Diving Into The latest Wave of Ascension


Introduction and Few Information about the shift

This time I am trying to put together the latest messages, the new Wave Trees I have been drawing during the period in between March-May, and my out of body experiences. I felt that they all hold the energies and messages related to this period of time and new light key codes coming from New Atlantis.

I call Wave trees the multidimensional being I draw as trees as they hold waves of energies coming directly from the quantum field and the information they also carry in them.

All the messages I receive are from the trees themselves or the beings who are behind the scene working on spreading their energy through earth trees. Some of them are made of sacred geometry and this level of energy came in me with the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace I received on 2016 directly from my guides and which I use for healing and teaching. This energy is  related to Metatron, the Orion Temple of Healing and New Atlantis.

It has been a very intense moment of change and the release of old patterns and energies that have been stored for so long in our DNA and cells.

I guess this process was the same for many of us. I have been receiving many downloads of the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace which were progressive upgrades at all levels. I feel I am now able to pass this energy to others and to make a change by teaching healing modalities with it.

This is my new challenge and I want it to lead me to more and more opportunities to learn form others too.

As humans we are releasing karmic patterns leading us to more awakening experiences and more enlightenment. With the ascension energies we receive we have been also through ups and downs. Many have been facing darkness but for a good reason : for learning how to center oneself and hear one inner voice which is made of pure light and love.

This has been happening for a while.

What to do ?

We have to be centered more and more on self and heal the Earth as Gaia is also healing us. Forests, mountains and seas need to be healed because they are harmonious spaces bringing more light to our planet. Many of us are here for this purpose. In releasing much more we also help those who are stuck in lower planes to reach more light and have access to higher planes progressively.

There is actually a lot of work that is being done for the only purpose to help errant souls access the spiritual realms that would help them learn how to heal and eventually leave the wheel of reincarnation in a physical body. We are all supposed to ascend this way actually now.

I-The Channels 

1-Messages From The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace

I have been receiving the messages of the GCLG for more than a year now and I am putting them all together in a book. This work is taking me time and energy. From time to time, when I feel the messages are very important and the channels clear and related to the current shift at that time, I choose to post them on my social media pages so that it can help and heal those who are in need for it.

Wisdom and Beauty in You

When words of Magic come through you, there is wisdom and beauty inside of you !
When you open up your heart and mind at the same time and frequency, you are in a magical world, where your innocence and childhood memories are both re-united.

As the energy flows from your heart to your upper chakras, you embark to a new realm of Magic.

Every time you do this, see what happens !

Your wisdom is your protection as you walk the path of love and your beauty is your inspiration as you look at your heart and touch it with the flower of life.

You are where you are because it is your choice and you know it deep inside.

Third Wave of New Atlantis

It is a huge wave of love that is coming your way, you may not feel it or even not see its benefits at first sight, because you see it with your third eye.

It is coming in & for guidance.

It is the new energy of the Universe working in a magical space !

Feel it as a breeze around your body, you can breathe it and allow its energy to enter you. Feel it because it leads your inner being to wholeness. Breathe it !

When reaching this wave of light, you benefit from its healing process. It’s the Golden Crystalline Light of Grace coming from so far, growing in you, bringing this wave of love, as love is who you are !

In hearing its frequencies of light and allowing more information to come your way, you can reach more mysteries which were kept hidden from you, for so long ! It is made of sacred geometry.

Archangel Metatron is the bringer of this light, Melkizedeck comes as helper with his sacred magic, drawing light key codes allowing them to be comfortable for your bodies. Solomon draws his seals in the wave to protect you and heal you.

The process of healing on earth is given now to everyone and to all living beings. This ascension is universal process of spiritual growth and effective alignement to That Which Is.

Allowing your inner light to shine bright is your purpose and gift. When you hear the messages of the universe you integrate, in a deeper way, that bright light in you, and you start seeing the echoes of love.

You become the light and the light becomes you.

During this process you hold a higher frequency and you know what this process is about. You also begin to understand why you are receiving these messages because you become part of a greater realm.

Don’t let anything hold you back from this process as a change always occurs deep in you. Many shapes from sacred geometry are guiding you now as you dive into the wave of unconditional love. There is so much work for you to do in this plane, to bring back more peace and harmony, as love holds in itself the energies you are bathing in now.

We can see the work you are doing and what you are doing is bringing more freedom in you and in your life. This energy is nurturing you and working on the hidden parts of your heart and soul. It is the wave for your alignement to the secrets of your life here and now.

