Teacher Guides — An Excerpt From Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities


Teacher Guides, or Spirit Guides are intermediate to advanced souls that have finished their own cycles of incarnation and are now assigned to help guide the soul development of groups of developing souls. Your guide is a mentor and advocate, helping your progression without hindering your freedom or independence. Guides watch over us throughout our incarnations on Earth, and at times we can call on them for affirmation. Becoming a spirit guide is a very common path for most souls, even those that specialize tend to become guides for younger souls. Some teacher guides specialize in teaching certain skills or work with specific development levels. But most guides work in a general sense with a small group of 3-15 souls in a soul group and will remain with that group in some fashion for a very long time.

Below is a QHHT session story I have of a client who is in training to be a guide. This is from my book, Healing Journeys Through Quantum Realities: The Handbook.

Group, Self Mastery and the Evolution of Guides

Some life plans include opposing ways of achieving an objective—and this is deliberately planned beforehand by a ‘group of advisors.’ Usually a discussion takes place within the group, and it could be discovered later on to include the client at another level of consciousness. I wonder if these ‘opposing forces’ are behind some of the struggles we experience in life…

Ryan had a lifelong desire to achieve success, which, as an entertainer, he had tasted briefly. Many of his friends and peers had achieved fame, and he had frequently come very close to mainstream success himself. Under hypnosis he accesses a soldier’s life, the character has no family of his own and Ryan feels unhappy about this. Then he is shown glimpses of second similar lifetime. (He asks me later if I noticed how he just skirted over these lifetimes as it made him uncomfortable.)

He drifts away from that second life into the afterlife, where he is asking for a life of peace, saying, “I’m still disturbed by that last life and I want to plan having a family next time.” This gives me a cue for more information about his present life plans. Finding himself at a Temple of Learning he is greeted by half a dozen elders, and with recognisable awe in his voice he tells me how much they love him. They send out waves of love to him while, “Laughing, giggling and patting one another, because they love me and they know I’m still learning. I’ve not to be afraid, I’m always afraid. There’s one I want to ask questions of, but he’s busy talking with the others discussing a plan about me.” I ask if he can listen in and he replies: “They’re not sure about the decisions being made for me, one is sure and seems to have one idea, but the other has a different opinion; one wants me to be a success but the other says I need to continue the same lesson about failure. I feel drawn to speak with the ‘success’ one but the ‘failure’ guy is really powerful. He tells me that failure is important; because when success comes I’m going to love and appreciate it more, he thinks anything worth having doesn’t come easy. I’m shouting at them that I’m tired of failure, but they’re not listening and are arguing and discussing me among themselves. One is trying to get my case across and wants me to have success, as he feels I deserve a happier life this time. But I need to see success now as I’ve had enough of pain, death and war—although it has taught me my strength.” He then begins to whisper with disbelief: “I’m a very strong powerful soul, more powerful than I realise, I can go back home now.”

healing-journeys-through-quantum-realitiesThe elders go back and forth for quite a while so the client studies them. “They are white robed, bearded and one is hooded, they are wearing gold symbols or medallions signifying their level and knowledge.” Two medallions stand out to him and he later draws them for me. He is drawn to the one who fights for his success and says quietly but passionately: “He loves me, he’s always loved me, I think he’s one of my guardians. The one who wants me to fail is always like that and wants me to learn from the darker side. He’s a hard taskmaster, but he’s good, not cruel or anything and he’s higher than the others, and through him I’ve found my strength. Oh…I will be him one day, I’m in training and have a lot of his traits; I can be strict with people and I help them to learn more quickly, and it’s why I’m a good teacher. Training to be like him is important because I’m a very high soul and this is an evolving process.”

There is a long pause and then Ryan exclaims with surprise, “I think I’m one of the council, I forget that when I’m a human here. The ones that were arguing are what I’m moving towards, and the others listening are the same as me, in training. This is not my soul group, it’s higher as it is my training group. I don’t like it as I don’t feel that adequate.” This realisation makes him feel sad about his life as they discuss his overall life plans with him. They then proceed to carry out healing, including, “Pulling things out of my mind and replacing them with love.” This leads him to feel equal to them, “Now we’re just a bunch of friends.” They call him by his soul name to reconnect him to his true self.

I ask if more can be revealed about this true self and he whispers, “I seem to have expanded…I’m one of their teachers; I’m their leader…I am the powerful one! Oh my God, I’m even beyond them, they’re way below me, I belong to higher others and they’re going to incarnate after me. I’m the forerunner, which is a very strange feeling and I don’t like it—I’m not used to being that powerful—no wonder they weren’t answering some of my questions as I am the one with the answers. Oh my God I’m really high…so powerful I can’t believe it…I’m way beyond them and helping. I can see the higher ones above me and I myself am one of them, they run universes and work from the inside (realms). I need to be more like them, I’m not one yet but I am very close, I have to help those I’ve just been with, I have to help them with their incarnations. What I learn helps the others as I ease the path for them. I’m now with the higher group and they welcome me, they knew I’d make it but I’m not quite there yet, nearly there.

“Learning through failure and lack of success was good for me. I can now show them what the easy way is all about as I’ve been too hard on them—they need to have an easier phase of life, as do I. I’ll leave their group and move on ahead of them…I’m the next to go and the failure character is right behind me—maybe he’s still learning failure—but I’m finished. He’s the one right behind me and he’s learning from me…I can now be freed to have easier lives without restriction. I don’t want to go back to my Earth life but I have to understand letting go and learn the lessons over again so that I can release all the pain and failure now. Love is what releases me from it. I’m to learn about emotions, like pride, which can be love or not, as each emotion has a good feeling and a bad feeling. There is no such thing as a bad emotion, I’m to learn these things for myself.”

All of the above took place before we spoke in great detail with his higher self. Information was provided to show the significance of being helped by those vibrating above us, and through our own learning we are guided to evolve into becoming them. In turn we help the others coming after us. Ryan now knows he has to make the choices and take the actions for himself—which is perhaps a test of self-mastery.


Note that Lorna Wilson is a global moderator on transients’ community forum, The Roundtable, and board moderator of the boards Consciousness Exploration & Spiritual Development and Past Life Regression & Hypnotherapy.

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After spending a very successful 25 years in the fashion industry, I moved into the therapeutic fields and trained in a variety of modalities to assist others in personal growth. My approach to your session is quite similar to the skills I used as PR executive except now I am devoted to assisting the individual - you - become the person you know yourself to really be inside. I am a deeply spiritual woman with a passion for unraveling the mysteries of the mind. I am very optimistic and always choose to see the brighter perspectives presented within our life stories. As far as I'm concerned a glass is never half empty but always half full! I love to inspire and to be inspired and my goal and passion is to provide the sacred space where you can explore your own subconscious mind.

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