David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers #2


Here you have the second installment of answers to the doubts and questions that you have sent me.

  1. You say that it will still take several decades to complete the process, but many of us who have been preparing are already old and want to ask if we will arrive alive … what happens if you die before?Thank you.

The time that our higher-Selves estimate that the new reality will take, that new “Earth”, that new “matrix” in being completely “solidified” and “materialized” at the level that we know as the physical plane depends on the rhythms and “speeds” that Kumar, as the planetary consciousness, can apply in its own octave of “change of physical framework” for the sustenance of the different forms of conscious life that we use as an evolutionary basis for our own paths and learning.

Currently, if we measure it by octaves, this process is found in the RE note, so that, at the rate that has gone so far, this gives us an estimate of approximately 25 years to “feel” this new reality. If a person, in his current state, despite being ready for change, or rather, despite being already on line 42 and preparing for it, does not feel in linear time able to perceive that change or that reality jump by the state of his physical vehicle, simply in the next incarnation will enter directly into the new one without major problem or restrictions, because it has already been completing the preparatory processes for it at the time he is in this “start of the game” in which we are executing the necessary processes for the transition.

  1. On one occasion you wrote about forcing synchronizations. I have tried it and it has worked for me. But a question arises: is it possible that these synchronizations have been executed by negative guides in order to confuse?Thanks.

Synchronicities are manifestations of mental and etheric processes that manifest themselves in the physical plane according to different “clocks” that mark meeting points in a person’s reality so that something is where it needs to be, appears where it has to appear, or intersects your reality when you have to cross it. All this process is usually managed by the Higher-Self or the team of guides of the person, but it is possible to enhance, attract or tune the processes that manifest the mental synchronicities, so that, by holoquantum projection through the structures and contents of the mental body and the projection through the pineal gland, you emit “waves” that “manifest” actions and events in synchrony with what you want or need.

Since all the reality we see as “solid” is nothing more than a web of energetic patterns, waves, geometric figures and so on, all that being, group, race, entity, negative guides, etc., that have the ability to manipulate these structures can make you reach all kinds of synchronicities that may or may not be aligned with your greater good. So there may be “coincidences” that are to help you, guide you, get something to you, and there may be manipulations in your reality that seem the same but are to disorient you, get away from something, obstruct your path, etc. How to distinguish them? Feeling, seeing and perceiving the energies of what happens to you, how they make you feel, if there is something that does not fit you, if something does not end up resonating in those encounters or “causal” situations, etc. And then, learning to ask your Higher-Self for help and guidance so that you can orient yourself through life following the clues that it puts for you and the signals it sends to you in the clearest, clearest and most unequivocal way possible.

  1. I wanted to know what happens to those who have stayed in the temporal line 33?

Nothing happens to them. Each human being follows his evolutionary path, fulfilling his role, completing his lessons, learning, enjoying his experiences. At this time, line 33 remains a complex and hard reality, but very important as a school for all those who have not yet completed a certain number of learning’s, requirements and processes that could lead them to a “higher level”. So, for the moment, as long as the physical reality of line 33 exists, what happens on line 33 is left to the free will and control of all of them connected in it, in its CU, under the control of several races as we have explained several times, therefore, what the humanity of the 33 decides as a whole to do with the reality of the 33, or be manipulated to do, is what will manifest and appear as “common reality.” All the Higher-Selves that continue in the 33 will take full advantage of the opportunities for evolution and growth that this line grants, so, therefore, it is still a way to accelerate the evolutionary process of each one although it cannot be left out and transfer to the 42.

  1. In an article you commented that the members of a family would go together towards one time line or another, depending on the “average” of the evolutionary level of its components. Is it possible in any case for one of the members to disengage? My Higher-Self confirmed several times that I was in 42, but the rest of my family members did not. Is it impossible for a family member to disengage or there are exceptions?

Can a member of a family be on the road to or on line 42, while the rest of the family seems to be firmly anchored on line 33?

It is completely possible that, finally, if a member of a family group wants to change lines, does the work for it and their environment does not do so, they have to leave it behind or leave it at some determined moment in the evolutionary path. This is not an imposition from anyone, nor a judgment, nor a punishment or a prize. It is a process of resonance that will make people who are aligned and tuned to a timeline, the more separated they are from people who are on the other line, the more distant, difficult and complicated it will be to stay together. So the evolutionary processes of these people will tend to separate them by pure energy resonance, without anyone or anything that judges or stops judging them. Since, in general, people tend to be with people of our same evolutionary level, and as we usually influence and let ourselves be influenced by them, the most normal thing is that family groups are all at a very similar level; except if one of the members does the conscious work to move the line leaving the others behind who do not want to do it, do not know, do not want or do not have the right level for it. There will be moments in the timeline 42 in the future, where this will be more obvious, because the evolutionary level of a person in the 42 will be so far from the evolutionary level of the person in 33 that it will be like trying to join water and oil, they will not get tuned in, no matter how hard they try.

  1. After years of study I still do not understand why things happen, if we are able to create our reality, how we combine that with the karmic, purposes of past lives, trans generational burdens, free will, repeated cycles to learn lessons etc.?

The personal reality of each human being depends on all the factors you mention. Things happen because you project them, since your temporal-space framework is manifested from the content of your energy system, mainly your mental body. In this way, everything we carry on our backs, programs, fears, things from other incarnations, cause-effects that we call karma, pre-programmed events in the sacred plot (which is something like the road map for each life), etc., is what manifests from the energetic projection that we make, constantly and without realizing, the type of life, events, events, learning’s and experiences that you live. Therefore, in your particular reality, everything you have lived, are living, carrying, deciding to create and execute, emit knowing it or without knowing it, is part of what you consider what happens to you and what you experience.

The second level of this game is the projection of the common reality in which all individual realities have a place, since we all live together in a framework of temporal space whose rules of the game are imposed on us by the parameters of our collective unconscious. This way, several races that are not from here, and that were part of the creation of the human being in its origins, are those that control the macro and common reality under which our individual realities run. This makes common structures for all influencing personal structures, because your reality is subject to the rules and manipulations of the higher levels of reality. Therefore, there are things that one suffers and happens because they are imposed and manipulated from the mental and etheric planes and other things because they are projected by our own energetic contents mainly in the lower subtle bodies.

A hug,

David Topí

Most of this info above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

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