Anxiety and Depression: A Sign of the Times?


Anxiety and Depression: A Sign of the Times?

You only need to watch the news to feel concern over local and world events. The mainstream media has been designed this way; to disempower us, separate us and keep us locked in fear. People are gradually starting to wake up, though, and interestingly, terms such as ‘fake news’ are becoming commonplace. The idea that news can be fabricated or embellished to suit an agenda is becoming more widely known. The masses are gradually realizing that news can be engineered to make you feel a certain way, make you shop for certain products and keep you firmly on the 9 to 5 treadmill.

Anxiety and depression can also be a wake-up call from your soul and higher self. Perhaps there are certain lifestyle factors you are engaged in that are diverting you away from your path, or purpose. On the other side of the coin, sometimes anxiety and depression can be part of the shift we are going through and a result of the cellular clearing process. With the ascension energies coming into the planet, past unresolved emotions and trauma may rise to the surface to be cleansed, once and for all.

Empaths and Sensitivity

If you are an empath or sensitive individual you may be more prone to anxiety and depression. Dense cities and crowds of people can be overwhelming. Even toxic relationships can create a lot of problems for people that are empaths or sensitives. Learning to set healthy boundaries with people can be helpful, but for most empaths, this is a skill they usually have to learn through trial and error. It can be important to learn to say ‘no’ when it does not suit us; and without feelings of guilt afterwards. After all, our personal wellbeing is the most important thing. We are not here to please others; we are here to do what is right for us. Sometimes, if you are a good listener or tend to offer sage advice, friends or family can feel comfortable in unloading their problems onto you, looking for answers or relief. This is where setting some healthy boundaries is important, as well as being politely assertive, if necessary.

Is it all In the Mind?

You may wonder; are anxiety and depression all in the mind? I feel they both are and are not. It is quite complex. Certainly, thinking negative thoughts can lead to feelings of anxiety and depression. I also think that some people’s chemistry can make them prone to anxiety and depression. It certainly runs in families. Everyone can have a tendency for certain conditions, and it is the same with mental illness. Depending upon the severity of the anxiety and depression, a doctor may prescribe you medication. These pharmaceutical interventions usually come with side effects, so you may like to try some natural alternatives first. Things like getting enough exercise, sunlight and supplementing your diet with some sedative herbs can help. The herbs valerian, passionflower and hops, for example, are a great way to treat anxiety naturally. St John’s Wort can also be a good option for depression, though if you aren’t already taking antidepressants be aware that it may interfere with the action of this type of medication.

The Subtle Bodies and Trapped Energies

Many people aren’t aware of the existence of the energy body and the chakras. These may have blocked and trapped energies, leading to feelings of anxiety. Also, many people have etheric cords in their energy bodies, and bonds from past and present relationships. Practicing tie-cutting exercises, or meditation every now and then, can help to cut the cords on an energetic level. Many people are only aware of the physical body, but we also have seven layers to our aura, including our chakras. We can sometimes experience trauma in past lives, creating a wound that persists in our present energy body. We can carry this around with us for a long time, until it is healed and resolved. Seeing a Reiki or energy healer can be a great treatment for issues such as this. This is probably something that doctors and psychiatrists wont have any knowledge of, and no experience in treating. However, if after a long period of time, you find you aren’t getting any relief through natural methods, there are times when seeing a doctor can be an option worth exploring.

Entities and Attachments

Another topic that isn’t widely known is that of entities and attachments. Many people may have these from time to time. Clairvoyants or those that can see with their third eye can usually see spirit, as well as entities. Spirit is usually seen as bright white, or another colour of high vibration such as violet or gold. Negative entities or attachments are usually black in colour. If you experience a physical illness or depressive illness, these entities can be drawn to you and attach themselves to your aura or home. There is no reason to be alarmed though, as these entities can be cleared by intention. Clearing exercises such as smudging with sage or incense can send them on their way. There are even people that specialize in clearing people’s homes and space, something which can be helpful from time to time. Often, psychics or healers can also clear a person’s home, if this is a field they have experience in.

Closing Thoughts

Anxiety and depression can be unpleasant conditions to live with, but they are also surprisingly common. Often, it may be a matter of trial and error — finding out what treatments work best for you. Help is available; in most cases you simply have to seek it out. The Internet can also be a great resource for researching herbs and other natural alternative treatments, as well as discovering the interactions and side effects of any pharmaceutical medication. There are also many forums online where support and advice from people experiencing similar conditions can be found. Anxiety and depression are treatable and often do improve over time. Sometimes, reassessing lifestyle choices can be helpful to reduce stressors and triggers when you are feeling vulnerable. Work, for many people, can be a big source of stress, so sometimes choosing a job or career that is less demanding can be helpful to your overall wellness and outlook.

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