David Topi Answers Your Questions — Answers # 1


(Laron) Recently David Topi offered people to ask him questions via his twitter account, and only is twitter account. Because it’s all in Spanish, I didn’t bother posting his offer here on transients. However, he’s since contacted me and said he is happy to answer questions in English.

So if you want to ask him a question, you have two options. You can respond to this article with your question, and I will pass on a list of questions directly to David which he may or may not answer depending on the question as per his guidelines below. Your question and answer may end up in a future article by David.

If you do that, make sure you read the instructions below, otherwise if you have twitter, just follow the instructions. Underneath these instructions are his first lot of answers, which Carl—from our community forum—has translated.

But first, if you are not familiar with David Topi, from my intuitive feeling, he has a great connection though to his guides and his higher self. I don’t consider him a channel though, if you are wondering if this is channeled information. He covers the topic of the new earth situation, but that kind of ties into the shift in consciousness. His focus recently has been on two timelines, one that is a higher in vibration, and which is basically a more evolved timeline, and one which is below it. You can find all his past articles here on transients.

Also note that David sent me an English version of a recent diagram that was linked to and featured in one of his previous articles, but which was in Spanish at the time. You may want to check this out here if you clicked on it and found you couldn’t understand Spanish back then.

(David, auto translation from Sp to En) “Because of the number of questions do you usually do for all channels and respects the topics we discussed in the blog media, I think it will be a good idea to put some kind of service “centralized” in order to receive your questions and to develop them in future articles or answer them in some post question-answer.

To do this, and to make it something easy to manage, let’s get it going through my Twitter account . That is, you can send a tweet with the questions you have, I pointed it, and gradually I’m answering and posting on the blog when you have four or five full. The only thing I ask is to meet these requirements:

  • Questions can be on any topic that touched on the blog, or related issues, over the last 11 years you have published material in the files.
  • The questions have to be generic enough to serve as the answer, as many people as possible. I can not respond to individual cases, or anything that does not have a purpose global and comprehensive service to all who follow me.
  • Questions must be concise and precise. Do not get me links to command them that I have to spend half an hour reading or watching something, I will not. You bring me a question, and if I can, the answer in an article. If you do not see answered is because it does not meet any of these rules or I can not answer for whatever reason.

So with that, I no longer answer more individual questions through email, twitter, Facebook or whatever. All centralized in this way and with the intention to serve more people better. I hope that will be useful this way of working to resolve questions and issues that you have things to clarify.”

Answers # 1

(David) Here you have the first delivery of the answers to questions and clarifications that you have sent me. Anything, through my twitter account as we commented yesterday.

  1. Can you comment something about etheric surgery and how that can help us disconnect? Is it fundamental for the ascension process or can it be achieved by other means?

The etheric surgery is a good technique to learn to extract elements of the energy system of the human being inserted, implanted and normally imbued by the different races that have control of the life system under which we live in these moments. It can be used for many things, but in general, it is not a tool that helps us to move from the temporal line to the next level of reality we are advancing to, since it is not a growth or frequency raising tool per se, neither moves the subtle bodies of line, nor does achieves that the sphere of consciousness, the mental spheres or the psycho-energetic components that determine the vibration, tuning and frequency of a person increase. Therefore, it is used in the same way that in the physical plane we would use “medical” surgery, to extract implants, to cut hooks, threads, to open the different layers of the energetic framework and release stagnant energies and blocks, etc. This, on the other hand, does have the effect of being able to assist the person to be better, or have fewer impediments that help them move to higher levels of reality within the time line in which they are, to feel better at physical, emotional and mental level, etc.

  1. Those of us who knew that we came to Earth to experience the change to a higher dimension and have been somewhat disoriented without knowing very much if we are well aligned or not … any help for us?

