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Some Background

Yes, this is good news about dragons and something else really good that may arise from this.

But first it’s necessary to put into perspective how humans and dragons have interacted over time…

In the news recently we see growing evidence about the unthinkable atrocities that the dark forces of the world have imposed upon the people of this Earth. This rising awareness is evidenced most readily in world politics. US President Trump recently signed an order specifically targeting human abuse and atrocities that have been going on literally for eons.

As it is with humans who have suffered all across our Earth / Gaia, animals have been subjugated, enslaved, and have even become food. Animals are a “major protein source” for many a culture. If not that, then at least they are source of amusement or entertainment. A step beyond this are animals as “pets” – whereby they may receive some attention, but are later abandoned on the roadside when they are no longer “cute” or are “put down” when they become old and frail – things we would never do to a fellow human. (Or do we?)

Dragons: A Thing of Myths

For many people, the mere mention of dragons conjures up vivid imagery of fire-breathing creatures bristling with a mysterious and sometimes dark and foreboding power. Where movies such The Never Ending Story portray a dragon as a kind and benevolent creature, other more mainstream movies such as The Hobbit seem to hold sway in the public mind by portraying dragons as evil and sinister entities whose only motive is to cast fear into the hearts of all they encounter.

After the initial fascination, a child grows up into adulthood with no further thought of dragons until comes the time for them to bring up children of their own, for whom they sometimes buy a toy dragon, a dragon book, or perhaps purchase a movie featuring dragons – assuming the movie industry finds it profitable to sell the dragon idea.

No matter what the impression, at the end of the day in the mainstream dragons are squarely defined as mere legends, myth, the stuff that only children wonder about until fully dis-tracted into adulthood.

But what if the tables turned?  What if myth and legend turned into reality?

Dragons Defined

I hesitate to even make the effort of defining what a dragon is – for how can one define a creation of pure wonder?

From what outside accounts and testimony exist, there are many kinds of… say, birds for example… With as many birds as there are, there can be just as many kinds of dragons. In local stories and mythology, dragons range in size from dinosaur proportions to being so small as to fit into the palm of one’s hand. Likewise, body morphology varies from sea serpents (à la our beloved Loch Ness “Nessie”), ground-dwelling dragons, winged and non-winged, as well as dragons of many types who dwell in the ethereal realms.

Proponents of mainstream biology would say common reptiles such as snakes, lizards, and the long-gone dinosaurs would explain the “myth” of dinosaurs, their presence in old stories and songs. Academics and scientists often say that the ancient peoples had lots of time on their hands, and thus in their minds equated the idea of a common snake or lizard as a dragon.

More “esoteric” (this term being the academic euphemism for “weird”) truth-seekers such as Jay Essex or Alfred Lambremont Webre would say that the draco-reptilians (including their artificial progeny species such as some gryphons / griffins and chimera) should not be included as examples of dragons. While such hybrids did/do exist, they are excluded from the definition through pure species difference: simply because they were hybrids  many times selfishly and artificially created through genetic manipulation by other species with specific intentions in mind.

But many definitions do not suffice in one aspect for which dragons are best known: They were born of Magic.

So, where is the magic?  Is there such a thing as a magic? The answer lies in one’s direct interaction with dragons. Somehow, humans became separated from dragons, and we need to delve into why this separation happened.

What Happened?

By extension, we must now know that the cruelties suffered by the animals on Gaia have likewise been unspeakable for dragons. They were subjugated, hunted, killed, even eaten, beaten down and turned to the darkness to serve the dark agenda. Since their flight, they have been vilified in old stories and Hollywood movies. As of this day, perhaps 95% or more of the world’s population believe they never existed. So if they never existed, then why do they reappear again and again in our discussion over the eons?

Those dragons that survived persecution were either imprisoned or went into hiding.

It’s written in the ancient texts and sung in the traditional oracle stories that all create-ures cohabited originally in utter harmony with humans. Indeed the scriptures state, “The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat…” Humans and other organisms lived freely together and spoke directly through silent telepathic communication. During this time, humans were magical creatures on par with all others.  Animals of all species (including dragons) breathed the Breath of Life, and thus didn’t need to eat other curvatures.  There is rare evidence of this lack of eatingfrom the non-predatory era in these modern times. (See also breatharianism or inedia).

During this time, humans lived happily together with the dragons.  Again, Henda says of that time:

“Humans and dragons lived peacefully together. They lived in service for the benefit of the Earth, its energy and its many inhabitants. They were very connected in a multidimensional level and they knew better than anyone else what their mission was. Every creation was able to know this, and the dragons helped with this task as they were magic themselves. They taught magic to humans and that was the way humans began using dragons for their own benefit.

As written and sung in the fables, we are told this era of blissful comm-union was a veritable paradise.

But look at the word “paradise”.

From the Greek peri “around, about”, the second is from dheigh- “to form, build”, as a wall. 

