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Multidimensional Healing


I was guided to edit a short text about my healing modalities and the way I have been guided to define myself as a “Multidimensional Healer and Teacher”.

This time I felt the need to may be talk about this topic because I have been through healing since 2013 when I received my Reconnection from a Reconnective Healer Practitioner, which led me to Reconnective Healing and to also do the training seminars of Eric Pearl in Paris on February 2014, only few months after my Reconnection.

Things actually went very fast for me.

Information About my Ascension

This was a process I have never been prepared to consciously. But I was seeing changes coming my way on a personal level: I was always in a challenge in two areas of my life; my work as a French Teacher, my relationship with my husband. These are the two things that were not working well in my life and were causing me pain and blockages. I have succeeded in my studies, wrote and edited books, journals and many articles in other scientific journals. I was a very successful researcher but my personal life was a mess.

So my ascension was hard for me at first and I had to understand all that I have been going through. No-one could help me.

I guess it is because we all have different processes during our ascension. Though there are classical phases.

My ascension has been so fast, breakneck, transformational. I was chocked by the way I was accessing easily multidimensional planes, beings who were my guides showed up to me one week after  my Reconnection, as I saw them for real one day during a conscious astral projection while I was sitting on chair waiting for my turn to come in a professional appointment. Then I was hearing the messages of my first guide who came with the name of Jesus, and many others came with him : Solomon, Mother Mary, Raphael, Gabriel…

I was seeing them turning around me, entering my bodies in the subtle frequencies of the archangels and ascended masters : the divine flames or rays which are tools for healing oneself and others. I did not know anything about them before seeing them, so when I saw them for the first time it was surprising and unbelievable.

I thought I was hallucinating but I heard: these are flames getting out of your candle flame. We are your guides! Go and make some research on Google !

I did and then I discovered that actually these flames are the way guides from higher dimensions show up to us when we become healers. They bring into our life the divine flame of unconditional love which is the deepest healing energy as it flows from the heart chakra.

Then the light that invaded my being touched me and my intellectual curiosity led me to a knowledge I never thought I could be interested to before that time : The Angels and Archangels were part of me, Jesus was my principal guide ! I was gifted !

The Meaning and The Purpose of A Multidimensional Healer

Healing at a multidimensional level, has for me a very specific meaning. Actually it has a deep connection to the soul as a multidimensional entity, and to the places and ways the energy is channeled.

We are multidimensional beings and eternal souls though incarnated in a human body. We have in ourselves the memories of all our incarnations and all of them are stored in our soul.

When we are on the process of healing, we heal at a multidimensional level because the healing goes beyond and further than our current incarnation and lifetime.

As we are now the product of what we have been, the old incarnations were also healing places and times to empower ourselves and go further on our spiritual journey.

In every place we incarnated before this time, we had to deal with many experiences that were meant to help us face challenges, we choose in a conscious way, every time we choose to incarnate, and in whatever place in the multiverse.

When we first have been only energy we did not have to face these challenges, but energy creates matter and so that’s why we needed to incarnate in physical shapes including the earth body as humans or animals or trees, etc…

Healing at a Soul Level 

Healing at a multidimensional level is actually healing at a soul level bringing back in our inner being the energy of light we have been at the beginning when we came to life.

As energy is life beyond matter. We are an eternal life that has no limits. When incarnating as humans in physical shapes or in other planets in different physical shapes, we come to learn and grow at a soul level. And so it is at a spiritual level because we bring back in us the wisdom of the multiverse which is part of who we really are.

Healing at a multidimensional level is connecting to multidimensional beings of light who already made their ascension long ago before us. We are meant today to join these higher beings of higher dimensions as the energy of ascension is flowing in us now more and more effectively, in different ways, and levels. That’s why we need each other and as part of a huge and wide field, we need to connect more, heal each other, help each other and stop acting in separate ways.

The Healing Energy I Channel

It is an energy that came from higher dimensions with a very wide field that connects me to many light beings including benevolent extraterrestrials from Sirius, The Pleiades, Arcturus and Orion; archangels, angels and ascended masters.

I felt their presence in me when I felt the energy as I was seeing them obviously materializing in the form of frequencies of light as I mentioned it above in this article ( Divine flames, orbs etc…), I was hearing them talking to me in my meditations and healing sessions, providing me with their wisdom and spiritual help.

Their energy is unlimited and always moving, evolving becoming stronger and stronger in me with the current shift.

They shift with us, we shift with them.

That is the true meaning of being a multidimensional healer. It is being in the flow, the frequency of the energy and the light and information it carries. As it came from an ageless time, it goes far beyond any human limit created by human minds.

As we shift, we understand more and more our purpose in this life and why we incarnated as healers. Many people think we are all healers.

