Axiatonal Alignment Healing — Connecting to the Universal and Planetary Grid


I’ve lost 2 inches off my waist in the 2 weeks since my in-person Axiatonal Alignment healing performed by Henda Zaghouani in France. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this, ask her exactly what this healing is. Basically, I’m observing changes both on an abstract level and physical level.

[IMG]On the more obvious physical level, I’m continuing with my vegetarian diet (on rare occasions I’ll eat fish or eggs — but that’s really rare), and getting loads of rest, drinking water as needed.

Cravings are greatly reduced. I find myself naturally reducing the kinds of food I eat. Now pretty much down to fruits and veggies as Dolores Cannon said we would. I had a cold for a few days (haven’t had one for years), suddenly gone as fast as it appeared, diarrhea in cycles for no apparent reason, but my body tells me this is all cleaning and detoxing even further than I had previously. I’ve had a few headaches, but these were not really the kind I associate with detoxing. Rather these headaches are really mild and of the “DNA upgrade” kind.

On the abstract level, loads of work being done. Dreams/OBEs are more clear, and I can remember the details better. Emotions are more virulent as they surface and are released.

Overall, I feel more energetic and a pervasive sense of connectedness to… anything. This will entail an upcoming establishment of barriers and filtering, as can be expected.

I cannot say the results of my Axiatonal Alignment will be the same for anyone else. Everybody shows up here with their own special package and baggage. This healing is touted by many healers as a life-changing event. Well, yes it is. For me it was not a life-shattering event, as I’ve already allowed my life to be shattered many times before. Instead, this one — while more subtle — is definitely noticeable and powerful.

The changes this healing brings me has allowed my body to proceed at its own pace. Axiatonal Alignment (at least as performed by Henda) is a kind of reconnection to one’s own self, within and without, and manifesting in its own special way — all according to one’s own special needs.

In my case, I feel I had plateaued both physically and ethereally — now re-expended to new frontiers at my own mellow pace. Maybe it will speed up later. That’s life. But I feel the axiatonal alignment is allowing this all to proceed naturally, with more inner resources online than I’ve seen than ever before.

A worthy work in progress. Very thankful…

Editors note: For further information, and discussion, on Health and Healing, head on over to our forum, The Roundtable and check out the Health, Somatics & Psychological Well-being and Energy & Sound Healing boards.

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This is a great and informative post John! Thanks for sharing your experience with Axiatonal Alignment Healing.