Amazingly the word paradise may imply a wall.  Perhaps the first construct of separation!

But why separation?  Because it was imposed upon all the creatures of this Earth, dragons included. As it was also sung in the old stories, this separation was imposed upon us all by… a external predator.

The Predator Created Separation

“We have a predator that came from the depths of the cosmos and took over the rule of our lives. Human beings are its prisoners. The Predator is our lord and master. It has rendered us docile, helpless. If we want to protest, it suppresses our protest. If we want to act independently, it demands that we don’t do so… I have been beating around the bush all this time, insinuating to you that something is holding us prisoner. Indeed we are held prisoner!

“This was an energetic fact for the sorcerers of ancient Mexico … They (i.e., our predators) took us over because we are food for them, and they squeeze us mercilessly because we are their sustenance. just as we rear chickens in chicken coops, the predators rear us in human coops, humaneros. Therefore, their food is always available to them.”

 The Shaman Don Juan Matus, Carlos Castaneda’s mentor (read more about Castaneda)

Castaneda was not the only one to report the concept of a predator-controlled universe. Contemporary mystics such as Toltec shaman-artist Don Voss, Zulu shaman Credo Mutwa, truth-seeker David Icke, and and author Lorraine Vossall speak extensively about the predator. Countless other internet testimony speaks of negative entities that consume human energy via base emotions such as fear. Even the mainstream movie The Matrix openly alludes to humans as a source of energetic food!

Now that we have established the existence of a collectively predatory agency – which some now commonly call the cabal, headed in great part by the draco-reptilians – we must return to the topic of separation from the dragons.

Separation is what serves the cabal’s best interests. We see separation meted out by tools such as social class, separation in income, skin color, language, political ideology, country boundaries, and war.  By separating us from one another, people from other people, from plant life, and the animals  including our beloved dragons  there arises the emotional discord that serves as the energetic food that the cabal/predator loves to consume. Thus the more we feel separated, the more we succumb to these base emotions, and in turn the more plentiful the predatory food supply is. This separation has been injected into our lives through all means: our education, our language, our culture, and indeed it becomes a part of our very psyche.

It almost goes without saying that any higher emotion that fosters self-empowerment such as love, compassion and communion were prohibited under the cabal’s separation paradigm.  It is for this core reason that humans became separated from dragons  for dragons were greatly about self-empowerment,  love, compassion and communion.

Why Did Dragons Leave? Where Did They Go?

Reconnective Energy Healer (and Mother of Dragons in past lives) Henda Zaghouani explains the dragons’ disappearance:

“Unfortunately (under the influence of dark forces) the human interaction with the dragons and their power turned from selfless service unto the Earth, to a selfish corruption. And thus began the dark days for both dragons and humans. Humans became controlled by dark entities, and these humans in turn began to control the dragons. Those that were swayed toward such selfishness were used in black magic that only compounded the fear and darkness in the world.  This kind of dragon is evident in The Hobbit’s evil dragon Smaug.

“For those dragons that did not wish to bow to the control of self-serving humans, they were hunted down mercilessly and killed. Those that escaped went into hiding. Some of them died of their wounds or of broken hearts, having been separated from their families and companions, some of whom were human.  Most of the dragons left the 3D and are now spiritual beings working with archangels and angels to help us with the current shift. Those that survived stayed in hiding (many times underground) or used their magic to seek refuge in parallel worlds that made them impossible to be found. Some of these dragons found safe haven in the ascended Atlantis.

“Those people who have access to this realm may have seen glimpses of dragons there. But even if you know this, they won’t come to you unless they feel you are ready to work with them.  To this very day, dragons are shy, secretive, and extremely cautious in working with humans. Rightly so, for they were hunted almost to extinction. It will take some time to regain their trust.”

Evidence of the Dragons’ Re-Emergence

Henda states,

“Dragons live in parallel worlds now and they were and still are good spiritual strongly associated with the old (and the newly forming) Atlantis. But just as humans have been doing here on this Earth, dragons in the spiritual realms also need to heal from the heavy karma they carry, too. So now they work as spirits and their aim is to help the Earth and those who in their healing are bound to that same healing too.”

Some news (albeit not much) bears some soft disclosure of the re-emergence of dragons:

  • Mysterious 60ft ‘DRAGON skeleton’ – The Sun UK: Henda sees into the pictures accompanying this article and tells us,
    “This is indeed real. She was a female white dragon who died in her sleep. The appearance of her body in these days of Earth’s history is no accident. This is a gentle way of preparing us for the dragons’ re-appearance in our lives. Through her death comes life: the a re-kindling of our lives through a growing awareness of the dragons.”

The Good News

The good news is:  A few days ago the souls of a few thousand dragons (all across the world, with more to come!) were released from captivity from the underworld where they had been imprisoned – some for thousands of years. Many of these souls were imprisoned by the dark entities whose networks are now being dismantled in this historic moment in our Mother Earth’s history of healing.