In using its light you feel explosions of crystal sounds and golden waves of healing. It is leading you to a profound and happy change you feel inside at all levels. Your spiritual body is strengthening your physical body and your mental and astral bodies are cleansed and lighter. This is the frequency of the 7 repeating itself to the infinite, like a sacred number and a spiritual path.

In being in the path of the 7 you release so much and grow at a spiritual level. You face the challenges that are awaiting you to help you during your learning process.

Playing with its frequency is finally a joy you feel with time as you experience more and more energetic upgrades.

Your eyes are gates to your multidimensionality because you receive new information about the current shift and the way you can travel again to New Atlantis. As you clear your third eye, you open more your crown and stellar gate way chakras.

Sacred Burning Fire of Divine Love, May 2018

When this fire comes through you, the only thing you can do is surrender. Now you can feel this fire as it is burning the old you have been for so long, feel it in your hands and body like an explosion of sparkling stars. This energy comes in high frequencies from higher dimensions ( 6D to 9D) to ignite your crystal body with lightening star codes. Feel it as it flows from your crown and stellar gate way chakras, your head is on fire, you can feel it as a huge intense flame that is making you shiver but allowing the transcending of any physical boundary.

A fire of a blessing transformational journey is happening in you as now is the time for more healing. It is the sacred fire of the Central Sun. You know your path has changed you. It is your new path for your spiritual awakening.

The new earth is leading you to more light and its crystalline core is made of the same sacred fire.

The fire of divine love is now flowing in your whole being, you can ignite it whenever you need it. It is your soul’s identity and imprint, and it knows how to deal with your physical body once ignited.

The purpose from this fire is to upgrade you and help your energetic body centers to open to more and more perception. Your DNA is upgrading too with it. Fire is the way to your kundalini re-activation. It flows from upper dimensions and opens you to a beautiful and powerful experience.

Your ways of awakening are now changing and you can feel it in you, as your hand is burning with that sacred fire of divine love.

The eagle is your best totem now. You can fly with it and dream your life while going up high on new explorations and adventures.

You are the soul of the eagle and the soul of the human. Both are interconnected in your heart.

II-My New Wave Trees

My wave trees come always with their messages. It may come from a Higher Council or other ET groups who are benevolent beings working on our behalf to protect the earth and bring more harmony.

It comes also from the tree itself and it is a voice I hear when I have finished drawing the tree. The name of each tree comes in general once I finished drawing the tree and sometimes in the process of drawing information about the tree itself comes.

All the work is based on intuition and a connection to Higher Self through the quantum field. During the process I feel aligned to Source and it helps me clear my body and release more and more in connection with my past lives where I have been an artist many times and a healer too.

Those who hold sacred geometry information and shapes are also part of an ancient knowledge related to Euclidian mathematics and geometry, to Archangel Metatron energy which is part of what I channel when I do healing. It is also related to Physics and the wave theory. Every tree has its own frequency of light and information based on the colors  and shapes that I am guided to draw.

1-Wave Tree of Unlimited Knowledge: Message by The Pleiadian Council of The Light
March 31, 2018, Full Blue Moon in Libra


Part of the Pleiadian Arts and Knowledge has been buried deep under oceans of memories for centuries.

Now is the time to bring back this spiritual science in your heart sweet one ! As here lays the spiritual science of the heart as your soul is deeply connected to it and touched by its energy and flow. You may ask for a meaning, a specific message for you need guidance to understand the unlimited knowledge of this wave tree. All we can say is that in holding in your arms the infinite you are, you also hold this science, as it is part who you are.
You are the material shape of the knowledge stored in this artwork, as you work hand in hand with benevolent beings who are igniting your inner light and wisdom.

Wisdom and peace are the messages we are sending through this science, the one to lead humanity to connect the heart to the soul, the soul to the heart in perfect symmetry, because life is the essence of both sides, both energies the yellow and the green. The spine is your gate to your multidimensionality, it guides your path to meet your buried memories.

Your third eye is your bridge to the science of your soul stored in your DNA, as you step into the waves you are guided to dive again in your most intimate heaven.

Many blessings are awaiting you to unfold.

2-The New earth Grid and Sacred Geometry : On The Lap of The Gods


Once you sit on the lap of the gods, you begin a new process of awareness and ascension has no more secrets for you.

You enjoy this moment you are as you see with your eyes and your heart the true meaning of your existence. Love is your way back to self.

Your vibration is made of love and that is the most important thing you are experiencing now. Sacred Geometry is made of love, it is the shape of you as you are also the shape of it.

Remember !

Light and love are what your are made of. They are the way you unable yourself to enlighten your path and to see more clearly beyond all veils. No more secrets are hidden to your sight !

