Channeling the New Wave of Light — 18 March to April 2018


Since the last second part of March, a new wave of light and information was flowing in little amounts or energy upgrades that also was crossed by some huge ones especially during the last second full moon on March 31, called « blue moon ». This was the moment when the wave came at its fullest and many have felt its impact on their bodies : emotional, spiritual, mental, physical.

During this period, we are all called to let things happen as they should because we all receive insights, messages and guidance for this new shift in consciousness.

I have also been receiving messages from Higher Self and guides about this shift and here they are.

Reaching Far Away Lands

Each time you reach far away lands, you also reach new portals and realms that would open for you to learn and grow.

Earth is your home and where your heart is grounded, as you ground to the soil from where your life has began. You breathe the soil and drink the water of eternity.

Come back here whenever you need it !

When reaching your wholeness as you connect to the stars where you first incarnated as a soul and a being only made of light, you were free from many burdens, your soul knows it now. But wonders are endless and of a higher aim when you came on earth wondering who you were, as part of your memories has bee erased for the only purpose of growing.

This process may sound ridiculous, but this is the way you learn to open up more and more to the infinite knowledge you already are part of.

It is there that you become able to connect to your higher self and walk the path of love.

Knowledge is in every part of your cells !

Learning the languages of your cells is the way to discover the secrets of the multiverse. Your own secrets stored deep in your DNA, you are holding a monument in you.

You are the inner knowledge of That Which Is.

When Love becomes your guide, you can tap into this world and open new doors, many planes and parallel wolds.

You are a gate to your multidimensionality.

Your Soul is a Glowing Wave of Light

Your soul is evolving on its way to more light and you are receiving its blessings and lessons. You can walk the field of the Rainbow Lights, it is there that your soul travels as you are seeking for more knowledge and purity.

You know what you have to do and you know who you are.

Remember that questioning about who you are, is relevant to your spiritual growth. You are searching for more light to see more light, and in integrating more light your path opens more to push you forward and discover your true self.

You can at this time know more about what you have planned before incarnating in this lifetime.

Your goal is to be love

To help yourself you need to help others. Receive this luminous wisdom as your heart and soul have been urging for it. You may feel tired of searching for a purpose you deep inside know it is yours. It is your higher self showing you the way to achieve your goals. your soul is shining bright smiling at the beauty it is, to feel your heart opening widely in the sacred place you are in now.

You ascension is the goal and the purpose. In reaching more of you inner light you open doors to your soul to receive the gifts awaiting you, your treasure is in you ! It shows when you are ready to see the golden lights of the mysteries you thought you would never unlock.

But you are brave enough to do it now, as the waves of light are clearing your path and bodies.

You capabilities are now showing up to you, in you…

Be brave, open your heart more, share this beautiful gift and release all that has to be the old you were.

In learning from self, you also reach those who are around you.

You are discovering that in this process you are all different.

Christ Consciousness & The Blowing Fire of The Central Sun

The second ascension wave began with the new equinox.

You are receiving loads of energy in your entire being. An upgrade is now taking place in your energetic field. You may feel exhausted, excited, or depressed. Everyone has its own way to acknowledge and integrate the energy flowing inside from up higher dimensions: 9 to 13 D.

One of the most impacting and sensible symptoms is a deep wave of warm energy entering you from your stellar gate chakra, feeling this deeper and deeper as it flows in your bodies.

It is a field of an awakening wave directed by the Higher Council from the Central Sun. It is bringing deep warm particles of energy that may make you sweat but it is healing your entire being, burning all memories of your akashic records. It is a soul to soul connection that clears you in all ways. Your soul is aligning to your heart.

As it flows, it can cause pain in your crown chakra, and even in the left side of your brain. This process of energy work is directed by higher beings of light, working with sacred geometry tools and programs that have been sent to Gaia previously in the shapes of crop circles.

They are multidimensional energy stations to connect the earth to the ascension waves with very highly intelligent programs that are sent to help all humanity in the current shift. The last full moon was actually the instrument and the trigger of these burning waves. When it comes through the crown chakra it leaves your upper centers in a state of bliss with a feeling of intense electric waves in your body.

The full moon on March 2018 was the instrument and the trigger of these burning waves. When it comes through the crown chakra, it leaves your upper chakra in a state of bliss. The energy flows directly through the heart chakra to connect you more to the Central Sun as it it a huge space located in your 4th chakra. Your heart is the mini space of a bigger one which is the Central Sun, from where the ascended masters work benevolently during this new wave.

