feel alone and abandoned in 3d, that is never the case. You are never out of the reach of the love of others who stand in your field, although the illusion can be very hard to cast aside. Some of those are angels, others belong to races that are related to the journeys the particular soul has taken.

We also see a different hidden meaning in that card that stands for the many wars ET humanity participated in. That resulted in a desire for a more peaceful way of exchanging energies and this is pretty much what we are experiencing here in 3d. So, we would recommend connecting to the ones with whom you share a love and a cause, the brothers and sisters in arms in this nonviolent but still pretty intense clash of energies.

The Challenge
Nine of Pentacles

It is challenging to keep true to your mission without straying from the path you have chosen before incarnating here, but for those who manage to do so, the reward is equally satisfying. See below.

The Reward
XX • Life Renewed

Would anybody deny that being in harmony with your divine partner and sharing your daily life with them would be an existence of a fundamentally different nature? It is basically the point towards which the forces of love drag you to, once you are healed and open to the light in you reflected towards the one you love.

In traditional tarot, the card is called Judgment. Don’t judge so that you won’t receive judgment. Can you also extend that to not judging yourself, to forgiving yourself for the times of weakness when you strayed from the light path? The souls with the strongest connection to Source are often times the ones who have the hardest time forgiving their incarnations in the lower realms and have to learn the gift of self-forgiveness.

Love and Blessings,

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