By guest writer Michael Knight

In Wellington, New Zealand, back in the early 80’s, I experienced a past life regression. I was a bit of a cynical journalist working for TV One at the time, but decided to try it out to see if it was valid.

The practitioner impressed me because she didn’t ask any leading questions as other psychics I had visited would do.

I found myself in an altered state in a New Zealand forest clearing, sometime in the past because there was an aged Maori warrior sitting on a fallen log.

Out of the forest appeared a chieftain in the traditional cloak and tattoos with a taiaha and greenstone mere.

Taiaha - There and Back Again: A Maori Past Life & Thoughts on Past Life Regression
Two Māori demonstrating a position in the traditional Māori martial art, using taiaha (fighting weapon), New Zealand, 19th century

We walked toward each other and it surprised the hell out of me when we melded.

I observed / experienced his past life as a tribal chief protecting the pa. He was very deadly in battle.

After, I walked a trail with two women alongside and were ambushed by four guys. My “wives” dealt with two of them. I offed the third, but as I was doing that the thought went through my head, “I am so TIRED of killing.”

In slow motion I saw the oncoming warrior extend his spear, which under normal circumstances I could simply deflect and split his head open by thrusting the mere into his temple and flipping off the top of his skull.

Instead, I allowed the spear to finish me off…. thinking about the pa as I drifted away.

Twelve months after the session, which I had practically forgotten, I was driving from New Plymouth to Hamilton on a foggy day. Near Mt Messenger I passed a historical marker sign.

The hair on the back of my neck stood up.

Mere - There and Back Again - A Maori Past Life & Thoughts on Past Life Regression
Chief of the Te Āti Awa Tribe Wiremu Kīngi holding a jade mere (painted by Gottfried Lindauer).

If I don’t go have a look and figure this out, I may never come this way again, I thought.

I went back and drove up to a parking area as the fog cleared. I got out and went up the path where I found myself looking at the ruins of an ancient pa, complete with the trenches that were used to either slide out from behind the protective surrounding wall, or to ensure that attacking warriors would have to try and come up and meet… my mere.

So there you have it.

I did not learn about my Maori ancestry until I was in my 30s when my mother revealed that her mother was a half-caste and had been forced as a child to give up her heritage and go to school to learn the English ways.

It turned out that I am a descended of the Ngati Kahungungu tribe. I visited there station for a hāngi once, where there were about 600 people.

Eventually I learned more about reincarnation. I also started wondering, what’s the point?

I studied various ancient texts, but always wondered how was it that they would talk about someone “ascending” but no-one I could find out about was actually doing that. They all died, except for a few, and here I was, reincarnating, but not remembering any past lives worth speaking of.

Then I came across the books “Masters of the Far East,” and learned of Emil Jast and Neprow — actual immortals who started off like me (and everyone else) but learned how to activate the immortality process.

They are Masters, as the saying goes.

That eventually led me to the Ramtha School of Enlightenment. My first visit being as serious skeptic, but now I’ve been living here since 1990, doing my best to master the disciplines that are taught — with some serious success at times, I might add.

However, enlightenment, or “ascension”, is not an act; it’s a process that takes quite a lot of application, dedication, and discipline. None of which my personality is very good at.

This is what I used to teach my kids: We are a soul and spirit on an eternal journey. Our bodies are simply vehicles — or clothes from a closet that we pick up lifetime after lifetime. They might be different bodies, but the inhabitant is the same… on a journey through physical lifetimes in order to explore this realm, but the downside is that a new body has a completely new brain and cannot remember past existences.

How many times have we lived before? Quite likely hundreds of thousands. Therefore one past life recall is just that — one peek into the past. As with my experience, it can be significant in helping a person begin to realize that they are indeed a soul on a journey.

The bottom line is that each and every one of us is a god; while that is heresy as far as some dogmas go, it’s a reality. Unfortunately, we have forgotten that “God” (Prime Creator, Source, Mother / Father Principle) is in essence an invisible yet all-encompassing consciousness. (By no means is God a man on a throne — that’s the BS imprinted on young minds by those who would have control over others.)

In a place of No Time where primary consciousness pondered itself, it came up with the thought “I AM.” (The next bit has been left out of most references to that statement. It should be “I Am… That Which I Am Becoming.”)

While mainstream science clings to the Big Bang theory — and there may be some validity to it —recent efforts by CERN scientists to find out where atoms come from — how they get started — have not been successful. Quantum mechanics comes closer.

The point is that matter, as we know it, was not and is not the beginning of everything.

Everything started with, and is sustained by, consciousness.

We too are consciousness and energy imbued with a soul and spirit — children if you would — of that Prime Creator.

But, as Ramtha teaches, we are also the “forgotten gods.” We have forgotten where we came from and what trapped ourselves in the recycling process of being human. As I see it, if we have had a Christian background, we have forgotten, if we ever learned, what Yeshua meant when he said “the kingdom of heaven is within you,” and “these things and greater though shalt do also,” and “it is not I but the father within me that does these things.”

That could lead me into a discussion about levels of consciousness (the Masters of the Far East most certainly have advanced levels of consciousness to do what they do) or about chakras and seals and auras and meditation and its purposes, but perhaps that’s enough for this moment.

I ponder these things all the time, using what I know to do my best to literally create my future rather than dwell on, and repeat, the past. With this article, somehow I found myself writing in a way that is completely different from my usual style as a reporter.

This may just be a gift to others, who, like I have been, are genuinely seeking answers to some of life’s personal mysteries.

Kia Kaha. Kia Kahunui.

Michael (Wiremu is my Maori name)


About the Author
Michael Knight (no relation to Ramtha’s channel, JZ Knight) started his international journalism career in New Zealand in 1960. He has been a student of the Ramtha School of Enlightenment (RSE) since 1988 and now lives in Washington state. USA. He is president of North Star Publishing Inc, and Editor of the weekly subscription-based North Star Newsletter. Michael Knight is also author of the new book, President Trump And The New World Order: The Ramtha Trump Prophecy (Kindle Edition Print Edition).

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Editor’s note: This article was a result of a discussion Michael and I were having privately. I thought it would make a great piece to share with all of you, so I got Michael’s permission, made a few modifications and here it is. As a past life therapist, I have had a lot of different past lives come up with clients, but I have also read a lot of sessions from others. When it comes to regular Earth lives, which are standard and don’t cover the shift in consciousness, volunteer souls, the new earth, star seeds, collective consciousness’s and planes… Read more »