Confusion, obfuscation and disorientation have been three of the different programs used to constantly keep the human population in complete disorientation since we were created / genetically manipulated by different races. Therefore, that has always existed in the CU of line 33, and to a lesser extent it was tried also to be inserted in the CU 42, but without success (it was largely eliminated), huge doses of these same programs that due to the lowering mechanisms, automatic and programming inserted in the preconscious mental sphere, we have all been “absorbing” and collecting naturally without realizing it. When these programs find a slightly more “awakened” psyche in people who are more aware of themselves, who know part of their road map, purpose, service, and plan of action for this incarnation, they work faster, so to speak, because they find that there is programming and “data” not authorized by the general control system. This tells us that a person who has more information, is more aligned with his purpose, with his Higher-Self (consciously aware or not), etc., is more likely to receive these programs and to act at a much higher level, since they represent a greater danger to the system.

In addition, we are all cataloged with some energy codes that we do not see, that we do not know but that we possess in general in the etheric body and in the mental body that usually mark us as fit or unfit for the system, as innocuous, potentially dangerous or tremendously dangerous for the races in control, so that certain CU programs interact with the psyche of the person according to the code assigned to him. It is an automatic procedure, because by technology and by the manipulation of energy and the spatiotemporal framework, of the mental structures we possess, etc., they perfectly know how we function and how to manipulate us.

Thus, in general, it is a matter of requesting the deprogramming and elimination of obfuscation and confusion routines on a regular basis as we have mentioned in previous articles and trying to keep ourselves free of them so that the sensation of “disorientation” does not return. Then, on the other hand, it is a matter of asking our Higher-Self for a clearer, firmer, clear and unequivocal guide (inner, mental request, towards oneself) to find the signs that help us to return to the path of what is programmed in our “sacred plot” (the set of learnings, lessons, possibilities, potentials, etc.) for this incarnation.

  1. Does the physical body of a person reflect the energy level in which it is located?

The physical body is the densest body that we have, and it also has different levels of density in itself, having different layers that compose and cover it and whose frequency of vibration depends on the general state of the whole energy system. But the energy-frequency level of a person is usually marked by the set of subtle inferior bodies, which are the etheric, emotional, mental and causal, although inevitably, the state of the chemical and solid body impacts them directly.

In general, what makes a person tuned to a level of reality or another is the so-called “anchor point”, a kind of frequency tuner present in the etheric body that collects the processes of the mental body that is where the tuners are with the different energy levels and currents that mark reality. Therefore, as we are a holistic system where everything influences everything, mainly the energetic state of a person would be given by the etheric body with the connection to the rest of subtle bodies, and the evolutionary state of a person is marked by the expansion of its sphere of consciousness in the mental body. What checks if you are tuned to timeline 33 or 42 is the individual vibration of each body, so the set of “particles” that makes up each of them is what determines whether they “vibrate” or are tuned to a temporal line or other, hence we have explained in recent months how to clean and move each body from line 33 to line 42 one by one and in order.

  1. The new souls that are incarnating for some years on Earth, are all in line 42? Or there are souls still coming for line 33 too?

In general, it will depend on the evolutionary process and set of pending learning of those souls. If a soul needs to complete lessons that are available in the evolutionary scenario represented by line 33, the current reality, it will enter here to complete them, if you have the level of consciousness appropriate to enter a body that is born of parents who are in 42, it will then enter directly on line 42.

  1. If you are doing all the work in you to be definitely on the timeline 42 and after a few months die, where are you going?Is it posible to incarnate in the timeline 42?

If at this moment you already have any of your bodies on the timeline 42, it is difficult for you to leave this game right now, because in theory, it is planned by your Higher-Self to complete the transfer and continue on this line even if you do not arrive to the change of reality in the coming decades. This is done so that you can reach the minimum level required to “pass” into the new reality when the time comes, and you do not have to “go back” to a lower level to go all the way again. Therefore, the most normal thing would be that if a person is now making the change for the 42, it is because it is going to be a period in the 42nd, otherwise, if he leaves “the game” in these moments of transition, it is because it is considered, by your Higher-Self, that this “game” has been completed and that it is better to return “home” and prepare for the next one, either in 42 or in some evolutionary scenario where the lessons of the 33 that were not completed can be done. If everything is ready for the person to make the leap of reality, but the time has not yet come for it at the planetary level, and yet the physical and organic body is no longer in a position to continue more as evolutionary vehicle for the person, then that person will die, and will enter a future life directly on line 42.

