Changing the Rules of Manifestation of the Common Reality


Changing the Rules of Manifestation of the Common Reality

Now that we have laid the foundations of the main issues that we will be touching little by little in future articles, we will begin to go into detail in some of them to be giving guidelines on the macro concepts that we would have to have more or less assimilated, before entering into minor concepts, technical details or exercises to prepare the psyche and the energy system to align ourselves with increasingly higher levels of time line 42.

It is still early to make detailed or concrete explanations about how this change in reality occurs, and how it is perceived, because we are still at a very basic level of understanding of the processes that lie ahead. To have a way of measuring the advances that the mass of humanity on line 42 makes, we will use the collective unconscious of line 42 as our “meter” to know what can or cannot be explained, according to what the set of Higher-Selves that are in that line determine how to deal with the issues to be able to advance in the process.

In this way, knowing that our Higher-Selves will monitor the progress we make, we will have a clear path in some moments to publish more advanced concepts, or we will have to pause and revise concepts already published but perhaps not understood, assimilated or integrated. Remember that everything we receive through the senses is automatically uploaded to the collective unconscious through the automatic processes of the preconscious mental sphere that we have already explained, so it is easy for our Higher-Selves to know which concepts have been captured, integrated, or conversely, they have been “erased” from the psyche of people by the programs, filters and belief systems that are still in place. There is no hurry; the pleasure of the trip is on the road, not so much in arriving quickly at the destination.

The rules of the new reality

So, today we touch on a first theme associated with point 2 of that evolutionary curriculum that we had proposed to use as a guide for the explanations to be given, and that topic is related to the rules of the game that form the new reality, the new “Earth”, the new evolutionary level.

As you all know, or as you have read in a previous article, the external reality is a reality limited to the ability of our senses to perceive the waves and capture the energetic structures that come from the “quantum” or general reality, and that we adapt according to the content of our mind and our mental body. Therefore, if we want to change our personal reality, it is necessary to change all that content to project another “reality”. Obviously this “personal reality” in which each one exists, is part and is within the structures of consensus and common reality, therefore, the streets we walk through are still the same streets for everyone and the buildings are the same buildings. The bus where we got on is the same bus for everyone and, nevertheless, everyone is living a particular version of that bus or what happens on that street.

As we have explained, the macro structures depend on the so-called “paradigm” inserted in our preconscious mental sphere, but the details of that individual reality depend on the explicit and concrete content that each one has mainly at the subconscious level, although they are associated and archived in general folders, the archetypes that we all have equally with similar content. Therefore, when you get on a bus that many people share, for you, on your trip, the experience, the things that happen, how the trip goes or not, depends only on what you are projecting at that moment, while for the person next to you, his experience and his reality inside the bus depends on what that person projects in his particular reality.

Remembering what the “paradigm” is

Every computer needs an operating system to be able to install programs on it, since the programs need a set of basic instructions that being common for all, do not have to be imbued in each program, but using the set of instructions of the operating system they can now operate correctly. For the mind is identical, each program that we have does not contain all the necessary operations to work on its own but is based on a set of general and global instructions inserted at birth in each human being in its preconscious mental sphere and later, in a lower substrate of each of the other mental spheres which contains the basic programming for each human being.

Thus, all of us have and are born with this basic programming already installed for each incarnation, which depends on the time in which we find ourselves and also on the spatial and historical place. This means that there are small variations in the basic programming between the different regions, cultures or societies of the planet, since this substrate has to be adapted to them, so that the necessary and adequate management programs for people can be installed on it for different groups, regions and cultures.

The paradigm, thus, is the set of basic instructions that our mind has to decode and manifest our reality, which is born from the generic and quantum reality that is the world of waves and particles, and that our mind is in charge of giving shape and turn it into the reality that we perceive with our senses. These programs that dictate and form the pillars for the decoding of reality, the “rules” of how reality has to be for all of us, are inserted in our preconscious mental sphere and are those that allow us to have a common and consensual reality for everybody.

A change in the way of projecting reality

This rule or way of projecting the reality that is now imbued in us is a way of keeping us under control, because those races in control can and do insert the content they want into our energy structure so that we can project what they are interested that we manifest as a common and macro framework for all. In the new reality, in the new evolutionary level, this will not be so, since by owning and having come to create, as we will eventually do, a complex of social memory, an collective unconscious 42 consciously controlled by human beings, we will not need to project a common reality individually, but we will use the conscious projection that we can all use by working through the CU 42.

This means that the paradigm, the set of rules that dictate how the common reality works will no longer be inserted in our preconscious mental sphere, freeing it from a huge programming that will allow us to use the capabilities of that mental sphere for other things. In this way, the human being will project through the same current mechanisms that we possess, through the mental body and the pineal gland, only the content of our particular reality, without the need to sustain the common structures through the preconscious sphere, because we will have been able, and you can be sure that we will be able to generate those mental and etheric structures for the “physical” reality in which we will be in a common, consensual and “clean” way for all of us from the handling, connection and work with the collective unconscious 42.

Channels of direct manifestation from the mental plane to the physical

Therefore, the important thing of this point is to understand this first change that will occur in the rules of the game of that new matrix, where the structures that support our individual realities will be projected directly from the collective unconscious, without going through our preconscious mental sphere, through the energy channels that from collective unconscious 42 will open, or are already open, in the new reality, towards the etheric plane, and from there, towards what will be the physical plane that is still in formation and solidification.

As an analogy, imagine a cascade of water falling into a lake, now, however strange it may seem, the lake is formed because first the waterfall falls on our preconscious mind, and through our pineal gland we emit the waves that form in the “real” world and tangible lake to our senses. When we remove this step from the middle, the energetic processes and octaves that form or have to form that lake in the physical plane, will come directly from the mental plane and passing through the etheric, they will give rise to the manifestation of reality that for us will be our playing field and experience.

I am aware that it is hard to understand that what you see every day in your reality is 100% dependent on each and every one of you, and that if there were no conscious life constantly projecting those patterns we would not have a common reality in which to move, however, that’s right, and so we were “built” physically and energetically so that our reality was an illusion, a hologram, and we could not “get out” of it, becoming a Truman show due to the impossibility of realizing that we are in a scenario created by ourselves, by all of us, every millisecond of our lives, and whose rules we bring all encoded at birth.

When this changes, the common and macro scenario will change if it is decided by the set of all those who are in collective unconscious 42 and it will be as malleable and simple as it is now to change an image in a computer and modify the hologram that the associated projector to the computer emits in 3D to make us believe that it is something that was always like that, it was like that and it will stay that way.

A hug,

David Topí


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