Christ energy is flowing in tiny particles in all your bodies opening more your crown chakra and your heart, connecting them both in a new template which is of a sacred geometry creation.

Many other benevolent beings are supporting Christ energy, such as the Virgin Maria and Maria Magdalena, Archangel Ariel, and Archangel Michael, and you can feel it as you immerse more and more in this new wave.

Your bodies are pretty shaking and you are in need to sit and adjust with the energy as the 9th D is working now to help you during this process.

Many Rainbow children have been receiving this energy. So your child may have headaches in the crown chakra or the left area of the brain these are specific symptoms of the current shift and awakening times.

To connect to the 9D, everyone has to be open to the information sent through them, in all cases, all is coming in little but intense waves made of DNA stem cells regeneration particles.

April is a month of huge changes at all levels. The electromagnetic field around the earth is reactivated constantly with pulses of new photonics and crystalline particles.

As the earth is preparing its new 6D upgrade. The crystalline energy is golden as it is intensifying, surrounded with purplish-pink particles of light moving in waves all around the planet.

Many are now experiencing this intense energy as it is recharging the physical bodies with crystalline light codes to upgrade all living beings DNA.

Prepare for more and more fire and flames coming through you from the Central Sun, spreading the energy of the sacred geometry in crop circles and in synchronistic numbers and events to align with Source.

You may experience ups and downs but all is well dear ones ! And so many blessings are coming your way now.

Be in peace and stand on your powers !

Be thankful and watch your inner light !

You may see the columns of rainbow lights flowing every where in your space and those pink purplish orbs of light may add intense cleansing energy to help you transmute old memories stored in your DNA and cells, as you become ready to receive the new light codes coming your way, through you, the work is being done by itself, you don’t need to do anything else than allowing your bodies to receive the current blissful transmutation !

As long as you long for peace, peace comes to you, through the heart you can feel it.

As long as your higher self is awakening you to this magical shift, you can learn from every single step you take.

Forward you walk the path of love, light is in you, around you, protecting you, healing you from all pains.

Let it be your inner guide.

You deserve peace, and love is who you are !

This is the wave of the heart chakra. That’s where you receive it !

What’s Next ?

You are now diving in intense waves ! The shift is upgrading more and more, and many won’t be able to adjust if they don’t take that time to do it.

Ascension is given to you for learning. You may feel as if you are stuck in a mission and have no clue to where to go next. This is because of the energy coming your way now, as it is just giving you this time to reflect and make choices. You are eternal spiritual beings and have the right to choose for yourself ! Before incarnating two or three choices have been shown to you through the multidimensional portal of destiny. This time is that particular moment and space you are entering back to make your choices. So it is as if you are in deep connection with your higher self deeper and deeper.

The Central Sun is connected to all sacred lines of the Earth and the way you receive its blessing is different from one another. You have to experience huge downloads of light codes in your bodies and from inside, you will notice that the information is being cleared for you. Your third eye is a gate to your multidimensionality. The more you clear your third eye and the more you enter parallel worlds with loads of information about the current shift and the next ones.

You don’t have to do any research for that as the info is given to you without any effort. Channeling information is not a mental process that comes from the brain. It is stored in your heart and you hear it from your crown chakra.

So take time to understand the process and hear with clarity as you tap into the information. Channeling is not an intellectual process it holds the information and the knowledge stored within. You don’t need to go and search for it anywhere outside of you.
Solar flairs come from the Central Sun where multidimensional stations are set to clear old energies and to send the new waves with their information and updates.

You may feel heavy hands, crown chakra burning and buzzing waves in all your bodies and energy centers. This process is intense and huge. Rest and self trust are demanded.

Velieve in your self ! Be grateful to those who are helping you on your path ! Don’t isolate yourself from those who are helping you and to those who can always do, as the ascension in a collective process where individuality mixes with all living beings ! Help with the information you receive.

Few Information About This Shift Through my Latest Conscious Astral Projections

I am now in Tunisia where I travelled on April 1, 2018, to spend time with my family as my father passed away about 2 months ago.