  1. I have been meditating for a year and I cannot get my Higher-Self to answer me, which is my mission in this world. Is there something I’m doing wrong or is it normal?

The connection with the Higher-Self to get clear and clear answers is an arduous, very arduous work, by the way in which our mental spheres are programmed, by the presence of the ego program that blocks, or tries to, any unauthorized connection with levels that cannot control or dominate, and by the number of programs that we are not aware of that distort, manipulate, block and limit the mental potential we have.

Therefore, there are people who for whatever reason, mission and purpose of life, inner work in other incarnations, for external help, etc., have managed to open that channel, go deoxidizing it, go receiving more and more connections from way more and more clear than other people, no matter how hard they try. The main requirement is the creation of what we call an Observer Self, which is the part of the human personality that is formed when you constantly “observe” what happens inside you, and you become aware of the mental processes that there are in you. This Observer Self gains in potential to become the part of the personality that has the most potential to link directly with the Higher-Self, which is connected to the center of the sphere of consciousness, in the so-called CUC (Center of Universal Consciousness) in the ninth chakra.

Thus, with effort, time, energetic healing, mental deprogramming and a lot of perseverance, a permanent connection is established from the Higher-Self to the personality (only towards the Observer Self) that, as it grows, strengthens and heals, establishes a communication channel increasingly clean and fluid. Finally, there comes a time when the Higher-Self-Observer-Self connection is free of blockages, distortions and obstacles, and your Higher-Self can freely communicate with your personality. Therefore, for that to happen, it is necessary to heal, eliminate and deprogram hundreds of elements, programs, fears, resistances and beliefs that prevent this first connection from being carried out.

You can start by asking your Higher-Self to do what is in its hands in each meditation to clean up this channel a bit, and then, over time, you will see how this connection is created and you will have the answers you are looking for and need.

A hug,

David Topí

Most of this info above has been translated from Spanish to English by Carl, one of transients’ community forum members, over on the Roundtable. Editorial changes made by Laron. David has given transients.info direct permission to share his articles in this manner. 

Creative CommonsThis work is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported (CC BY-NC-ND 3.0). You’re allowed to share this article for non-commercial purposes, but you must not edit or modify the contents. You must include all links and images, as well as provide appropriate credit — which includes a link leading directly back to this article at the top of your re-post. You must also include this licence information.

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Hailstones Melt

I’d like to make an observation: when David refers to a “set of pending learning of those souls” (Qu.4) it may seem like a never-ending backpack of educational tomes which you have to lug around, and go through each one, without being able to progress up the spiral. However, reviewing many obstacles in this life and how I got over them, I liken it to sitting an exam, or “receiving the test”. It may be possible to despatch some of these occasions very quickly and rapid-fire, as meeting the challenge may be something as simple as visualising a chrysalis metamorphosing… Read more »


Funny, I was just spending some time thinking about something very similar about the importance of creative solutions to seemingly impossible problems (like your bridge of flower to cross a seemingly bottomless ravine; in fact my example was very similar). I was thinking about how vital dream time must be to this process and how all kinds of things (like practicing techniques endlessly, perfecting them, realizing how to do them consciously, and, yes, probably being 'tested') happen while we snooze. Yet we undervalue dream time constantly. This took me to realizing that so many of these techniques (heck, probably all… Read more »

Hailstones Melt

But also, in the question of "pending lessons of the soul", there is the fact that in your current life, you probably quickly back-track and touch on other things mastered in prior lives – just touch base with it and move on to new lessons. The reason I think this is the many times this happened to me in my young or early life. Such epiphanies as "there is never anything so constant as change", or "everything is energy", or even "trees are like the living hairs on the head of the earth". I had my seven years straight of… Read more »


No questions I guess? David just released his second lot of answers based on people asking questions via Twitter. Carl will be translating it shortly.

Hailstones Melt

LaronNo questions I guess? David just released his second lot of answers based on people asking questions via Twitter. Carl will be translating it shortly.

Can't wait.