When you flow with this energy your dreams materialize and grow, your abundance is in you ! You are the abundance incarnating in your current body, to see all aspects of your soul.

You become whole, one with That Which Is.

When sacred geometry shows up in my trees, every shape has its own sound and frequency and you can tap into the information if you feel it.

3-Wave Tree of Lyra’s New Light Codes

22 April 2018 Earth Day


The message came from the voice of the Higher Council of Lyra.

So much has been done through centuries of works, a deep spiritual work on self that lead us to the awakening process humanity is living now. It is the only perspective to heal from karma, the old ways of behaving have been a hard enslavement of self. 

From the High Council of Lyra, there is a voice  spreading peace and love in  planet earth, and in your entire beings. The voice is everywhere and you can hear its wisdom and peaceful frequency. When reaching this wave tree, you are discovering the new earth vibration at its highest level. You are seeing with bright eyes the magic of Gaia and the beauty you are.

As you choose to incarnate here, you are also a vector and the essence of these awakening times. Your natural field relates to unconditional love and the harmony you are dreaming of.

Your dreams are the best way to receive more guidance from Higher Self. As you believe in yourself, you also become creator of more light  and you connect to the new waves of light key codes sent to nurture your crystal body.

Crystalline light codes are keys to more enlightenment, as they release old energies to help you focus on self, self awareness, self love, inner peace.

This work is a process and every one is fully involved in it. Heads up ! Open your third eye!  

4-The Willow: Voice  From New Atlantis

29 April 2018 Full Moon


When connecting to the Willow, a world of magic flows in your vision and your entire being. They run in your blood and heal you from what is needed to be healed at that moment when your vision and your eyes cross these worlds, because there are actually many worlds and portals in the willow tree.

The first one you open is « The Light of the Healers’ Portal » and it takes you to a journey where you begin seeing your soul as pure light made of love.

You will, after this stage, walk another portal in inter-dimensional space to make a choice as you are the one who can make the best for yourself. As you heal, you become more able to hear your inner voice and listen to your heart.

The energy of the heart is intense in the willow tree, you won’t be able to avoid it, as it leads you to open more to the infinite you are and so to the mysteries of the universe.

The next portal leads you to New Atlantis to access its wisdom and truth. You know you always have been part of this process, and you know you are allowing all good things to happen in your life NOW.

Bring this healing in you.

5-Wave Tree of the Yellow Seeds: The Oak

Love and Regeneration

8 May 2018


Sparks of yellow seeds are flowing in the Oak Tree during this current shift. If you are perceptive enough, you can see them. If not for now, then it will happen to you anyway ! It is magical, healing, life inspiring !

Open your arms to this new light coming in you now ! Open your heart and soul as they are also healing at a very fast way these times ! You can feel this because you are releasing so much of the old you have been from many past lifetimes.

Gaia is bringing this blessing in you, look with your heart your soul and your third eye as they are helping you in mastering your life today. Take time to immerse in this beautiful energy brought by the Oak, it heals every fiber of your being, it upgrades your DNA, opens more strands for more and further activations.

You are placed in a beautiful process and your body can feel it like deep intense warm healing waves that keep you peaceful and blended with the energy of your divine heart, and with the light of your soul.

Take your time to dive into the yellow seeds of the Oak as they open up, in your being, multidimensional portals to walk through with faith, love, serenity.

You don’t have to reflect much more than what your heart’s connection to this radiant being of love would tell you at first sight ! You know deep inside that you are on the right path hearing divine messages from Higher Self.

Blessings to All old souls ! »

It is said in that« Fairy Folks are in Old Oaks » «  A very true old British saying. The roots of the Oak were believed to extend into Faery Realm. the Oak was honored by the ancient Celts and Druids as a tree of divine power. Elves and the Faeries in particular can always be found beside the old oak in a groove of trees. One of the triad of Faery Trees; the other two being the Ash and the Hawthorn. Oak wood attributes: Ancestry, love, fertility, justice, success, protection, strength, wisdom, and a doorway to Faeries ». (excerpt from The Faery Tree Spirit Energies by Johanna Rowan Mullane.)

III-Two Amazing Astral Projections 

1-An Out of Body Experience to Lyra on Earth Day

I received the name of the wave tree I was drawing the same day in the morning and it was holding the new light codes coming on earth on 22 April 2018. I included it with the Wave Trees part of this article.

The land was blue and I was among many androgynous beings. I was blue and tall of at least 3 meters (10 feet). We were riding beings who were mid-horses mid-elephants. They were huge beings with trumpets that allow them to extract the blue liquid of the fields of Lyra and which is an energy that Lyrans use for their planet and to protect planet earth’s magnetic field.

