The Source of Crop Circles & Decoding one at Willoughby Hedge, UK



As many of you know, for years, the so-called “crop circles” have been appearing all over the world, although mainly in Europe, and there are many people who, interested in the subject, have researched and tried to decode them. Their origin is confusing for some, clear for others, and subject of controversy because, as you can already guess, some of them are legitimate messages of forces “out there” that support us, or support the evolutionary process of the human race and of the planet, while others are created by the military elites of the planet to sow chaos and confusion, and others are created by the races in control, which, being also “external” visitors, by having spent so much time here they take this planet as their property and the human race as their belonging.

The technology used to make these crop circles, by whoever they are, is the same or very similar. In general, although you can find some video on YouTube of people doing them with rudimentary tools, these videos and demonstrations are prepared to try to create the idea that it is nothing more than a prank of some humans or of a human system that decides to impress in wheat fields different messages that nobody understands. In any case, that is not correct, because

Over time, as the elites and the human control system saw that this had the enormous potential for awakening consciousness, as thousands of people began to ask themselves questions about their origin and complexity, the means for damage control were set in motion by the different security agencies of the main western countries, and they began to create other crop circles to mislead, cause confusion and to be able to control the public debate on the matter.

Well, in time, the crop circles continued to appear in many countries and places and as our “elites” could no longer stop them, they had to find a way to start misinforming them. Websites and pages have been created with all kinds of false information, with all kinds of contradictory interpretations, etc. To this day, there continues to be a series of impressions of symbols and geometry each season that continues to cause stupor, amazement and many more questions.

Three possible sources

As we have said, there are three possible sources for each of the crop circles that we see. The first, different races and groups that assist the planet and us, within what we have called the “coalition for humanity.” The second source, the four main races in control of the planet: Dracos, Anunnakis, Zuls and Mantids, with the assistance of other races and minor groups. The third source, the military and security complex of most countries where these crop circles appear.

All use the same technology, including the human military complex, because they have at their disposal a type of “sphere” projecting strength fields that make the equivalent of “printing” a drawing on a shirt, the pattern being the pattern that is wanted transmitted, and the shirt the surface where it is made. It does not always have to be done on wheat fields or similar, but the technology that is available can be made on any type of grass surface or similar, but it is not the most usual.

The reason why the military and associated “elites” have this technology is because it has been delivered in the exchanges and concessions made to the races in control since time immemorial.

A detailed study of crop circles

Due to the fragile planetary situation, the changes in the temporal lines, the restructuring of the mental and etheric fields of the planet, its energy lines, its channels, etc., the Earth as a “physical” and alive system is suffering such amount of extreme situations that it is necessary to intervene constantly to maintain stable the integrity of the planet and as balanced as possible. That is why “those who assist us”, continue creating, impressing and “recording” literally in the physical-etheric structure of the Earth much more data, information and messages through this type of crop circles, inserting some drawings and symbols in areas where they are necessary, or trying to send some explanation of what is happening so we are aware. In order to keep pace with these communications, those interventions to readjust parts of the structure of the planet and to continue monitoring the changes that are taking place, I will try to obtain an explanation from my Higher-Self and from the help team that we all have in planes and superior worlds to give them meaning and decode them properly as we see new drawings appear.

With this, I hope to differentiate which crop circles are made by humans, which are made by hostile races and in control, and which are being sent by those who are trying to continue giving information, support and assistance to the process that we are living. Since a couple of days ago a new circle appeared, this is the decoding received for it:

Willoughby Hedge, Nr Mere, Wiltshire. Reported 8th May.


As we said in the introduction, some crop circles are created by the military network itself and some sectors of the control system to send messages or insert codes in different parts of the planet, connected to certain energy lines that we know as Lay Lines, Hartmann, etc. This is one of them. It is intended to insert a certain frequency at a point where two important lines converge in this area, creating a small potential that is then channeled by underground currents to small “tantiens” (the equivalent in the etheric body of the planet) that are used by the control system to manifest certain plans that are still in the process of gestation. The geometric shape in this case acts as a “tap” that is opening at the etheric point where it is located (it is not a drawing whose objective is a physical process) a small portal that channels the energy of the different “branches” that converge there at the central point of the drawing, which is where the etheric connection is with the energy distribution channels.


Remember that we had already spoken in another article about the network of etheric “pipes” that exist on the planet and that we had partially disassembled a few months ago, they are trying to reconstruct them. In this case, due to the events that are to come for line 33, a certain amount of energy has been redirected to an accumulator to be used in their detonation and final materialization and hence they have created this symbol in the field, although its function and purpose is for the etheric plane.

A hug,

David Topí


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David Topi is an engineer, multifaceted writer, trainer and therapist. One of his main areas of focus is educating and helping people through spiritual and personal processes. He is an energy healer and uses the “Akashic” healing technique. He is trained in metaphysics, alternative methods, inherent spiritual abilities and in personal deployment systems that allow humans to express their maximum potential and find answers for their questions. Back in 2013 he created EMEDT, Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School, to provide a framework, organised and structured to the training he teaches. The website for David Topi's Spanish based Metaphysics and Transpersonal Deployment School can be found here,

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the first crop-circles were transmitted by different exo-planetary races as a way to insert symbols in the physical-etheric structure of the planet to assist in areas where an energy dysfunction had to be elevated or corrected.

This matches right up with Dolores Cannon’s QHHT info from one of her many books.

Glenda Ann
I suppose it has been noted already but this latest crop circle is a fair likeness of a mantis insect if looking down from above.