Author’s note: I don’t consider myself an expert on dragons. I merely had the great fortune of witnessing this massive beautiful release!

Some Healing Needed

While some of those released have returned to Source, there are some strong enough who have decided to stay in nearby realms to continue their experience here on Gaia to continue their work. Of these, there are some that have been empowered to begin work immediately in helping our beautiful Earth-ship and her people (all life forms – not just human) in her healing and ascension.  As for some of the other dragons, the cruelty dealt to them has been so profound, that they are understandably very skittish or outright unwilling to associate with humans at all. Some may have been karmically tasked with resolving this issue, and thus may need to stay in the Earth realm for now. Some of these dragons may be angry or afraid of humans.

In this respect, these few dragons may be similar the war veterans of the human domain – needing of much personal time, space, and healing.

“Practical” Advice

At the first mention of dragons, some people will be triggered with fear. While it’s always best to approach a new subject (or a complete stranger) with caution, please recognize that much of this reaction has been programmed for eons into our society and our behaviour as a misleading knee-jerk reaction. Some people think that because dragons are somehow related to the oppressive draco-reptilians that have recently come more into light, that the dragons should be feared, at the very least avoided.  While these dark creatures and the dragons may share some traits (physique to say the least), the dragon species spoken of here are not to be confused with the dracos.

Practical advice:  Work with, resolve, deal with, or seek out help for dealing with your fear or issues in any form.  While utter fear is an attractor to the dracos, it is a repellent to the dragons. If you’re filled with fear or are not pure of heart, then you’re likely not to perceive a divine higher-realm being such as a dragon. This is not to say they will refuse to help you. Many people, despite not seeing them nor even knowing they exist, are assisted daily by their angels and spirit guides.  Likewise could it be with dragons.  This very moment it’s possible that dragons are assisting you.  But bear in mind many of them have gone to higher realms, and thus are difficult for many to perceive. The chance of one actually appearing in 3D is unlikely. Expect them instead in visions and dreams. So…

In coming days if you’ve been asked to become aware of, or work with a dragon – then the coming days are no better time!  But bear in mind the following:

  • Just like people, dragons have been abused over the ages.
  • A few are hurt, and are not entirely ready to work with us humans.
  • Many are willing to give us another chance.
  • “Good or evil” – Send them Love. There’s no going wrong with Love.

Dragons are intelligent living create-ures, just as people are.  While they can become close friends, they are not to be treated as “pets” –  unless you may have an express agreement to do so (unlikely).  Treat them with the respect they deserve.

The recent rather large release of dragons may be the first of many. Pray that all of them that need it are released! As time goes on, people may rise up enough to begin to perceive them in the upper realms where many of them currently live. And likewise they may come to meet us halfway.

This world is healing and with care the dragons will heal with us.  With time, we can all heal each other as the family we once were.


Great thanks to Reconnective Energy Healer (and Mother of Dragons in past lives) Henda Zaghouani for her contributions to this text.


© Helios Journal (Posted with permission)

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Food for thought again as with so much of this David Icke and 'reptilian matrix controllers' material. I've seen lots of Icke's presentations in YT videos in the past and was always fascinated by this possibility.

However it is for me lots of speculations and dot-connections made with ancient myths combined That is sometimes hard for me to digest as an open-minded skeptic. But of course, it might contain a core of truth indeed. Who knows?

And btw, isn't Daenerys Targaryen also the 'mother of dragons'? 😉


I was reminded the other day of some of the bedtime stories I told. I had a whole series about dragons. The gist of the story was I said let's be careful because we don't know that dragon, but the child would make friends with it, have some great adventure, and come safely back home.

I don't recall many dragon stories from my childhood, so these stories came from somewhere. 😀

Hailstones Melt

I swallowed a chicken bone last night, and went off to lie down and not move about too much, as it wasn't choking me and I'm hoping the stomach acid does the trick. So I missed the super blue full blood moon last night (sob). However, as I was lying there, I thought: "If I do die, what will I see first?" And then I saw the visualisation of a giant dragon's snout right up close, and as I was appraising all the little details of his visage, I wasn't scared… but then I thought: "Let's not bring this into… Read more »


I really enjoyed this article John, part of it gave me goose-bumps! I'm excited about the possibilities! Hailstone's M. I loved your close up and personal dragon story!

Hailstones Melt

I really enjoyed the positive thrust of this article, and the timeliness of my dragon vision lends credence that they are helping from parallel worlds or within the dream state. As meditators must be aware, if you can visualise something in fine detail, up close and personal, you are seeing on your mental screen something as real as it would be if you perceived it with your outer eyes in the 3D world. I would say that the powerful emotion that exuded from the vision was dignity. The creature I saw was not small, his face being perhaps two-thirds larger… Read more »