This is how Lyrans have projected to protect the earth from any dark aliens’ attack that have been programmed since 2011.

Once this energy is extracted from the soil, it is carried by the beings we were riding to subterranean caves where Lyrans have their scientific research laboratories. They are everywhere in the planet and the blue liquid is transformed into a source of energy for everyone, given for free.

This energy is infinite because when extracted from the soil, it multiplies and grow more on Lyra.

I don’t know if there are or have been blue androgynous beings on Lyra, but I was fully conscious of this out of body experience and I was doing things there. My work was to ride these powerful hybrid beings and guide them to the places where they can extract the blue liquid.

They had the same shape as the horses but with trumpets like the elephants and were more like robotic beings programmed for that task and mission. They carry the liquid in their bodies which make them turn from green to blue when they hold that energy in them.

I also was part of the work that is done in one of the laboratories, and was supervising the transformational process of the blue liquid, stored in huge trunks, into an energy.

This may sound crazy for many.. But it was real and I was there part of a mission for helping the earth once again. When I was back in my physical I took notes of what I saw and did. I knew that it was Earth Day. So I understood the message and why I have been there. I guess more information about this energy will come with time. It made me remember The Panther by Marvel I saw few weeks ago on March 2018.

2-A Conscious Astral Projection to a cemetery 

The Errant Souls

This happened when I was in my hometown Bizerte during my latest holidays with my family on April 2018. I woke up early in the morning and then after my morning cleansing and meditation I felt like I was getting out of my physical body.

So I went back to sleep. In a few I was out of my body floating outside over my fathers’ grave in the cemetery which was not so far from my parents’ house. I was hearing kids’ voices. Then I saw them running and playing in between the graves. They looked happy but I realized that they were errant souls, and my guide was talking in me saying that we have to help them reach the spirit realm.

They have been errants for a while, some of them for more than 50 years. They stayed there to feel alive because they were unconscious of their death. They also were stuck in a plane that could not allow them to find a way to the womb portals that could allow them to reincarnate.

I saw their souls being held in a huge sphere of light and they disappeared all at once. My hands were burning. I then went out of the cemetery and was floating near its long wall outside in an ancient district called the Andalusian District and in moments I was touching the wall with my astral body.

It was like hitting a hard object. I heard my guide’s voice saying that it was the limit of the astral plane I was traveling in and that it was outside the other one when I was in the cemetery.

I heard another voice  singing behind me but it was a little girl this time  who was running behind me with joy. She had braids and was wearing a white robe, her skin was brown. I thought she was chasing me, so I just pushed myself on the other side of the road to see her but she carried on running as if she was not seeing me.

That was the moment I understood that I was not in the same plane as these errant souls but that I could see them, touch them, and help them from my own perspective and plane. I did for her and she left to the spirit realm too.

When back in my room, I saw my physical body laying on my bed and entered it softly. It took me some time to open my eyes and my body was filled with a deep warm energy that was flowing and healing me.

Once the healing done, I could be completely aware and could open my eyes. I was out of the wormhole that many astral projectors cross when they travel dimensions.

I was in between dimensions actually.

It was a plane that allows me to also keep my distances from other dimensions. I could see the plane of the errant souls and the spirit realm. I don’t know in which plane of the spirit realm these souls have been carried anyway because that was not my mission. I was just a carrier at a very specific level that time.

It may happen that the guides come with you and talk to you during the mission because you need help. You may see them or hear them. Their voice is solennel and they speak their own language that you can understand when you are there on astral with them. But once back in the physical body, the language is channeled as it comes through the heart and crosses the upper chakras.

What I learned from this astral projection is that I was there to help and that some souls stay errants in lower planes. Some of them were very sad and many of them  were dead kids from that same district where the cemetery was.

They were trying to keep in touch with their families. Some of them were conscious that they were disconnected from the physical plane, and that is what made them try all the time to stay near so that they can feel alive. They actually were not prepared to death.


You may all have been in a changing period of time during the last two months because of the acceleration of the ascension process. We are all given signs of this process at different levels and in different ways. But what is important to know is that we are becoming more and more aware of ourselves as multidimensional beings and it is shown to us in very subtle ways ! So it is highly recommended to stay connected to self and centered on our personal spiritual growth.

My wave trees are part of what I am experiencing and also some of my astral projections. That’s why I am guided to share them here with all of you. In appreciation of what the universe is bringing in me and in deep gratitude for what I am experiencing now.

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