This travel I choose to do now has a purpose and I was healing so many old wounds in both myself and my family members. My mother and sister were feeling huge warm energetic downloads since I came here especially early in the morning when I was astral projecting consciously. They also felt the energetic huge shift of the central Sun on April 9, 2018.

The first astral projection took place here in my district but it was a parallel world. I saw benevolent beings sending huge waves of light around the district as everything is broken here. There is suffering everywhere and in every living being as if things are being cleared out with this wave. The wave is made of electromagnetic and radioactive light key codes and much healing is occurring now.

What happened to me few hours after this astral projection was unbelievable : I went to sign papers here near the place I saw these benevolent light beings, and when back in my home, I saw that I lost some cards I had in my wallet : my insurance card, and some others. So I was back to the road I took to come home. And I found them all exactly where I saw the Light beings during my AP. They were there and no one took them in the mean time when I was in between my home and that place.

I understood the message that was left for me about a clearing mission that took place here. Some areas of this country need affective healing actually, and some of my family members were asking me about this shift and the way the earth is changing its energy for us to move on.

The second astral projection and the soul’s entrapment

I was sent to the cemetery where there is father’s grave. I felt a guidance from him and just let myself flow in my astral body. I saw myself leaving my physical this time with more visions : my astral body was like a balloon, floating once out of my physical from my crown, and I was very quickly outside flying slowly this time over the cemetery.

I heard a huge sound like a thud in my ears when I left my physical, then I was surrounded by many kids in the cemetery who were playing and shouting everywhere around the graves. A huge light from above that parallel world came over that place and I saw the kids being pulled out and reaching the spiritual realm where families and benevolent beings were welcoming them.

I then left the cemetery after that episode, and was floating near a long wall in a district that was on the other side of my house. I felt I was too much near the wall and did not like the touch of it in my astral body, as it it was a frontier between that parallel world and the other one where I am when I am in my physical. I felt the presence of a little girl who was running after me. I heard her singing and running but not so fast and just behind me. I thought she was chasing me. So I just moved away on the left side of the road and I saw a pretty little 8-10 year old brunette girl who was running slowly singing and wanted me to help her joint those who have already gone up to the spiritual world.

I was back in my physical at that moment when she joined the others. I had the information that these kids were not conscious that they died and that they choose that plane to stay near their families ! They were all buried there. They have been stuck there for a long time.

Near that cemetery there is a primary school and that’s probably why these kids choose that parallel place to gather. In front of it a passage to a parallel world that leads to the spiritual realm I took few times ago, after my father passed away, and where I met him as he wanted to give me two gifts.

This astral projection took place few days after I visited my fathers grave and connected with my energy to that land. Many souls who are still entrapped in lower planes are being healed and rescued with this shift.

The third astral projection happened on April 9 very early in the morning. It was a conscious one too and it happened after I woke up and went back to sleep again. What I mean by “Conscious Astral Projection” is the way we are conscious during the projection hearing the sounds of our astral body leaving our physical from our crown chakra, the feeling of cold in our physical body, seeing our physical body laying on the bed once out of it, floating aver it for a moment and then reaching the place we are guided to to go to during that process. In that moment we are able to move our astral body like when we are in physical but differently as we are flying, floating and seeing things from our third eye.

This travel took place as I was flying inside of the tunnel and the view was like from a TV screen. I am during these astral projection to direct my astral body as I wish and even do things I feel guided to do.

img_9752 img_9753

I was in a long winding tunnel where the path was marked by broken white lines, like those seen on highways. I was flying along the path and saw beings that were falling on the sides. They looked humans but were really no more in human shapes, like dark shadows of what they were. They were black as burned by the sun or a fire. I saw them falling to both the sides and die. Their astral / etheric bodies were left there to be transmuted and their souls like exploding flashes of white lights were leaving more and more as they were stuck in that place.

These are the ones who won’t be able to survive this wave of energy coming on earth these days.

The lesson of these astral projections is to be there and not manipulate the energy. As light workers, we have to trust that everything is coming at the right timing because this wave as those who will come next have information in them stored and directed by the quantum field.

The wisest way to follow is to receive and let it work softly. So if you feel tiredness or like being attacked, it is coming from inside because of the cleansing that is taking place. Solar flairs are also occasions where black holes work at their highest levels to transmute old energies and the information that are no more useful for our current life. We are urged to let the process be with peace and love.

Here is a video by Lee Caroll channelling Kryon on April 2018

Much blessings to you All


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