Secrets of the Yogis (Part 1): Ida, Pingala and Sushumna



Yogis have ancestral secrets which allow humans to ascend by activating their hidden or dormant powers. These secrets are part of the ancient Indian wisdom and if you practice them on a daily basis you will feel their positive effects on your health, the doors of success will open to you and you will know an infinite happiness in your life.

They will be vey useful for you if you have some issues, or difficulties and when you are confronting illness.

I have been working with it for 4 years now, So here is part one.

I have been using these tools for my personal spiritual growth and thought to share few of them here.

Ida, Pingala & Sushumna

According to  the Indian yogis some practices allow us to evolve in a very positive way, transforming us into courageous, passionate and even “reckless” though some others make us shy, humble, obedient and spiritual.

Our Body Is Amazing

– If we divide the human body in two parts along the midline, we can notice that most of the organs have specific functions  and are divided in two symmetric parts, one part is on the right and the second on the left.

– Consequently the brain, the eyes, ears, nose, the arms, the lungs, waist, ovary, and the legs are in the two parts of the body and the organs in a double way, one on the right side and the other on the left.

– Humans are actually magnets who have two poles with magnetic properties like any other physical body.

The Positive and Negative human body Poles

The right side of the body represents the positive pole and the left one the negative pole.

The soul, the substance of the spirit, the astral substance, the ether and the matter have both two poles, one is positive and the other negative. It is a law of the universe. It is common to have feminine and masculine, heat and cold, north and south, East and West, light and darkness, night and day… All represent the two poles of a continuous unity. The properties of the positive pole are diametrically opposed to those of the negative pole. Each pole or side have individual and different roles and functions.

Each pole of a body that has magnetic properties is shaped in a specific way allowing it to store and emit a subtle form of energy, from its environment and to itself. Both the positive and negative poles emit and absorb the energy which is negative when emitted by the negative pole, and positive when emitted by the positive pole. However, at the division point between the positive and negative poles, the body does not have the characteristics of each one of them but a combination of the two.

This is the way the human organism works. The right side of the body represents the positive pole and the left side the negative pole of the human magnet.

As the energy is fluid and kinetic, it has a control over the matter. The ether is a static energy which fills all the space and interpenetrates all the solids and gas matter. It is composed of positive and negative electrons. When a body with magnetic properties stops absorbing and emitting energy in its environment, its magnetic properties disappear. We can then consider it as dead. So each human being breathes in, holds his breath and breathes out, from the moment of birth until death. In every in-breath humans absorb not only air but also the ether or what yogis call “prana energy”. Humans breathe in with the two nostrils.

The inhaled air crosses the nose, the pharynx, the larynx, the trachea and the bronchi to enter the lungs. They receive the inhaled air and absorb the oxygen that mixes with the blood.

When the oxygen penetrates the blood, it creates a sort of combustion. The blood absorbs the oxygen and frees it from the carbonic gaz, which is an acid that the lungs rejects during the out-breath.

See the link below for specific information about this topic

How Do We Breathe?

Indian ancient science discovered that the flux of breath is variable at the same time in both the two nostrils. They discovered that humans breathe with only one nostril at a time and sometimes during the day and in very short periods, in the two.

In stead of considering this observation as something irregular or strange in the  flux of human breathing, they noticed a certain irregularity and a rhythm who governs all the manifestations of the universe, from the less insignificant and derisory to the most fantastic. They discovered that when a person is healthy she breathes normally for sixteen minutes in each nostril then in the other for the same period of time, which means one hour.

The breathing flux passes from a nostril to the other one each hour and consequently in 24 hours we breathe alternatively in the right nostril, then the left one, which makes it 12 hours in each nostril.

When we breathe from a nostril, there is no breathing flux in the other one until we breathe in it.

Pingala and ida are two nerves’ motion or flow that crosses the spine, and a hollow canal in the spinal cord.

So each time we breathe, the air and the ether enters the nervous canal Ida or Pingala, and then after going up and down, crosses the nostrils.

Ida begins at the left nostril, in the root of the nose, in the place where the left nostril converges to the right, crosses the cerebellum, the medulla oblongata, runs along the left side of the spinal cord to end up at the base of the spine.

Pingala nerve is located at the top of the right nostril, crosses the cerebellum and the medulla oblongata along the spine ending at its base.

Sushumna is not connected to the nostrils but it begins at the base of the brain or the medulla oblongata and goes down the spine central cavity to end in the coccyx where Pingala, Ida and Sushumna are reunited.

One of the most important points of the body is located at the root of the nose to the convergent point of the two nostrils where Ida and Pingala are at their beginning point. The roots of pingala and ida are in that place. Their intelligence and sensitivity manifest when the selection of the etheric electrons is done, each time we breathe the air into our nose.

When breathing with the Pingala nerve (the right nostril), Ida nerve is inactive and remains in a waking state. The barrier of the left nostril remains obstructed. So it is when we breath with the left nostril or Ida nerve, the right one is inactive. When Sishumna is ventilated (The two nostrils), the barriers of the two nostrils are open, Ida and pingala are both activated.

Positive and Negative Poles at work

Breathing with the right and/or the left nostril are two different processes. When breathing with the right nostril, pingala chooses during the in-breath positive electrons that are in the ether and which interpenetrate the air and transmit a positive electromagnetic wave flowing all a long the right side of the spine.

The right side is a positive one, it means that the persons whose breath passes essentially by the right nostril, have positive characteristics as martial spirit and sometimes an unusual aggressiveness. some humans who have an excessive flux of the right nostril may experience passion and unbridled sexuality.

When the left nostril is active, the Ida nerve carries waves of negative electrons all along the left side of the spine.

Its energy when it predominates in a human being carries with it some negative emotions such as timidity, obedience, slavery etc… and few positive qualities such as authenticity, goodness, care for others, respect and spirituality.

When Sushumna (the two nostril at work) is ventilated, Ida and Pingala transmit simultaneously their energies all along the spine. During this process the waves of energies in both sides of the spine nurture them from the different plexus to the base of the spine (Sushumna) with the prana.

The center of the nervous system is located in the solar plexus. It is the channel of the mental activity which sustains the vital forces of the body.

The pneumogastric nerve or the vagal nerve, connects the cerebrospinal system to the neuro sympathetic system which crosses the brain area. It is a very complex nerve which nurtures all the viscera. Having unbalances in it may generate serious faints, nausea that may last for a while.

When the solar plexus is fully active it brings life, positive energy and vitality in all parts of the body and to all those we may meet or talk to etc…


A few exercises:

If you want to be courageous and powerful you can breathe with the right nostril. At first you may need to block with your thumb the left nostril. But with practice you will no more need to do it. It will flow naturally.

If you want to cultivate spiritual qualities such as care, respect, happiness and good mood, you can breathe with the left nostril.

Breath is life. It is the energy of life that flows in us and in every being on Earth. Once we understand how this energy is flowing in us, we can create miracles in our lives.



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Thanks for the article Henda! I've been working with the central energy channels since about 2011. They can be an important part of a healing session!