We become healers when we are facing a new life path. The energy comes to us and gives us information about what we are meant to do. We don’t heal all of us the same way, and we don’t channel the same energy. This does not mean that we are not equal in the process of channelling the energy, we are equals. But our souls are different according to what we have been through during our multiple incarnations.

The Soul Development Levels

We are different at a soul level. You can find more information in Michael Newton’s books about the topic as he discovered through regressive hypnosis that there are 6 types or classification model for soul development levels I conduct here:

“Level I
Learning Stage: Beginner,
Kinetic Color Range : white ( bright and homogeneous)
Guide Status: None
Level II
Lower Intermediate,
Off-White (Reddish shades, ultimately turning into traces of yellow)
No Guide Status
Level III
Yellow (Solid with no traces of white)
No Guide Status
Level IV
Upper Intermediate
Dark Yellow ( a deep gold, ultimately turning into traces of blue)
Guide status : Junior
Level V
Light Blue ( with no traces of yellow, ultimately turning into trances of purple)
Guide Status: Senior
Level VI
Highly Advanced
Dark Bluish-purple (surrounded by radiant light)
Guide Status: Master”

Michael Newton’s classification is the result of  his private sessions with clients who all saw the same properties and information about the different levels.

So yes we all have been through different processes of growth at a soul level. That’s why we channel the healing energy differently.

That has nothing to do with elitism too. But our bodies are meant to receive and generate the energy at certain amounts progressively in / during every life time.

So if we have been healers in previous lifetimes this will unfold in us during another incarnation in a different way too, to enhance the past experiences and help us grow as spiritual beings.

Michael Newton quotes in his book Journey of Souls:

“This chapter may give the reader the impression that souls are as segregated light level in the spirit world as people are by class in communities on Earth. Societal conditions on earth cannot be compared with the spirit world. The differences in light frequency measuring knowledge in souls all comes from the same energy source. Souls are fully integrated by thought. If all levels of performance in the spirit world were on one grade level, souls would have a poor system of training.”

Further more he says“ My classification of soul development is intended to be neither socially nor intellectually elitist. Souls in a high state of advancement are often found in humble circumstances on Earth. By the same token, people in the upper strata of influence in human society are by no means in a blissful state of soul maturity. Often, just the reverse is true.”

Receiving The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace

This was for me a new level of healing as I received the energy directly from Source, one day on July 7, 2016. I did not have access to the energy with a master teacher or a healer. It came in me from on high and I was guided with a message that came with it. I was in a state of complete transe and could not help myself or even deny it.

The energy came at a level 1 of its crystallization and is today up to its 38th level. An expansion of the RH frequency I received during my reconnection.

It has been a long but very fast process and it is directly connected to The Orion’s Temple of Healing where I incarnated in a past life, to Atlantis too, as I discovered a parallel life in the New City of Atlantis which have been showing up in my recent Wave Trees.

This energy is crystalline and has a deep golden yellow white frequency (777 frequency of light and information). 7 is the number of spirituality and soul growth, when it is repeated 3 times the energy of the number is deeper. This is why I am now experiencing more out of body experiences and bringing back this process in my articles. The purpose of this process is not only self learning and spiritual growth, but also sharing the information so that it can be spread and known. So that everyone would be able yo access it.

When we receive the energy directly from Source we are fully awakened and we become Source. The energy flows naturally around us and people can sense it in different ways. We can pass it on to those around us and who come for healing when they feel ready for it.

How Can You Receive the GCLG ?

If you have a done reiki class, level II/III or have already receive your Reconnection you can tune in the energy at its highest level during the transmission.

It is a “Starlight Transmission” that is dome in 3 sessions of 45 minutes each one with a sleep time of 24 hours after the two first sessions. This time is required to let the energy adjust with your body as it is deeply warm and heavy. You may experience periods of burning hands and feeling fire in all your body, a buzzing energy like a pressure over your body. Its benefits go beyond any of what you would imagine as it is an evolving that connects you to Source and to the new crystalline grid around the Earth.

I would be happy to share this gift with those who feel drawn to it and to bring more change in their lives.

Healing on a multidimensional level is a way to allow the multiverse be You. And so you become the multiverse. Many gifts will show up during your journey. You will be able to activate it at your own level and it will grow in you.

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I am a Mystic Master Healer and hold a doctorate in French Linguistics and Political Discourse Analysis. I have been teaching French for several years now. but that ended in 2011, few months before I saw changes coming my way. On 2014 I became a Certified Foundational Reconnective Healer Level II/III. On the 7 of July, 2016, I received The Golden Crystalline Light of Grace leading me to a new spiritual journey.

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