Remote Viewing Group Activity on transients’ Roundtable Forum


For anyone interested in remote viewing, I began a seven day group activity yesterday on our community forum, The Roundtable, where you can join in and take part in one or both of the exercises I’ve created.

There’s six days left to identify the two targets, which you can read about here. You can also find a video introduction I created at the top of the thread. (Those who may have wondered what I look and sound like live, can now find out!)

If you want to participate, just respond to the thread linked to above and post your results on our results thread here when you identify the target(s), or send me a private message with your results and I will keep you anonymous.

Note that remote viewing is just one method you can use to focus in and see what I have chosen. There are different methods of connecting in, so feel free to use any that you feel comfortable with, or multiple if you like. If you are a regular conscious out of body traveler, then feel free to just visit the target.

Note that we have a remote viewing board on the Roundtable, so this is a topic we discuss on a regular basis on the forum.

In addition to our remote viewing group activity, I continue to host our weekend distant healing group via the forum, and Sinera has helped to organize an astral projection activity as well, which you can find here.

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